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An Ode to Tories and Tyrant

by an anonymous Patriot

. . .

I still believe in my country,
but I question if those who rule-it do?
I still believe in America,
The red, the white and the blue!

Not the boasting of the high and mighty,
nor the snarlings of brown-shirt thugs,
Not the ridicule of lawyers and personalities,
Nor their cold and disdainful shrugs,

I am an American and patriot,
And I will never surrender to crooks,
I am a son of citizens past,
And my concern is not in looks,

Call me a “birther”, a “loon”, or a “nut”,
Call me any name in the book,
But it’s your guy who’s the Brit,
And it’s the Presidency he took!

The crime’s too great to premeditate,
By anyone but a monster;
The pride’s too haughty to fabricate,
By anyone saner than a shyster.

If America is to be saved,
It will not be by us alone,
We need to humble ourselves on our knees,
And plead and cry and groan:

To our Sovereign Lord and Master,
The Maker of Heaven and Earth,
To grant us the courage to do battle,
To enlarge our hearts a-girth.

Those who forestall peaceful reform,
By straining gnats and swallowing camels,
Shall find to their hearts dismay,
Their evil designs in shambles.

We-the-People are coming,
To avenge and aright these crimes;
We are keeping accounts and marking,
The traitors, the agents and their mimes.

Laugh you now today,
Your cheering shall not long endure;
In the end, we’ll have our say,
And its you who’ll be but manure.

In the end we shall see Her restored,
The Nation that gave us birth,
And on that day we shall laugh,
Filled full of joy and mirth!


From time to time The Post & Email will publish, with the permission of the authors, poetry and songs, written about the National crisis.  Please submit your works for consideration through our contact form above.

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