Grand Jury Petitioner Issues Update on Criminal Filing on Obama Birth Certificate Forgery


by Douglas Vogt, ©2014

(Mar. 15, 2014) — I will be appealing my case involving President Barack Obamas’ forged birth certificate before the end of this month to the Supreme Court of the United States. I am doing this because the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is stalling so I would run out of time to appeal to the Supreme Court. That should give you an idea how scared the 9th Circuit Court is regarding my case. I have always known that this case was the ultimate HOT potato for any court and their actions are proving so.

The cost for printing 40 copies and filing fee is over $800. I am asking you if you could again contribute some money for this purpose. I have put a Press Release on our web site so you can read it, contribute and understand what the core of this case is all about. If you contribute over $25 I will mail you a signed copy of this historic Supreme Court Filing.

After it is filled I will mail all of you the case number and the names and address of the Supreme Court Judges so you can write to them and let them know how important this issue is to the American people and it should be given a full hearing. If I win the case it will mean that the Grand Jury system can be resurrected and the people finally have a way to report crimes committed by the bureaucracy and politicians. If they don’t we will know that the country has truly had a coupe and we no longer live under the laws of the Constitution.

Very truly yours,

Douglas Vogt

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One Response to Grand Jury Petitioner Issues Update on Criminal Filing on Obama Birth Certificate Forgery

  1. Robert Laity

    Monday, March 17, 2014 at 4:50 AM

    Doug, You have (90) days from the date of the final decision of the 9th Circuit to file a Writ of Certiorari. There is a process for sending letters to the court. If one wants letters to be distributed to all (9) Justices, one must write to each Justice separately, addressing separate envelopes and then enclosing each separate letter in a larger Manilla envelope addressed to the SCOTUS Court Clerk. My Case against Obama, Laity v NY at SCOTUS #13-875 goes to conference on March 28,2014.

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