Report: “Foreign Terrorist Group” Likely Perpetrator of Boston Explosions

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by Sharon Rondeau

The FBI is investigating two explosions which occurred at the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15, killing three and injuring more than 170

(Apr. 17, 2013) — Discovery News is reporting that the explosions at the Boston Marathon on Monday “carry the hallmark of a foreign terrorist group.”

Earlier on Tuesday, CNN, Esquire and a Huffington Post writer suggested that “anti-government” groups or “right-wing extremists” might be responsible for the explosions which claimed the lives of at least three people and injured more than 170, some very seriously.

The Christian Science Monitor, which decidedly leans left in its reporting, conversely stated that “terrorism experts” said that the attacks had “some of the hallmarks of a ‘lone wolf’ or perhaps an ad hoc domestic group.”  Like CNN’s Peter Bergen, the Monitor reported:

For the so-called patriot groups, anything from tax day to the heated national debate on gun regulations could have been the triggers for such an attack.

No “patriot group” has been ever been identified as the perpetrator of any terror attack or attempted attack, and the Monitor does not cite sources for its statement.  There is a difference between reporting the news and making it.

The explosives reportedly were packed into pressure cookers, which in 2010 the Department of Homeland Security warned Middle Eastern countries could be used to make improvised explosive devices.  The pressure cookers were then put inside duffel bags found at the scene.

In contrast to statements quoted from Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick stating that no additional explosive devices were found at the scene on Monday, sources continue to report that there were others, citing Boston police.

The Obama regime is reticent to use the terms “terrorism” or “terrorist act.”  The shooting at Ft. Hood has been deemed “workplace violence” rather than an act of terror, a decision with which survivors of the attack disagree and which has declared them ineligible to receive Purple Hearts.  The Islamic radical accused of perpetrating the attack, which killed 13 people and an unborn child on November 5, 2009.

Obama has shown sympathy toward the Muslim world since entering the Oval Office in January of that year.  His former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, said last year that Obama was “steeped in Islam” when he first began attending Trinity United Church of Christ, which preaches Black Liberation Theology, which has its origins in Marxism.

While Obama promised that the “full weight of justice” would meet the perpetrators of the Boston explosions, his Justice Department has selectively failed to prosecute blacks for clear-cut crimes.  The regime has also labeled white male veterans, particularly Christians, as “potential domestic terrorists” and used the corporate media to spread propaganda.

An article at Salon dated April 16, 2013 is titled “Let’s Hope the Boston Marathon Bomber is a White American” and decries a “double standard” between Islamic terrorists and “white terrorists.”

Obama is well-acquainted with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who were left-wing domestic terrorists during the 1970s.  Explosives they built killed three members of their group, The Weather Underground, and possibly a San Francisco police officer.  An infiltrator to The Weather Underground, Larry Grathwohl, reported that the FBI had been moving toward an arrest of Dohrn in the death of the police officer but suddenly “dropped it off the radar” in 2008, just before the presidential election.

Columnist Sher Zieve recently interviewed Grathwohl.

In March 2009, a Wes Vernon of Renew America reported that a group of San Francisco police officers demanding that Eric Holder take action on the 39-year-old case were “told to pipe down.”  Vernon wrote:

The case involves charges that the pro-communist Weather Underground (through the bomb-making handiwork of Dohrn) placed a bomb at a San Francisco police station — timed to detonate during a shift change so as to kill or injure as many police officers as possible. The explosion killed one officer and seriously injured several others. The scene immediately afterward is described by former San Francisco policeman James Pera as “like a war with wounded officers, blood, shattered windows, damaged floors and ceilings.” But then Pera adds, “It was a war, an urban war being conducted by subversive and murderous groups such as the Weather Underground.”

After Ayers was not prosecuted for his activities in the Weather Underground because of alleged FBI misconduct, he described himself as “Guilty as hell, free as a bird.”  On March 18, 2009, writer James Simpson stated that Holder had “provided key assistance to two Weather Underground members implicated in the Brinks Robbery murders, pardoning them quietly…,” referring to the Brinks armored car robbery of October 20, 1981 which killed two police officers.

At 7:05 a.m., Fox News reported that the Saudi national hospitalized after the blasts is “no longer a person of interest.”  Various news sources confirm that report.

Injuries to survivors of the explosions are very grave.  It is generally reported that three people lost their lives, although The New York Post reported on Tuesday that a dozen people were killed.

The FBI is asking for the public’s help in the way of “video, audio and photos.”

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