Was Election Fraud Predicted for 2012?

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by Sharon Rondeau

Are touch-screen machines too susceptible to hacking to be reliable?

(Nov. 24, 2012) — On November 23, 2012, while performing a search on the topic  of “election fraud,” a report not previously found on the web by this writer appeared claiming that Mitt Romney had won the Republican primaries by means of “vote flipping.”

The url of the report was similar to two columns found at a site entitled “The Money Party” written by Michael Collins, and some of the charts and graphs in both pieces appeared similar, if not identical.

An internet search for “The Money Party” presents a reference which does not readily appear to have connections to the website but whose content leans to the political left and is listed on The Money Party’s blogroll.  OpEd News, also listed on the blogroll, states openly that its slant is “progressive.”  Collins’s article dated November 24, 2012 on the topic of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy is cross-posted at Daily Censored, which also appears on the blogroll for The Money Party.  Collins’s articles have also been reposted at The Daily Kos, but not on the dates of publication shown at The Money Party website.

The article(s) written by Collins are not readily found in a search this evening, but repostings of his work appear on other websites.  Only by knowing the name of the original website, “The Money Party,” did the articles come up in a search.  Part 1 of the series entitled “Rigged Elections for Romney?” is dated October 22, 2012, and Part 2 is dated October 31, 2012.

The “group of independent researchers” to which Collins refers in the first paragraph is not identified.

A subsequent article by Collins published two days prior to the general election contained several paragraphs of new material, then reverted to Collins’s original statements which claimed that the Republican primaries were rigged in favor of Mitt Romney.  Collins appeared to have quoted from the lengthier report by referring to one of the authors, “Francois,” and an “amazing anomaly” identified as “vote flipping.”

Entitled “2008/2012 Election Anomalies, Results, Analysis and Concerns” dated “September 2012,” the 21-page report states that both John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012 benefited from “vote flipping,” calling the reported primary results a “statistical anomaly.”  The authors are stated as Francois Choquette and James Johnson.

The 2008 Obama campaign had an advisor named James A. Johnson who resigned after public reports claimed that he had received preferential treatment on loans from then-Countrywide Financial Corporation and for “perks” when he worked for Fannie Mae.  The Los Angeles Times did not say that Johnson had been the “chief executive” of Fannie Mae.  According to The New York Times, “Johnson started an aggressive effort to expand homeownership” in 1991 after he was appointed, and “Johnson and other executives” increased “their clout, their salaries and their bonuses.”  It is unknown if the same “James Johnson” is the co-author of the report on alleged election fraud in the Republican primaries.

According to Dr. Jerome Corsi, the James Johnson who had headed Fannie Mae also led a group of approximately “100 paid operatives around the country” whose job was to disseminate propaganda about those politically opposed to Barack Hussein Obama or who sought information about his place of birth and other clouded details of his life.  The same James A. Johnson was reportedly invested in a company named Perseus which “persuaded” the Obama Energy Department to grant a loan to a company in Miami, FL which produces handicapped-accessible vehicles.  Johnson also acted as a fundraiser for Obama’s 2012 election.

Wikipedia reports that Johnson was vice chairman of Perseus LLC and has received three honorary doctorate degrees.

Francois Choquette is identified in a footnote in the paper as an “Aerospace Engineer” and provides an email address and a link to a website which appears to specialize in statistical analysis.  James Johnson’s footnote indicates that he is a “Sr. Quantitative Financial Analyst” in California, but no company name or affiliation is given.

An earlier version of the paper by Choquette and Johnson dated August 13, 2012 is referenced by a website called “LAProgressive” in an undated article by Denis Campbell, who is reportedly British.  His piece claims that John McCain had “tried” to commit fraud “to President Obama” in 2008 but that “9 million votes nationally were too many to make up.”

A second article by Campbell is dated October 25, 2012 and indicates that it was reproduced from his website, UKProgressive.  His blogroll lists Mother Jones, The Daily Beast, Rachel Maddow, and Talking Point [sic] Memo.

Campbell states that hand-counting of ballots cast in early voting periods had been attempted in Pima County, AZ but disallowed by elections officials.  He then states, “Maybe someone needs to commission the Anonymous hacker group to re-level the playing field because the courts are not going to do it.”

Is that what “Anonymous” did in 2012?  In recent days, a video allegedly of “Anonymous” targeting Karl Rove for alleged intent to commit election fraud has been posted on numerous sites, including left-leaning ones.  Does the fact that Karl Rove questioned Fox News’s call for Obama on Election night make him a criminal?

In 2012, it has been confirmed that 59 precincts in Philadelphia and at least nine in Ohio yielded no votes for Romney, which a well-known election analyst stated was “worth looking into.”  This writer has checked three Ohio precincts in Cuyahoga County, OH and found that McCain also received no votes in the same areas.

The August 13 draft on alleged 2012 Republican election fraud contended, in regard to vote-flipping, that “This can best be done electronically.  There are two advantages to perform vote flipping in precincts with larger vote tallies.  First, this risky operation will have bigger impact on the final result if conducted in ‘large’ precincts (measured by the vote tally), since more votes can be flipped per precinct, and, therefore, the number of flipped precincts can be reduced, while keeping the target total vote for this candidate fixed.  Second, detection in larger precincts is more difficult…”

If Romney won the Republican primary this year by fraud or a criminal act, why was such information not made public then?  Who is the “small group of internet analysts” referred to in the opening of the report?  Was Obama aware of any Republican election fraud during the primaries?

The Citizens Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and The Post & Email are investigating the “vote flipping” which occurred in the 2012 election which led to the apparent re-election of Barack Hussein Obama.  Numerous reports of illegals voting, people voting more than once, the state of Tennessee instructing absentee voters to vote on two different ballots, and electronic voting machines flipping votes as witnessed and reported by voters in several states have led to several petitions to Congress to investigate election fraud before allowing a certification of the votes in January.

Collins maintains that John Kerry should have been declared the winner of the 2004 election.  In analyzing the 2012 Ohio primary, Collins states, “Romney’s vote total always expanded due to the suspected vote flipping pattern.  The other candidates lost votes in almost every case.”  If the co-author is the same James Johnson, he was a member of the committee which selected Kerry’s running mate in 2004.

Page 16 of the report states that the “analysts” found that “Besides several Democratic Party elections shown previously, the elections of other parties have been analyzed to determine if this Vote Flipping anomaly was present.  Elections in 2008 and 2012 were evaluated and they all flat-line beautifully, as expected.”  However, a different report states the better-known method of election fraud known as ballot-stuffing occurred in the states of Pennsylvania and Ohio which boosted Obama’s vote count.

The conclusion of the September 2012 report reads:

This document what may very well be the greatest case of election fraud ever to occur in US history.  It is relatively simple to see that a large number of votes are being exchanged (flipped) for the benefit of Republican candidates McCain and Romney and in all cases never the reverse…

It is encouraged that people reproduce these results…

The vote result anomaly is likely to continue for the November 2012 General Election.  Further investigations are necessary to pin-point the exact cause and find the perpetrators well before November 2012…Law enforcement will need to be involved and cyber-crime analysts will have to be consulted.

If the analysts were concerned that a crime had been committed in 2008 and during the 2012 Republican primaries, why did they not approach law enforcement when it was discovered?  Why are they asking others to do so now?

There are those who claimed that they witnessed massive fraud in the 2008 caucuses and primaries by the Obama campaign.

If vulnerabilities in touch-screen voting machines were identified years ago, what steps have been taken to ensure the integrity of the vote?

A forensic investigation of the 2012 election has been called for by The Post & Email and the CBI based on predicted outcomes; eyewitnesses’ reports of vote-flipping in several states, especially swing states; and because, as the report authors state in their conclusion on page 20, “This is not a large conspiracy involving a complex network of perpetrators.  Such an alleged election fraud could be accomplished by only a single, highly clever computer programmer with access to voting machine software updates.”

A forensic profiler who has written a book about Barack Hussein Obama has reportedly stated that “Obama has repeatedly confessed to his misdeeds of his illegal presidency and sweeping attack on America for four years,” including his theft of the 2012 election.

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