It’s Not What Happened, but WHY?

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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Europe as it was under the Nazis prior to World War II. All of the blue and gray areas show Nazi-controlled Germany, other Axis members, and puppet states of the regime. Our fathers and grandfathers fought and died to liberate the world from the threat of Nazism.

(Apr. 24, 2011) — The Austrian Corporal said that he would use the German laws of free speech and assembly to overthrow the German government and then suspend those same freedoms that got him to the Chancellorship, and he did exactly what he told them he would do in his book Mein Kampf. I used to say, although I may not agree with you, I’ll defend, with my life, your ability and freedom to say what you want. Those days are gone, attributed to Herr Hitler and America 2008, for tarnishing a noble idea, for taking advantage of the freedom of expression and using it to hurt the ones that allowed you to use it.

When one reads such a well-documented takeover of a country that was on the cutting edge of art, medicine, music, research, and science and then turning that same country into a hate/killing machine within a decade, one can’t but wonder how such a thing could possibly happen. There were voices foreseeing the future destruction of Germany, but they were ignored. There were calls of warning, unheeded by everyone. There were desperate attempts of reason, of conjuring, pleading, begging, but the cries fell on deaf ears. People really didn’t want to hear bad news and were easily swayed by the giant propaganda machine of the Third Reich.

The regime of the Nazi Party, of fear, of turning in your neighbor on some falsified charge before he could falsify against you, of watch what you say, watch what you think, was defeated by American G.I.’s who only wanted to get it over with and go home. The German people and peoples of the world were lucky the United States was there to bail them out.

But there’s nobody left to bail us out. The exact same game plan that was used against Germany in the 1930’s is being used against the United States now. There are the same desperate attempts to warn fellow citizens. From “Please pay attention,” we get “You’re a racist.”  When we plead with people to use a little bit of common sense, we get meaningless catch phrases thrown in our faces: Birther, Tea Party supporter. Yet the United States is inexorably going down the exact same path as Germany:  the path of fear, hate, and murders on a scale that will dwarf the Khmer Rouge.

But there’s hope, even though the government is steadfast in its own destruction. Once the takeover by the Obama regime is completed, superficiality will become immediately obsolete.  No Congress, no defense attorneys, no recourse, no end to the torment that the original citizens of the United States will be subjected to. Your property will be confiscated, your home taken over and you and your family moved into a project, a camp, or in a large pit dug by a Caterpillar D-9.

The hope, the only hope, is that we citizens say enough is enough. There shouldn’t be one Muslim in our country, and the simple fact is: IF OUR GOVERNMENT WAS DOING THE JOB IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DOING, 9-11 NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. Most, if not all, government workers are the worst workers in this country. If you had a business, whom would you hire:   employees from the private sector or employees from the public sector? I rest my case.

If we, the citizens of this republic, don’t wrestle our country back, shame on us. We have the right to bear arms and that right was JUST FOR THE PURPOSE OF THROWING TRAITORS O-U-T.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?

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