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by Arnie Rosner

"We the People" is every single American!

(Oct. 30, 2010) — All of the power of the three branches of government comes from the people!  It says so right here in this founding document:

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

That is us, folks.  Notice the red highlighted phrase, “Just powers.”   To me this means the unjust acts are on them…not us!  We will deal with them and hold them accountable for these abuses.

So to set the record straight, the only purpose of the entire government is to work for us, “We the People.”

That means all members of government work for us and are our employees; this includes the judges.  However, based on the current situation, most of the members of government seem to have lost this perspective. The reason is that we trusted them to do as they promised when they took office and swore an oath to protect the Constitution.

They have abused out trust, they have exceeded their authority and by sheer arrogance seem to believe they are in control.

They have betrayed us!

The government currently in place is not the government that was legitimately elected in 2008.  The time has come for us, “We the People,” to assert our authority and

  • Fire those who have betrayed our trust!
  • Fire those who have dishonored their oath!
  • Fire those who would subvert our government.

Careful analysis reveals the root of the problem seems to stem from the abuse of the legal system.  The judges have lost sight of their responsibility.  Their function is to act as referees, not makers of policy.  Not to act as our conscience. These responsibilities lie with the people; the employers of these judges.

Now in order to create the illusion they are in power and convince the average person it is they who are in charge, the judiciary has conspired to mislead and distort the truth about their illegal seizure of power by omission.  To facilitate this deception, they have conveniently invented what they call are “the rules of procedure.”  These are administrative guidelines the judges use as tools to try to intimidate us into believing they are in control and to further insure they remain in this position of unopposed power.  However, to be perfectly clear here, the rules of procedure are simply rules and not laws.  The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and trumps any such rules regardless of what the judges would like us to believe.

Based on my observations I have concluded that in many cases and geographic areas the judicial system is out of control.  Have you wondered why the politicians get away with significant crimes, but if a little guy (one of the people) crosses the line, he is subjected to immediate arrest, prosecution and incarceration.

My contention is that we fix the judiciary and begin to fix the Constitutional crisis in which we find ourselves involved as suggested below.  Please review the situation of an innocent man, a retired military hero, who has been singled out in an attempt to protect this system of abusive behavior on the part of members of the Tennessee judiciary.

If you too agree that this is a terrible injustice and abuse of power, let me encourage you to act on your outrage and contact the various law enforcement and administrative contacts and voice your concern.

If you would like to get personally involved in fixing our Constitutional crisis, may I suggest your joining the Patriots Union; an organization designed to put the People back in power!


Knoxville, TN FBI

Phone:  865-544-0751
Fax: 865-544-3590
Email:  knoxville@ic.fbi.gov

Washington, DC FBI

Phone:  202-324-3000

Monroe County Sheriff’s Department

Phone:  423-442-3911

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