Are Islamic messages embedded in Google maps?

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by Jim Campbell, blogging at

(May 6, 2010) — We called The Department of Homeland Security to ask them about it. They completely blew us off and told us to call The FBI in our area. We did that and got an FBI agent who told us he was not only not tech savvy, but simply could not understand what we were saying. He told us to call Google and blew us off. We couldn’t believe it.

This was just published by an amazing writer and published author.  Check him out; he has one of the better sites out there. His name is Rich.  CLICK HERE. A second YouTube video showing the zooming has been pulled. In the comment section, readers posted that they saw the writings before it was pulled. Homeland Security, FBI?  Random thoughts while observing the passing parade, I’m J.C.

Some people have discovered Islamic words and phrases encoded inside Google maps. For some strange reason someone has put Islamic words within the zoom of Google maps. Even stranger, some are found in very rural areas of America.

For example, one section of words is in the most redneck part of Florida. It has an Islamic phrase encoded inside the zoom over a section of the woods. It is encoded because if you view it you can’t  see it. You have to be at a particular level of the zoom to see it. If you zoom in, instead of it getting bigger, the word(s) disappears. If you’re too high on the zoom, you can’t see it at all.

After further investigation, we discovered not only is it Islamic, but it is actually the language “Urdu,” which is one of two languages used by Sunnis in Pakistan. Now why would there be Urdu words that are indigenous to Pakistan inside Google maps of America?

Is this some way that terrorists are using to communicate? Only the people who know it is there would know where it is or what is means. Most people wouldn’t be looking over some piece of woods in the middle of nowhere with Google maps. So why on Earth are there messages in the language of Sunnis in Pakistan there? What possible logical reason would there be for encoded messages in these maps of America?

It was just released that Al Qaeda in Pakistan was going to hit us and at the same time people are now finding secret messages in Google maps? How strange is that?

There are encoded messages in Google maps from a language of our enemies and no one in the government cared. After being frustrated with The FBI out of Jacksonville, we called back the Washington, DC FBI office and they blew us off and  connected us back to the same guy in Jacksonville, who probably doesn’t even understand e-mail. He told us to call Google again.

To me, that is like telling the Feds you suspect a crack house and the government tells you to go ask a drug lord about it. Clearly someone from Google has to be the one who is putting these words in, unless they are being hacked, but if we call them, they’ll sweep it under the rug and we’ll never find out why this is going on or what they mean.

We found these images in many states across the country and don’t know if they represent correspondence or some kind of communication among the bad guys, or are they coordinates?

It is just breathtaking that the Feds ask us to look out for things that look strange and then blow you off when you find something. What could be more strange then finding Islamic messages in rural areas of America encoded in Google maps?  Hello?

Update:  Those of you who have figured me out understand that the word “quit” is not in my genome.  I wrestled with the fact that HMS and the FBI didn’t take my friend’s calls seriously.  This morning I immediately contacted the Los Angeles FBI and spent time selling the on-duty officer as to why they needed to take this seriously.

Fortunately the young woman went to the site, read the comments about the video being watched by others, found another comment to find it by using GPS  coordinates, and they did it. It was taken to the Cyberterrorism unit when I called back with additional information.
They have determined the names are definitely Pakastani/Urdo names of streets, but not the names of streets anywhere in the area.  Trust me; they are also on this big time. Washington, DC FBI  also showed  my friends the same respect they showed me.  What else could this be but a code? Street names that don’t exist? Not Likely. Random thoughts while visiting the passing parade, I’m J.C.

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