Only when the chips are down do you really know!

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by Arnie Rosner

Thomas Paine, author of "The Crisis"

(Apr. 21, 2010) — Fair-weather friends are a dime a dozen. You can spot them a mile away.

Like politicians, fair-weather friends are those who believe in telling you what you want to hear. Basically they are gutless cowards and lack the intestinal fortitude to act in the capacity of a real human being.  They fear confrontation.

Sound a little harsh? It was meant to be. Many people have lost the idea of what it means to be an independent American, an American who has no guilt and no need to apologize just because someone tells them so.

Somewhere along the line, the idea of political correctness has permeated our thought process. It has become so bad that people seem to apologize for a difference in opinion in an effort to be considered polite. They seem to forget that it is the difference of opinion and views that make Americans, Americans!

The latest Pew polls indicate that a large portion of the US population feels threatened by our government. I am one of those who agree. So it is very fitting at this point, when the chips are down, to recognize that one man has stepped forward  to meet his rendezvous with destiny.

One man with such dignity, courage, integrity, and strength of character, that he is single-handedly, against all odds, and AT great personal sacrifice, voluntarily picked up the torch of liberty. Make no mistake about it: he is taking this stand for you and me.  The magnitude of this personal sacrifice is overwhelming.

This American hero is leading the charge when all of those to whom this responsibility belongs have abandoned their stations, violated their oaths which they swore to uphold and deserted the Constitution of the United States. The fact that they also deserted the American people, the rule of law and principles of justice are of a minor consequence in comparison.

Who is this hero?  Lt. Col. Terry Lakin.

Many people seem puzzled by Lt. Col. Lakin’s actions.  They lack the understanding and appreciation for his act of heroism.   They have no clue as to the significance  or the level of courage and bravery his stand requires.  Well, maybe you don’t see it, but I can tell you from my vantage point, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin has essentially thrown himself on a live hand grenade in an effort to bring law and order and justice back to the American people.

I can promise you this:  in  the entire history  of our country, there will only be a few good men like Colonel Lakin who will distinguish themselves in such a manner. He is a national hero and one to be appreciated, admired, and recognized for standing up for the American ideals when the chips were down.

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