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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2013

Is it 1776 all over again?

(Jan. 8, 2013) — Americans have a reported 270 million guns and buy 16 million more a year.  We have seen record sales of all kinds of guns in the last few months as the masses begin to realize the gun control schemes that Obama and his henchmen are trying to push through.

Heavyweights are getting quoted in national interviews and making stands.  Pat Buchanan recently stood his ground with John McLaughlin of the “The McLaughlin Group” and warned that if our Government attempted to take our firearms it would bring about a revolution.   Popular national radio host Alex Jones got all over Piers Morgan’s face in another interview saying that if Obama comes for the guns it will be 1776 all over again.

Most Americans know that the occult, Satanism, crazy people and madmen exist whether we like it or not.  Demonizing and crushing assault rifles, taxing ammo and demanding background checks and registration won’t stop the Jihadist or nut case from trying to kill if they want to.  They will grab any weapon available to do damage – poison, bombs, knives, box cutters, planes, cars, guns, bats…whatever they can find.

The only reason, then, that Obama, Biden and the anti-gun extremists on the far left want our guns and want to crush our 2nd amendment is to secure Obama’s dictatorship and rule as King and tyrant.  They plan to force their ‘progressive’ fascist agenda on us.  As in the days of Hitler and all dictators, guns must be collected and controlled.  The people must serve the whims and orders of the dictator or be sent to re-education camps or killed.  There is no room for freedom of speech, guns, prayer and submission to God of the Holy Bible and different opinions.  That is the formula that made America great and powerful; therefore, it all must be flattened.

If Obama didn’t stage various shootings around the country to use as bold and frontal media and legal attacks against gun owners and our 2nd amendment, he and his minions are certainly using and re-creating reality around the shootings to build a case to seize and control our guns.

I used to live in Australia, just outside of Brisbane.  Aussies are a spirited bunch of people who shockingly and tragically allowed their elected officials to institute an extreme gun ban.  For several years now, they have been banning and collecting privately-owned guns all across Australia.  Since their gun ban, murders due to firearms are up 300%.

The stats from city to city all through America also show that the harder it is to own and operate guns in a city, the higher the crime rate.  That has been known for decades, yet Obama and the anti-gun crowd promote and push the ‘make-believe’ down our throats. They say it is the availability of guns that causes the attacks and murders instead of evil, drugs, insanity, Islamic Jihad and the occult.

America has seen a bold revolution emerging since the inception of the Tea Party in all 50 states.  The Tea Party groups have been law-abiding and peaceful gatherings focusing our national anger at having out-of-control Government, assaults on our freedoms and attacks on the Constitution.

Make your voice heard.  Join me and the Roth Revolution team as we speak our minds, pray and let’s formulate actions to get our country back.  Also, join me each day with my national radio show from 7-10pm PAC at www.therothshow.com.




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