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by Dr. Laurie Roth, Presidential Candidate

Is Obama working in concert with a treasonous de facto Congress to implement martial law and imprison innocent American citizens in FEMA camps? Is this the United States in which you were raised?

(Nov. 30, 2011) — This is a critical step over the ‘stuck on stupid’ line to the traitorous and treasonous line by our Senate this week.  They voted for our Military to detain American citizens as long as they want to, without charges,  representation or trial…just because they are suspected of being a terrorist.  Americans could be gathered up and placed at GITMO for a ‘mystery’ terrorist reason decided by the military front and directed by Obama or any other power-hungry President.  It is all kosher and approved by the Senate and putative President now.  Naturally,  Obama is threatening a veto; of course that hits the airwaves to soften this traitorous ruling against the American people.

This betrayal by the Senate only gives a US citizen just one hearing by the military where they can then be locked up for life without charge.  How is that anything like America, our Constitution or freedom as we know it?

If a person is a real suspect or potential terrorist, authorities need to have some evidence, probable cause and then charges, not just a vague accusation, one hearing then throw them into a dungeon and toss the key into the ocean.

Perhaps, the way we are going we should study the Government structure of former Communist Russia and see if we might find some improvements for our collapsing system.  If not that, maybe we should all form some ‘American Camp’ unions so we could have representation as to how our internment rooms might look at the various camps we are assigned to.  Can we wear certain colors in our uniforms, have special meals and visit our dogs on the weekends?  Can I have bug spray for my bunk…assuming I have one?

Obama can’t on the surface dare act like he would want such a ruling as voted in by the Senate, but that is exactly what he has planned for and wants.  For a short while he must be the good cop and the Senate must be the bad cop for his controlling scheme.

He has been developing camps and circling the control wagons by establishing things like the Council of Governors.  Obama developed his Congress-evading czars, giving him dozens of unconstitutional arms flowing and showering controls wherever he wanted and completely bypassing Congress.

Regarding the definition of ‘terrorism’

Obama and Bush before him started ripping the words ‘Islamic terrorist’  from our mouths.  That was rude and CAIR and other Muslim radical groups of ‘representation’ were most angry about us attaching Islam to the war on terror.  This was even though 99.9% of all the torture, threats and murders were being done by Muslims.  We were Islamaphobic for noticing that.

It wasn’t long after Obama got into office that this war against Islamic radicals and fundamentalists was now called an ‘overseas contingency’ operation.  Does anyone know on God’s green earth what that is???

Our House, Senate and White House have now morphed into a three-headed, Marxist monster, mostly unrecognizable to America,  our Constitution and Judeo-Christian values.

FEMA Camps via executive order

Perhaps this sounds ‘tin helmet’ to you,  but don’t you find it interesting and even a bit frightening that Obama put forth an Executive Order to create all kinds of FEMA camps?  This has been developing all across the country, naturally hiding behind such usage terms as “crisis,” “terrorism” and “calamities.”

Let us not forget that it wasn’t in another country or even that many years ago that we had ten internment camps in our own country.  All Japanese-Americans were forced to live there between 1942-1945.  This was a shameful disregard of their rights as Americans.

Back in August 2002,  Atty. General John Ashcroft said he had a desire for determent camps for U.S. citizens seen as ‘enemy combatants.’  Even Bill Clinton doesn’t deny that there are ‘camps’ in our country and foreign soldiers here.

Now,  we almost have complete the other part of the hammer, US military, under order of this de facto President who can grab up American citizens now, like me, like you, like anyone viewed as a potential terrorist, and take them away, perhaps never to be seen again.

Controllers and anti-Constitutionalists are everywhere, on the left and right.

Those throughout our brief history who want power and control outside of the restraining and moral walls of our Constitution, Judeo/Christian values and freedom,  drift quickly towards totalitarianism,  tyranny,  land,  food, business and health controls.  Citizens can be seized at will for no real reason but just as a terrorist threat, defined as Obama wants to define it.

Is this ‘terrorism threat speech’ challenging Obama and the left?  Is it exposing the corruption of Obama?  Is it debating with or challenging bills in the House and Senate?  Is it confronting the evils and danger of Sharia law and Islam unchecked?

I’m not for a violent uprising or any criminal behavior, but it is time for our patriotic and Constitutional revolution to start screaming.  Let us get our country back in the right manner and peacefully.  Oh, yeah…..I’m glad millions upon millions of us have our loaded guns at home.  Just a little thought for those who may want to turn on their own in the middle of the night.

Join me,  speak your mind, blog and chat at www.rothrevolution.ning.com  and join me daily on national radio show  www.therothshow.com.

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  1. I keep going back to the “parties have melded” conspiracy(?) and hypothesize that all those R/RINO’s voted for S.1867 with the knowledge that it is their turn to reign and they want their guy to have all that power. Note that PBO objects to this bill on the grounds that he does not have direct control in the administration but has to exercise control thru the military. The control is still in the executive branch.
    Why has congress not stopped the unconstitutional wars being fought in Yemen and Somalia? Not stopping them is condoning them.
    Why does congress continue with the highly unconstitutional patriot act? Does the, what used to be bipartisan, congress want to keep that power with the fedgov?
    And what became of the 87 new freshmen, conservative Republican statesmen? They too have melded to a great extent.
    Be careful, very careful when you vet your candidates for 2012. We don’t have too many more chances to get it right!

  2. I believe the atmosphere of fear we are experiencing in this current time would be
    all to familiar to those who endured our first American revolution. The same abuse
    and denial of basic rights, the expectation of absolute obedience, and even the
    presence of foreign mercenary troops. As it is most unlikely those holding the keys
    to our chains are going to release their strangle hold, bloodshed is most probable.

    It is disheartening also to remember the small percentage of patriots who committed
    themselves to the battle for freedom, along with the number of tories or those who
    were just noncommittal, though they were all eventually assimilated into the
    country of the free.

    How many today will stand on the side while others struggle to regain the freedom
    of which this country once boasted?

  3. Indefinate detention is a very horrible thought, but it must take second place to summarily being declared a target for assassination and extermination by bureaucrats. Both practices confirm we are now living in a totalitarian minded police state where the public servants have turned the tables using deceit, stealth, and deception to gain hard fisted control over the People. Both of these mind bending actions shred our due process Fifth Amendment rights. They are created under the familiar Emanuel adage: “Never let a crisis [in this instance terrorism] go to waste.” The idea is made to appear superficially attractive if only viewed as applying to our common enemies, but very quickly the statists may declare us the enemy. Then, if you object to their determination, your protestation will only be viewed as conclusive evidence that you are indeed an enemy of the state.


    1. Following the first Gulf War, Gen. Shwarzkopf (sp?) said in an interview that, and I paraphrase from memory, his ‘biggest fear was not that Saddam had the capability of delivering a nuclear, chemical or biological weapon, but that he had one pre-positioned in a hole in the desert somewhere with a soldier, radio or land-line in hand, waiting for the order to detonate as American troops moved over the area.’

    According to the general’s intelligence then, at that time, ‘Stormin’ Norman’ could not rule out the possibility that Saddam already had in his possession a nuke. We already know that Saddam used gas against the Kurdish villages in the North of Iraq – a weapon of mass destruction – so the question as to whether or not he was in possession of such weapons is a moot point.

    In light of the fact that to this day all the nuclear weapons of the ‘late great’ Soviet Union have NOT been accounted for and that during the build-up to the first gulf war Saddam flew many of his French jets to Iran, handing them over to his long-time enemy rather than see them destroyed by the U.S. led coalition forces – is it not reasonable to suspect that Iran is already in possession of ex-Soviet nuclear weapons, weapons that they themselves procured with money and/or oil or acquired along with other valuable weapons from Saddam?

    2. Does the fact that Barry Soetoro attended Muslim madrassa schools for 6-8 of his early formative years suggest that he is nothing less than a Muslim walking in the Islamic strategy of taqqiya?

    3. Does the pan-Islamic enemy that we fight view Barack ‘King Hussein’ Obama, as one of their own?

    4. Dr. Jerome Corsi reported that Mr. Obama prays in Arabic – is he also conversational in that language?

    5. Does Barry’s illegal, illegitimate occupation of the White House not compel our enemy to consider the window of opportunity that a Muslim illegally occupying the office of the president of the United States of America affords them for expecting, at the least, a buffered response to any actions that they should take? A response tempered by one of their own who has illegally usurped the military rank of commander-in-chief of all United States armed forces?

    6. Does not Mr. Obama’s illegal occupation of the Oval Office pose an increased and imminent threat of our Islamic enemy employing the nuclear weapons that Gen. Shwarzkopf suspected had been procured from ex-Soviet states by Saddam if they are presently in possession of said weapons or have obtained such weapons on their own?

    7. Do the elected representatives who fight the patriots defending the constitution in FOUR STATES and counting – the four states where legal challenges have thus far been filed against permitting the ineligible candidate to have his name on the ballot in the presidential primaries in those states – risk exposing Americans to further subversive leadership by a Muslim insurgent who has usurped the office of President of the United States of America and the inherent dangers of permitting him to continue in the most horrendous crime in American history; the contravention of the constitution?

    8. Are those representatives such as the Ballot Law Commission in New Hampshire and Majority Speaker of the New Hampshire House, Shawn Jasper, not complicit in the conspiracy to contravene the constitution and guilty of exposing America to all the advantages that our enemy shall realize if Mr. Soetoro is permitted to continue his illegal occupation of the office of President of the United States of America?