“If You See Something, Say Something™”


by Gary Stevens

The Department of Homeland Security operates the E-Verify program, a screening tool for identity fraud which Obama cannot pass given his Connecticut-issued Social Security number

(Oct. 19, 2011) — The program that Janet Napolitano kicked off as the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security has wonderful prospects. As law-abiding and freedom-loving Americans, we fully support this program. We love our country so much that we actually did not need the prompting to act on things criminal, suspicious, or threatening to the USA. The continued vigilance to our American way of life and the vast exponential growth of true patriots to Constitutional adherence will insure the program is a success.

However, it may not be as promoted by the DHS. Very soon, the cooperation by citizens in reporting “something” to the program should reveal the context of what Janet Napolitano meant.  So far, the reporting to authorities of plenty of criminal acts goes unabated. The effectiveness of this “see & say” is being tested as I type.

So far, for nearly three years, facts of “seeing something” (way before the program was launched) have poured into the various agencies (FBI, DHS, Congressional Security Council members, etc.).  Absolutely nothing has been done. For example, confirmed fraudulent election forms, forged birth record, falsified Social Security number, tampered Selective Service registration, and no documents to support a legitimate ID have all been submitted to various government officials regarding Barry Soetero. Some citizens have introduced confirmed factual documents into the judicial system for an upright judge(s) to determine if evidence presented is worthy of discovery to no avail. Yes, we are “seeing something” and we have been “saying something,” but the very leaders receiving the information are morally blind and deceitfully deaf.

In compliance with the thrust of “If You See Something, Say Something™”, here is our reasonable duty is for the Republic:  tell everyone you know the “suspicious behavior” of Barry Soetero. Look for historical facts that contradict his “story.”  Those in the Southern California area, ask everybody who went to school at Occidental during barry’s brief two-year stay (’79-81) if they remember him. It would be surprising that an admissions assistant, a dorm leader, or a financial aid clerk wouldn’t know the student status of foreigner barry soetero (his last known Indonesian passport name). These collective efforts reveal what DHS encourages us to do if we “see anything” suspicious. For instance, here is a tidbit:   the alleged Selective Service registration took place September 4, 1979 in Hawaii. That is awfully “suspicious” since barry was in L.A. on that day attending classes at Occidental.

We want to participate with such vigor and enthusiasm in “If You See Something, Say Something™”, so we should contact our sheriff and report all confirmed reports on the suspected ID theft of barry soetero. After all, we support fair and clean elections. We wouldn’t want an unqualified candidate on a ballot, now would we? No, of course not. Plus, we can inspect the filings of required signatures to present the name for the ballot. Recently in Indiana, someone didn’t “see” and “say something” which turns out to be that barry was on the ballot illegally. I wonder in how many other states this happened?

In some final thoughts, one consideration keeps nagging the daylights out of me, and I propose to you an alarming yet true scenario:  If we “see something” such as the boss over the Secretary of DHS is an impostor and we “say something,” do you think Janet Napolitano will act on the information? The IMPACT of this is STAGGERING. It would imply we have no homeland security should she ignore the information. We all remember the blame when 9/11 happened:  agencies not sharing info and not “seeing” and “saying” as they should have. As responsible citizens we are “seeing” and not only “saying,” but “SOUNDING” THE ALARM.

2 Responses to "“If You See Something, Say Something™”"

  1. 2discern   Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 3:53 PM

    Three ways for now-
    1. keep consistent light on the darkness
    2. maintain our own personal & family integrity
    3. pray that God would convict leaders unto repentance

    Many in Congress profess faith. Faith in what or whom is the question. Some are vocal about it and it raises huge questions as to their conscience. James 4:17 says, “he who knows to do right and doesn’t do it, it is sin.” So, to verbalize a God fearing life as a politician and knowingly keep silent (such as barry’s illegal occupation of office) on moral issues reveals disregard for God’s Word. A small view of God and large dependance on peoples view of ourselves simply exposes the disorder and malady of heart.

  2. John Sutherland   Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 7:25 AM

    The federal government is so corrupt that there is little chance it will ever self-regulate, and that does provide citizens with a dilemma. How do we stop corruption and fraud in the government when all of its force is tuned to controlling us, and not itself? We are, in effect, paying for our own enslavement with our taxes.

    Short of a rebellion, how do the people stop criminal activity inside government?

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