Update: Fitzpatrick: Monroe County Sheriff’s Department knew of impending assault

“IT’S NOT A COINCIDENCE” by Sharon Rondeau (Dec. 17, 2010) — Walter Fitzpatrick has reported this morning that the inmate who tried to punch him in the face yesterday has been formally charged with assault. Updating yesterday’s report, Fitzpatrick stated Detective Travis Jones of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department met with him at approximately 3:42 […]

You Want Smaller Government? Cut Off Their Money!

WASHINGTON STATE:  BROKE LIKE ALL THE REST, AND STILL LOOKING FOR MORE WAYS TO SPEND by Ron Ewart, ©2010 (Dec. 17, 2010) — Almost every state in the Union is a microcosm of the Federal Government.  The states learned well and had an excellent teacher and role model in Washington DC.  Their class room text is […]