The power Bush gave to Obama to become Dictator for life

2007 LAW UNDID 200 YEARS OF TRADITION, WHICH PROTECTED CITIZENS AGAINST FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S USE OF MILITARY AGAINST THEM by John Charlton (Oct. 29, 2009) — It’s the power Bush gave to Obama, by which the latter can install himself as Dictator for life, now that he has usurped the Presidency and pressured the Courts to […]

NH Attorney General afraid to speak with Rappaport?

AT LAST MOMENT DELANEY SAYS HE CANNOT MAKE THE APPOINTMENT by John Charlton (Oct. 29, 2009) —After 6 weeks of waiting for a response from the state Attorney General, with no action taken, New Hampshire Representative Laurence M. Rappaport asked to meet with the AG, Michael A. Delaney, to request that he take action on […]

Judge David O. Carter betrays the Nation!

DISMISSES CASE WHICH SOUGHT REMEDY FOR MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD IN 2008 by John Charlton (Oct. 29, 2009) — In a ruling that has stunned none but those who love this Nation, Judge David O. Carter has granted the Motion to Dismiss presented by the Department of Justice, in the case Captain Pamela Barnett et al. […]

Attention Donors!

WHO MADE DONATIONS TO THE POST & EMAIL I have sent an important email to the email address you used when you made the donation through PayPal. The subject line of my email was:  Thank you! Please read it and take the action it specifies needs to be taken. Thank you, John Charlton Editor & […]

Editorial: Oct. 29, 2009 — Let's Boycott the Pink Agenda

WHAT AMERICA SHOULD DO IN RESPONSE TO OBAMA’S PHONY HATE CRIMES BILL UPDATED 9/30/2009 at 2:30 PM — With amounts of political contributions to Obama’s campaign by employees and entities associated with the companies listed, during the 2008 Election cycle by John Charlton It’s phony, it’s a fraud, and it’s the pink agenda.  Obama’s goons […]