Breaking: Judge Denies Taitz’s Request for Temporary Restraining Order

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by Sharon Rondeau

Which claims about Obama’s documentation does England believe are “unsupported?”

(Jan. 3, 2013) —  Judge Morrison England has rejected Atty. Orly Taitz’s request to enjoin the certification of the electoral votes on Friday for Barack Hussein Obama.

The judge was quoted as having stated, inaccurately, that “The state of Hawaii has already certified all of this to be not true.”  Hawaii officials have never spoken to whether or not Obama is using a stolen Social Security number or fraudulent Selective Service registration card.

The Associated Press reported that “conservatives continue to believe the president was born in Kenya” while not stating that Obama and his wife have both stated that he was born in the East African nation, as have members of the Kenyan Parliament on the record.  Obama’s official biography as published by his literary agent also claimed he was born there.

H/T Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

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