State Senator Lashes Out at Citizens, Claiming Racism

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June 5, 2011

Brenda Council is a state senator from Nebraska's 11th District

Dear Editor:

Recently several citizens contacted state representatives and senators as well as members of the U.S. Congress through a contact system set up by entrepreneur Arnie Rosner regarding the ineligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to serve as president.

The following response was received from Nebraska State Senator Brenda Council:

Subject: RE: Agnostic’s Dreaded Verdict: Birthers Are (Mainly) Right
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2011 14:05:09 -0500
To:  Mary

If you are a birther, you are a racist. End of discussion. Stop contacting us.

Chris Triebsch
Senator Brenda Council’s Office

The email which follows was then sent to Senator Brenda Council and her staffer, Chris Triebsch:

To the dishonorable Brenda Council and Chris Triebsch,

As Arnie Rosner stated in his emails to your office:  TRUTH is TRUTH  and Obama is going down…will you go down with him?  Will you go down based upon empty charges of racism against patriots of all races/colors/creeds/professions/backgrounds/ages and Party affiliations for a Regime and a Pretender to the White House whose very core is racist and whose agenda is destruction of everything America was built upon and the liberties we were gifted with?  Will you go down protecting criminals who committed fraud and treason against our entire nation and every last citizen…merely because your chosen one is black?  Because of the color of your skin?  REALLY?

You cannot believe for a minute that your accusations and stonewalling will result in intimidation or silence.  Silence is TREASON.  Shame on you for being the racist that you are.  You dishonor your state, your country and your own race; many of whom are fighting shoulder to shoulder with us to preserve our country and our freedom and prosecute the criminals who are determined to ruin us all.

Racist?  Is that all you’ve got?  Lie and manipulate?  Forget the truth and the facts and the rampant and blatant racism that has taken hold of our White House and Justice Department?   Forget that a massive number of white persons voted for the lying, incompetent, fraud in our White House BEFORE they learned what he really is?  Forget that every action they take is on behalf of lies, treason, fraud…and terrorists, Black Panthers, Muslim interests, Marxist ideology and so on?  That the destruction being wrought is against the moral fabric, the average citizen (black and white), our Constitution is anything but criminal?

You don’t even believe your empty charge of racism; it is merely a way to avoid dealing with the real issues.  But you signed up for this job and swore an oath of Fiduciary responsibility to every American and our Constitution and whether that means anything to you or not; it means everything to us.  It is not merely a moral issue; it is a legal issue and we are not going to sit by and watch you trash our nation and get away with it by charging ahead bearing your tired old banner of racism.  We have the legal right and the legal means to take this bull by the horns and deal with it as a citizenry; bypassing all the criminals and slackers who fraudulently collect paychecks and benefits from us.  We will remove you One by One…legally.

Destroy the Constitution, you idiots, and you destroy the rights of everyone; you destroy America and our future…you destroy the future for your own children.  You destroy the hope of humankind all over the planet who have looked to us for direction and safety from corrupt rulers who would enslave them or hold them hostage as I write.

Protecting the criminal in the White House…assisting in the obfuscation that is intended to hide his history, crimes and corruption is hypocrsy of the worst kind.  BECAUSE it is obvious you do so for one reason and one reason only; he has dark skin.  YOU are the racist and YOU defile your Oath to represent ALL citizens just as the racist in the White House is guilty of the same crime.  We should all be equally concerned about the Constitutional crisis this Usurpation of the White House creates.  While there are a good number of Negro or Colored or Black (African-American is a ridiculous term since all dark skinned individuals are not necessarily of African origin or do not consider themselves ‘African’….choosing instead to be merely and proudly AMERICAN citizens); depending upon whatever designation you choose to use or whatever happens to be ‘in fashion’ at any given time….who would be excellent leaders and representatives for our nation.  These people fight with us for America.  They live within and for Truth alongside white Americans.  The real issue is the legal requirements for each level of government employee and in the case of President; one MUST be a Natural Born citizen regardless of color.  There are, of course, other considerations which include NOT being a criminal…NOT using a number of fake names and social security numbers…NOT being a Traitor or Foreign Agent to hold public office.  Read the Constitution you pound on when you are screaming about the law and equality for the definition, if you have the mental capacity to comprehend it.

Since you are black and obviously a racist; I offer food for thought:  how in God’s name do you reconcile the constant yammering about Freedom and Liberty and equality from Blacks while people like you defile everything we stand for and everything we have all fought for?  That dog won’t hunt…is was all but dead for most Americans; and the irony is while white folks had changed and moved on, you racist pigs were still trying to keep that old tired dog alive to fight a war that should have been over a long time ago.  People like you will spend your lifetimes trying to extract blood from innocent human beings who had nothing whatsoever to do with what happened hundreds of years ago…and the sort of atrocities that your ‘people’ in Africa are still perpetrating upon each other TODAY while you ignore that and do nothing about it.  I say ‘your people’ because your racist attitude causes that separation.  Enslavement to drugs, government welfare, prostitution, crime and gang mentality exists and is perpetrated and perpetuated by your kind and your race in your American neighborhoods; not by people like me and Arnie and Mary Seales and so many others.  We fight for YOU and your family; not just our own.  You CREATE racism through your empty accusations and refusal to let it go.

The Usurper hid his black extended family during the campaign.  He hid his Illegal Alien aunt who had been living off American welfare for years; after being told to get out due to her fraud and theft.  He appears to hate his black heritage as much as he hates whites…leaving one to see nothing but his Marxist/Islam roots, heritage and idealogy at the forefront of his agenda and actions.  YOU are being played by your chosen one and those who illegally installed him. How do you really feel about that?

Deborah Warren

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