Todd Sweet Thanks Readers of The Post & Email

“GOD ORDAINED IT ALL” by Todd Sweet, ©2012 (Jun. 2, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  The latest letter from Todd Sweet dated May 27, 2012 follows his relocation to another prison after a harrowing experience at a CCA facility in Clifton, TN.  In a previous letter Sweet gave God the credit for the relocation.] Whew! Enclosed […]

The Power of God

“THE DECISION IS 100% YOURS” by Todd Sweet, ©2012 (Feb. 26, 2012) —Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email is in receipt of numerous letters from Tennessee inmate Todd Sweet, who was convicted of breaking laws in three states and has admitted his guilt.  Sweet was housed at the Morgan County Correctional Complex in Wartburg, TN […]

Tennessee Inmate Todd Sweet Relocated

“SITUATION AWARENESS” by Sharon Rondeau (Feb. 16, 2012) — The Post & Email has learned that Todd Sweet, who became acquainted with Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III while both were inmates at the Monroe County jail, has recently been moved to another facility, the South Central Correctional Center (SCCC) in Clifton, TN. Sweet was formerly housed […]