The Chessboard is Now Set in the Middle East

MIDDLE-EASTERN POWDER KEG by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.) (Oct. 30, 2010) — It appears that our State Department and White House are still asleep at the switch while the Iranians are very busy and fastidious in resetting the chessboard in the Middle East to their liking. What has Iran been doing in addition to […]

Jihadists in Plain Sight

IS THE AMERICAN MEDIA WHITEWASHING THE THREAT OF GLOBAL TERROR? by Sharon Rondeau (Oct. 14, 2010) — A former North Carolina resident and U.S. citizen who left the United States is now  involved in publishing an online magazine entitled Inspire, which reportedly encourages readers to “wage jihad for the rest of our lives until either […]

The Chessboard is Now Set in the Middle East

“CIVILIZATION AGAINST BARBARISM” by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.) (Sept. 29, 2010) — It appears while our State Department and White House are asleep at the switch; the Iranians have been busy and fastidious in resetting the chessboard in the Middle East to their liking. What has Iran been doing in addition to moving […]

Mosques are the “Trojan Horses” of the Global Caliphate

ARE ISLAMISTS ATTEMPTING TO ESTABLISH A CALIPHATE IN THE U.S.? by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.) (Aug. 26, 2010) — The Greek siege of Troy had lasted for ten years. The Greeks devised a new ruse – a giant hollow wooden horse. It was built by Epeius and filled with Greek warriors led by […]

The Iran-Afghanistan Connection

WHO WILL EMERGE THE REAL WINNER? by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.), ©2010 (Jul. 10, 2010) — Iran and Afghanistan have strategic and regional ties that have not changed in the last nine years.  Ties and support to the Taliban and al Qaeda Jihadis have strengthened. Osama bin Laden, many of his family and […]

Mr. Dasey, Our very survival is at stake

OUR NATIONAL SECURITY HAS BEEN SEVERELY COMPROMISED Dear Editor: The following email was sent to Mr. Chuck Dasey, U.S. Army spokesman: June 26, 2010 From: Tom Arnold Subject: Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and Barack Obama To: Date: Saturday, June 26, 2010, 10:10 PM Mr. Dasey, I am told that you are an Information Officer […]

Osama bin Laden has been found

BIN LADEN AND CADRE OF TERRORISTS HAVE BEEN HIDING IN IRAN FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS by Sharon Rondeau (Jun. 12, 2010) — An Israeli news source is reporting that the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden have been located, while another report states that his extended family has been held there by the Iranian government […]

Obama’s Little-Known Kenyan Political Connection

VIOLENCE FUELED BY OBAMA COUSIN’S DEFEAT by Sharon Rondeau (Feb. 10, 2010) — On January 1, 2008, CNN ran a story which began, “Gangs of young men armed with machetes are roaming the streets in Kenya as post-election violence threatens to engulf the country. Horrific attacks are being reported, including the torching of a church […]

Alleged Little Rock Muslim/Killer Seeks Guilty Plea

ASSERTS HE IS AN AL QAEDA SOLDIER  DOING JIHAD News Analysis by Harry Hunter (Jan. 22, 2010) —  In a January 22 report from Little Rock, Arkansas, the Associated Press says the man on trial for murdering U.S. Army Pvt. William Long at a recruiting center last June has now asked the judge to let him […]

Obama’s “pro-terror” Security Plan

IS TO REJECT PROFILING ALL MUSLIMS, EVEN SOME TERRORISTS Policy Analysis by JB Williams (Jan. 8, 2010) — So as not to offend any of his Muslim brethren who paid for his college education and much of his presidential campaign, Obama rejects “terror-profiling” the very common traits of Middle Eastern men most likely to travel […]

Trading Terrorist Rights for American Lives

OBAMA’S TERROR FRIENDLY ADMINISTRATION IS A “SYSTEMATIC FAILURE” News Summary & Analysis by JB Williams © Obama is bound by his family’s culture, in which one always takes a stand with a fellow muslim, against “the infidel.” (Jan. 2, 2010) — On Christmas Day, 2009, the first of many terror chickens to come, came home […]

Muslim terrorist fails to detonate device over Detroit

CLOSE CALL FOR DELTA PASSENGERS, TERRORIST’S FLIGHT ORIGINATING IN LAGOS NIGERIA, FAULTY FUSE SAVES ALL ABOARD FROM DISASTER IN SKY News by Doug Cook (Dec. 26, 2009) — Breaking news of Muslim terrorism attempt to explode bomb aboard Delta-Northwest Flight on approach to Detroit Metropolitan Airport earlier today. From Northeast Intelligence Network (NEIN): Abdul Farouk […]

Obama runs for cover: uses Iran and Al-Qaeda for self-defense

IN RESPONSE TO PUBLIC UPROAR AGAINST OBAMA’S MISHANDLING OF FT. HOOD MASSACRE News Analysis by John Charlton (Nov. 13, 2009) — Today is Obama’s unlucky day,  and the overwhelming wave of public outcry at his mishandling of the Ft. Hood Massacre has led him to run for cover, using Iranian and al-Qaeda agents for self-defense. […]

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