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“Why I Fight”

by CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Ret), ©2023  (Apr. 5, 2023) – Editor’s Note: The following is the initial section of CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.’s (Ret) new publication, “Natural Born Citizen: A Presidential Eligibility Qualification Requirement in Article II Section 1 Clause 5 of the United States Constitution.” As many readers are aware, Kerchner […]

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Word Substitution Game (RR)

by Roving Reporter, ©2022 (Nov. 20, 2022) — WARNING: Due to adult content, people who suffer under VAX and MASK mandates, believe in ‘election-deniers,’ ‘impending climate catastrophe’ and ‘Jan. 6 Insurrectionists’ are not allowed to participate in ‘Word Substitution Game’ because of the possibility that the truth may hurt them irrevocably. This warning is not […]

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Open Letter from American Citizen to Barack Hussein Obama

April 25, 2022 Mr. Barack Hussein Obama:   On April 22, 2022, a Washington Examiner news article by Paul Bedard titled “Obama:  Most ‘Consequential’ Decision was not Fighting ‘Birther’ Claims”) stated that you and some of your former and/or present staff regret that you did not stand up stronger to “birthers” and more aggressively oppose their […]

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Oh, Lucky Us

by OPOVV, ©2021 (May 14, 2021) — “She Let Herself Go” (3:18) Heads-up that Joe Biden nominated Zahid N. Quraishi, a Muslim, to be a federal judge that carries a lifetime appointment. There’s no need to rehash the Islamic invasion of Western Civilization starting 1,400 years ago, just as there’s no need to list the rapes and […]