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Sacred in America

by ProfDave, ©2022 (Feb. 15, 2022) — Fourteen years ago, presidential candidate Barack Obama declared that the “Culture Wars” were over.  Do you remember?  In the same spirit two years ago, candidate Joe Biden (Obama’s VP) promised to unite the nation.  Obama symbolized this unity in his “debate” at Rick Warren’s church.  Except, if you […]

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Celebrate Recovery Among Other Support Programs

by ProfDave, ©2022 (Feb. 8, 2022) — Since 1939 Alcoholics Anonymous has set the template for successful addiction recovery by bringing together people in the process of recovery to understand and support each other.  Therapy in itself, whether medical or psychiatric or spiritual was not enough.  The sufferer needed a spiritual experience and the support […]

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Constitutional Assumptions Make a Difference

by ProfDave, ©2022 (Jan. 17, 2022) — The American constitution, arguably the most durable and successful in history, rests upon some fundamental assumptions about the nature of mankind.  Assumptions ultimately derived from Christianity.  The French Revolution, by way of contrast, which produced unsuccessful constitutions, changed like underwear, rested upon different assumptions, derived from Enlightenment and […]