Tea Party Express Issues National Appeal

DON’T GIVE UP ON FREEDOM, FIGHT THE DEATHCARE BILL ‘TIL THE END! reprinted from the Tea Party Express site Greetings Patriots, It is five days before Christmas and it looks as if the Scrooges in DC aren’t packing it up and going home.  Instead, they have decided to call Ba-humbug and pass this legislation that […]

Deathcare’s advent set for Christmas!

NELSON, TO PREVENT PUBLIC FUNDING OF ABORTION, APPROVES PUBLIC FUNDING OF EUTHANASIA by John Charlton (Dec. 19, 2009) — The Los Angeles Times is reporting tonight, that Nebraska Senator Bob Nelson, who was threatened by the White House with the loss of a major military installation in his state if he did not back the […]

Senator Hatch’s Health Insurance Constitutionality Test

SERIES: MEMBERS OF CONGRESS STANDING UP FOR CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTIONS (MCSCP Series) by KJ Kaufman (Dec. 18, 2009) – Over the course of the past several months, numerous members in both Houses of Congress have been asked various iterations of a simple question:  What specific enumerated power in the Constitution grants the Congress the legislative authority […]

Healthcare + Amnesty = Dem Votes

THE HIGHER MATHEMATICS OF POLITICS Political Analysis by Harry Hunter (Dec. 18, 2009) —Math was never my favorite subject, so let me borrow from someone who has figured out how Democrat mathematics works. Mendy Palumbo explains this in his blog post: “The Real Reason Dems Put Healthcare First.” Mendy sees the Democrats’ top three priorities […]

Obama throws a “Govt. will go bankrupt!” tantrum

DESPERATION AT SEEING HEALTH CARE BILL DIE IN THE SENATE, HURLS INFANTILE THREAT by John Charlton (Dec. 17, 2009) — The Post & Email featured an exposé on Obama’s politics of fraud today, wherein he claims one thing and works for the opposite agenda. Last night during his interview on ABC with Gibson, Obama was […]

Tea-partiers in NV and FL make stunning political inroads

NOT JUST TALKING AND CARRYING SIGNS, AIMING TO TAKE OVER GOP BEFORE 2010 ELECTIONS News Summary by John Charlton (Dec. 17, 2009) — With a new Rasmussen poll showing that voters are more inclinded to vote for a Tea-Partier than for a Republican, Tea Partiers who have entered the political fray in preparation for the […]

American Spectator warns of Soros’ manipulation of 2010+ elections

ACHIEVED THROUGH PUSHING LIBERALS INTO SECRETARY-OF-STATE POSITIONS by John Charlton (Dec. 17, 2009) — With a mere investment of $780,000 Soros and his allies were able to suborn free elections in the states of Montana, West Virginia, Missouri, Oregon, in 2008, and in Minnesota, Ohio, New Mexico, Nevada and Iowa, in 2006. How did he […]

Obama’s politics of Fraud

HAS HISTORY IN HIS ECONOMICS AND RACE-POLITICS Political Analysis by John Charlton (Dec. 17, 2009) — The Democrat controlled House of Representatives just ram-rodded a financial “reform” bill through, and sent it on to the U.S. Senate.  The politics at play, however, has Barry Soetero’s finger prints all over it. I use the name he […]

Lieberman goes over to the Dark Side

STAFF THREATENS VOTERS WITH ARREST FOR MERELY WAITING IN HIS OFFICE TO SPEAK WITH HIM by John Charlton (Dec. 16, 2009) — Senator Joe Lieberman was always known for his liberal politics.  He was, after all, Al Gore’s running mate in their failed 2000 bid for the White House.  He kept silent then, when Gore […]

Hentoff proclaims Obama “a phoney”!

IN INTERVIEW WITH JOHN WHITEHEAD OF THE ONLINE JOURNAL “OLDSPEAK” by John Charlton (Dec. 14, 2009) — “I am beginning to think that this guy is a phony. Obama seems to have no firm principles that I can discern that he will adhere to. His only principle is his own aggrandizement. This is a very […]

Financial Reform Bill passes House

LEFTIST DEMOCRATS PUSH PROPOSAL TO GIVE EXECUTIVE BRANCH UNPRECEDENTED AUTHORITY OVER FINANCIAL SECTOR by John Charlton (Dec. 14, 2009) — Ever the masters of misinformation, the Democratic Party has pushed through a “financial reform” bill in the U.S. House having proposed it for a reading on Friday and put it to a vote on Saturday.  […]

Expanding Medicare: Reid’s Creation or Obama’s Long-Envisioned Plan?

SINCE 2004 OBAMA HAS PROPOSED SIMILAR MEASURE Political Analysis by KJ Kaufman (Dec. 14, 2009) — Last week, Senator Reid introduced a compromise solution for the health care legislation being debated in the Senate, stating that they would expand Medicare coverage by moving the eligibility age from 65 to 55.  The compromise legislation is presently […]

Look who ran cover for Obama’s Islamic background

TRACING THE POLITICS AND THE MONEY BEHIND OBAMA’S CAMPAIGN by John Charlton (Dec. 12, 2009) — After 12 months of investigating the truth behind the lies which are Obama’s public persona, citizens should investigate the connections and players in the campaign of misinformation waged by Obama supporters during the 2008 Election. The results won’t be […]

Bachmann warns of imminent takeover of entire economy

BARNEY FRANK INTRODUCES BILL TO PROVIDE PERPETUAL BAILOUTS, UNDER EXCLUSIVE CONTROL OF EXECUTIVE BRANCH by John Charlton (Dec. 11, 2009) — The Socialist Juggernaut lurches forward to snatch further power and deprive Americans of further liberties in what is, without exaggeration, the proposed destruction of the free market and the free economy in the United […]

Obama’s Holiday Bribes

PRO-OBAMA JOURNALISTS GET PAID WITH TAXPAYER MONEY, TO SURROUND OBAMA DURING HOLIDAY IN HAWAII News Analysis by Brigitte de Maubec (Dec. 11, 2009) — Just after the aftermath of yet another insult to our allies via the refusal to participate to the traditional events surrounding the award of the Nobel Prize including a dinner with […]

Oathgate Revisited

THE ARTICLE II RED-HERRING by Jane Menta (Dec. 11, 2009) —  Who can forget Barack Hussein Obama’s slightly mutilated inaugural oath January 20, 2009? Fault assignment and explanations and review of the actual wording, have been analyzed ad nauseum.  Some argue that it was Chief Justice Robert’s fault and even point to his history of […]

20% of Voters in favor of Impeaching Obama

SIGNALS UNPRECEDENTED ANGER OF ELECTORATE by John Charlton (Dec. 10, 2009) — Public Policy Polling, a liberal polling company which has a reputation for predicting the election outcomes in swing states, has published a new poll showing that 20% of all voters and 35% of all Republicans are in favor of initiating proceedings to impeach […]

How the Health Care Bill introduces Dictatorship

SUSANANNE HILLER SPELLS IT OUT IN DETAIL by John Charlton (Dec. 9, 2009) — For the U.S. Citizen concerned with Obama’s unending desire for power, power, and more power, the public debate over the proposed socialized medicine plan called the Health Care bill has included many claims and counter claims. But for the honest citizen […]

Sean Hannity says Obama should show real Birth Certificate

AS POLITICAL INSIDERS AWAIT OBAMA’S RESPONSE TO NATHAN DEAL by John Charlton (Dec. 9, 2009) — Last night Sean Hannity affirmed that the desire of millions of U.S. Citizens to see the real birth certification of Barack Hussein Obama was legitimate. His argument was, that if Obama was bold enough to vaunt an electronic image […]

Where Obama’s Campaign for America puts its money

A CURIO OF CONNECTIONS by John Charlton (Dec. 5, 2009) — You could spend a lot more time culling through the lists of those who were hired by the Obama Campaign for America in the 3rd quarter of 2009. But the list contains a few curious and interesting names of payees, which, when investigated just […]

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