Brown’s Victory will signal Second American Revolution

Brown’s Victory will signal Second American Revolution

WHO WOULD EVER BELIEVE IT: IN MASSACHUSETTS? Political Analysis by Joan Swirsky (Jan. 18, 2010) — When Scott Brown gallops to victory tomorrow, capturing the Massachusetts senate seat made absent by Sen. Ted Kennedy’s death, it will signal a definitive referendum against all things Obama – his onerous and discriminatory “healthcare” bill (which an overwhelming […]

2010 Election Chicanery – What’s Next?

BARNEY FRANK’S PROPOSAL OF UNIVERSAL VOTER REGISTRATION APPEARS TO BE WAY TO THROW 2010 ELECTIONS By Libbie Belle (Jan. 18, 2010) — In 2008, the Democrats showed their true colors and resorted to whatever measures necessary, no matter how unscrupulous, to increase their majorities in the House and Senate and elect a Chief Executive who […]

Racially Speaking, Who Is Obama?

MOST BLACKS DON’T COUNT OBAMA’S WHITE MOTHER News Summary by Harry Hunter   (Jan. 15, 2010)  — On Jan. 12 the Pew Research Center released the results of a telephone survey loaded with questions about how black Americans see themselves.  One of the questions concerned how they see Barack Hussein Obama, and it appears most […]

Citizens have natural right to organize a local Militia

CONFIRMED BY U.S. SUPREME COURT IN THE CASE, D.C. VS. HELLER by John Charlton (Jan. 14, 2010) —  As the nation slides into a Marxist tyranny led by a usurper who hides his birth certificate and a Democratic super-majority which has no qualms passing unconstitutional laws, usurping the rights of the several States and their […]

Orange Revolution by July, 2011

RASMUSSEN POLLS CONTINUE TO SHOW STEEP DECLINE, DESPITE RECENT REVISIONISM by John Charlton (Jan. 12, 2010) — The Post & Email predicts that an Orange Revolution will break out in the United States by July 2011 seeking the ousting of Barack Hussein Obama from power and sweeping his Democrat supporters in the federal government into […]

Let’s not Forget: Bill Clinton was the first “Birther”

Let’s not Forget: Bill Clinton was the first “Birther”
ON GOOD MORNING AMERICA, AUGUST 4TH, 2008, QUESTIONED OBAMA'S ELIGIBILITY by John Charlton (Jan. 11, 2010) — Let's not forget that the first "Birther" of note was Bill Clinton. "Birther" is the derogatory appellation used by Obama supporters to ridicule those who ask why Obama won't show his birth certificate. Late last night, The Post […]

The Citizens’ militia is a safeguard against tyranny

The Citizens’ militia is a safeguard against tyranny

LANDMARK RULING OF SUPREME COURT PAVES WAY FOR RESTORATION OF STATE MILITIAS, AS BULLWARK AGAINST OBAMA’S GRASP FOR ABSOLUTE POWER Excerpted from the text of Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the majority of the Court in the case District of Columbia v. Heller, 128 S.Ct. 2783, 171 L.Ed.2d 637 (U.S. June 26, 2008) 2. Prefatory Clause. […]

Obama’s “pro-terror” Security Plan

IS TO REJECT PROFILING ALL MUSLIMS, EVEN SOME TERRORISTS Policy Analysis by JB Williams (Jan. 8, 2010) — So as not to offend any of his Muslim brethren who paid for his college education and much of his presidential campaign, Obama rejects “terror-profiling” the very common traits of Middle Eastern men most likely to travel […]

Deal Challenges Obama’s Eligibility

Deal Challenges Obama’s Eligibility

FIRST TIME IN U.S. HISTORY THAT A SITTING PRESIDENT’S ELIGIBILITY QUESTIONED BY MEMBER OF CONGRESS by P. Patriot (Jan. 5, 2010) — The Post & Email can publicly confirm that on the first of December, last, U.S. Congressman Nathan Deal (GA-R) challenged the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of the U.S. […]

Newsweek Setting up Defeat for GOP

ARTICLES DISPARAGE  SARAH PALIN AND MITT ROMNEY News Summary by Harry Hunter   (Jan. 4, 2010)  —  In its Jan. 11 issue and at its website, the ever-liberal magazine Newsweek is setting up the Republican presidential nominee, whomever that might be, for defeat in 2012.   Judging from its slant, Newsweek apparently wants the GOP to […]

How to win the revolution

A CALL TO TAKE-OVER THE GRAND OLD PARTY Political Analysis by Doug Cook (Jan. 4, 2010) – There is much talk and action taking place among conservative and libertarian people about running a third party. This is certainly a noble and patriotic endeavor by rightfully frustrated and angry citizens. After considering it carefully these last […]

Trading Terrorist Rights for American Lives

OBAMA’S TERROR FRIENDLY ADMINISTRATION IS A “SYSTEMATIC FAILURE” News Summary & Analysis by JB Williams © Obama is bound by his family’s culture, in which one always takes a stand with a fellow muslim, against “the infidel.” (Jan. 2, 2010) — On Christmas Day, 2009, the first of many terror chickens to come, came home […]

Basic American Principles

ON PRINCIPLES, PURPOSES AND RIGHTS by Rep. Susan Lynn Principles are important – without them we get off track and lose our way. Many believe that our federal government has lost its way while others just don’t understand why so many object to the “change” taking place today. Let’s look at some of the foundational […]

10th Amendment Muscle

TEXAS GOVERNOR RICK PERRY SEEKS OUT FELLOW ALABAMA GOVERNOR BOB RILEY TO JOIN IN CAUSE TO SECURE  INTEGRITY TO STATES 10TH AMENDMENT SOVEREIGNTY News & Analysis by Doug Cook (Dec. 27, 2009) — Transgressions of Constitutional law by both Democratic controlled Houses of the U.S. Congress, under orders from the White House, specifically health care […]

GA Governor demands investigation into vote buying for Health Care Bill

GA Governor demands investigation into vote buying for Health Care Bill

GOV.’S LETTER INSTRUCTS GA ATTORNEY GENERAL TO JOIN EFFORT OF AGs NATIONWIDE To the Honorable Thurbert Baker Attorney General of Georgia Dear Attorney General Baker: RE:   H.R. 3590 – “Health Care Reform” The debate over healthcare policy in Washington, DC has reached a critical juncture now that 60 Senators have agreed to support the […]

Christmas-Eve Liberty Massacre

Christmas-Eve Liberty Massacre

U.S. SENATE ATTACKS NATION & ITS CONSTITUTION, PASSES HEALTH CARE REFORM BILL Political Analysis by Doug Cook (Dec. 25, 2009) — Following quickly on the heels of passage of the publicly-derided health care overhaul, attorneys general and various officials of 14 states are scheduling telephone conferences to plan and institute litigation over the constitutionality and […]

Alabama’s Christmas Gift to GOP

Alabama’s Christmas Gift to GOP

REP. PARKER GRIFFITH TURNS REPUBLICAN News Summary by Harry Hunter (Dec. 25, 2009) — On Tuesday  U.S. Representative for Alabama, Parker Griffith switched from Democrat to Republican because “I can no longer align myself with a party that continues to pursue legislation that is bad for our country,” Reuters reported. Democrats seemed to downplay Griffith’s […]

Signatures against Health Care Bill pass 1 million

GRASSSFIRE NATION AND PATRIOTS ACROSS AMERICA SEND PROTEST OF NO CONFIDENCE TO SENATORS THAT OBAMACARE WILL NOT STAND by Doug Cook (Dec. 23, 2009) — In grand grassroots style, an accomplishment on par with the 912 DC protest attended by more than 1 million US citizens, the Grassfire Nation Sponsored petition against an unconstitutional health […]

A Republican walkout is last chance for redemption on Obamacare

IT’S THE DUTY OF EVERY SENSE OF ‘POLITICAL INTEGRITY’ New Analysis by Doug Cook (Dec. 21, 2009) — November 21, 2009 Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi while orchestrating  a secret bill of socialistic health care, have vowed to pass legislation widely viewed as unconstitutional, and unacceptable by at least 60% of the people,  by Christmas. […]

Tea Party Express Issues National Appeal

DON’T GIVE UP ON FREEDOM, FIGHT THE DEATHCARE BILL ‘TIL THE END! reprinted from the Tea Party Express site Greetings Patriots, It is five days before Christmas and it looks as if the Scrooges in DC aren’t packing it up and going home.  Instead, they have decided to call Ba-humbug and pass this legislation that […]

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