Simandle responds to Apuzzo

EX-NAIDER RAIDER CITES COMPLEXITY OF ISSUES By John Charlton (October 2, 2009) — This evening Judge Jerome B. Simandle responded to Attorney Mario Apuzzo’s Letter of Inquiry, on behalf of the Plaintiffs, in the case Kerchner et al. vs. Obama et al..  Attorney Apuzzo’s letter had inquired regarding the Judge’s delay on two motions before […]

Apuzzo files Letter of Inquiry to Judge Simandle

DELAY IN CASE IS REASONABLE MOTIVE TO ASK FOR ACTION by John Charlton (Oct. 1, 2009) —  Attorney Mario Apuzzo, esq., counsel for the plaintiffs in Kerchner et al. vs. Obama et al., has filed a “Letter of Inquiry” before Judge Jerome B. Simandle, inquiring as to the delay in ruling on two motions in […]

Letter to the Readers of The Post & Email

THANK YOU FOR VISITING US MORE THAN 39,000 TIMES IN OUR FIRST MONTH Dear Readers of The Post & Email, I want to thank you for your trust and appreciation shown to The Post & Email by your numerous visits in our first month of publication.  I had aimed for merely 10,000 visitors in the […]

Is Fukino's office in open rout?

DOH DIRECTOR’S OFFICE SHAKEN UP BY CITIZEN’S HUNCH THAT OBAMA HAS ALTERED HIS ORIGINAL VITAL RECORDS by John Charlton (Sept. 30, 2009) — Recent public revelations by Attorney Leo Donofrio, that the office of Dr. Chiyome L. Fukino, the  Director of the Department of Health for the State of Hawaii, has a policy of obstructing […]

Yes, Virginia & South Carolina: You can save the Republic!

Yes, Virginia & South Carolina:  You can save the Republic!

AN INTERVIEW WITH THE TONA COMMITTEE, ON THE AMAZING STORY OF THE ORIGINAL 13TH AMENDMENT by John Charlton There is nothing more fascinating than the story of the Original 13th Amendment, how it was ratified, accepted by the Federal Government, and subsequently omitted, forgotten and denied by a national political elite which pandered for handouts […]

Spotlight: Dr. Chiyome Leinaala Fukino, M.D.

NATIVE HAWAIIAN, LIFELONG ADVOCATE OF NATIVE HAWAIIAN CAUSES by John Charlton (Sept. 29, 2009) — Dr. Chiyome Leinaala Fukino was born in Halihi, Hawaii, the daughter of a native Hawaiian mother and a Japanese father.  She was the second oldest of eight siblings in a family of little means, but which, in the Japanese tradition, […]

Judge refuses to accept Rhodes' Letter

LAND GRANTS TAITZ’S MOTION TO BE DISMISSED AS COUNSEL by John Charlton (Sept. 28, 2009) — The citizen journalist, Larry Sinclair, has been vindicated; the Rhodes letter will not be considered by the Court; so says Judge Clay D. Land of the Federal Court, Middle Division, Georgia; whose assistant clerk appears to have not observed […]

Spotlight: Judge Clay D. Land

LIFE-LONG REPUBLICAN, PROMOTED FROM STATE LEGISLATURE TO FEDERAL BENCH by John Charlton (Sept. 28, 2009) — Judge Clay D. Land is the Federal Judge before whose bench Dr. Orly Taitz pleaded for a stay of deployment for Captain Connie Rhodes, in the case Rhodes vs. Mac Donald. Rhodes is now in Iraq, following Judge Land’s […]

Taitz requests dismissal as Rhodes' Counsel

CITES CONFLICT OF INTEREST ISSUES, WHICH MAKE IT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF RHODES FOR TAITZ TO DEFEND HERSELF AGAINST SANCTIONS ALONE by John Charlton (Sept. 26, 2009) — In a stunning display of integrity as an attorney-at-law, Dr. Orly Taitz counsel for Captain Connie Rhodes, M.D., in the case Rhodes vs. MacDonald, has petitioned […]

Does Fukino's & Okubo's silence indicate they believe Obama has committed a crime?

HAWAIIAN STATUTES RESTRICT RELEASE IN CASES WHERE INFORMATION PERTAINS TO THE COMMISSION OF CRIMES Legal Analysis by John Charlton (Sept. 26, 2009) — It’s an oft repeated charge, that neither the Director of Hawaii’s Department of Health, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, nor its Communications officer, Janice Okubo, can release information regarding the vital records of Barack […]

Judge Carter sets dates for trial in Barnett vs. Obama

CIVIL MINUTES OF SEPT. 8th DETAIL ORDER OF HEARINGS by John Charlton (Sept. 26, 2009) — While there has been doubts and discussion on various blogs and internet fora regarding the dates for hearings and the trial, in Captain Pamela Barnett et al. vs. Obama et al., Judge David O. Carter has clearly indicated in […]

Fukino & Obama: Both favored in 2005 by Hawaiian Council

HI GROUP’S ADVOCACY OF BOTH BEFORE GENERAL ELECTION SPURS SPECULATION THAT FUKINO HAS POLITICAL TIES TO OBAMA by John Charlton (Sept. 25, 2009) — Dr. Chiyome Leinaala Fukino, M.D. and Senator Barack Hussein Obama:  two names unknown to most Americans in 2006; but both featured by the Hawaiian Council on their website, in news reprints […]

Okubo refuses another Citizen's request to comply with Hawaii Law

IGNORES UIPA GUIDELINES AND STATE LAWS by John Charlton (Sept. 24, 2009) — As reported on Wednesday, Attorney Leo Donofrio is assisting a citizen who made requests to both Dr. Fukino and Janice Okubo, Director and Communications Director respectively, for the Department of Health of the State of Hawaii,  for pertinent information regarding the public […]

Donofrio to seek Hawaii AG Letter on NBC Question

DETAILS OF CITIZEN’S ACTION REVEAL HI GOVERNMENTAL CONSPIRACY News Summary by John Charlton (Sept. 23, 2009) — The continuing revelations regarding the concerted, quasi-conspiratorial efforts of Hawaiian officials to hide evidence regarding Barack Hussein Obama’s birth story have exceeded the wildest expectations of observers on both sides of the controversy. The Post & Email, for […]

Has Land slighted Taitz, via the Docket?

DOCKET FAILS TO NOTE THAT SECOND TRO HAS BEEN ACCEPTED by John Charlton (Sept. 23, 2009) — The filings for Captain Connie Rhodes, M.D., in the case Captain Connie Rhodes vs. Colonel Thomas Mac Donald, can be found on the internet at It is a curious fact that Dr. Orly Taitz’s appeal for a second Emergency […]

Obama has amended his own HI Vital Records

CITIZEN JOURNALIST OUTS HI OFFICIALS IN COVERUP by John Charlton (Sept. 21, 2009) — Attorney Leo Donofrio announced this evening at his blog, that a citizen journalist, who goes by the name TerriK, has, in communication with various Hawaii officials convincing evidence that Barack Hussein Obama’s vital records were altered, ostensibly at his own request […]

Constitutionalist silenced, to appeal to the Supreme Court

BENSON’S “CRIME”: SAYING THE 16TH AMENDMENT WAS NOT PROPERLY RATIFIED by John Charlton (Sept. 21, 2009) — In one of the most outrageous cases of Judicial persecution of an American citizen, exercising his First Amendment rights to publicize the little know history of the ratification of the 16th Amendment, William J. Benson is to appealed his […]

Kreep outlines weaknesses in Motion to Dismiss

COUNSEL FOR DRAKE AND ROBINSON HAD REBUTTED MOTION FOR LIMITED DISCOVERY by John Charlton (Sept. 21, 2009) — Last week Attorney Gary Kreep, of the United States Justice Foundation, filed his opposition application for a Limited Stay of Discovery in Barnett et al. vs. Obama et al, on behalf of his plaintiffs, Dr. Wiley Drake […]

Taitz to demand Rule 11 Discovery

DECLARES HERSELF FEARLESS IN FACE OF SANCTIONS (Sept. 20, 2009) — The indomitable Dr. Orly Taitz announced today that she will reply forcefully to Judge Clay D. Land’srejection of the latest filing in Rhodes vs. MacDonald, on the grounds that it was based on frivolous claims. Attorney Taitz, the counsel for the plaintiff, said she will […]