Outing Obama’s Internet Brownshirts

Outing Obama’s Internet Brownshirts

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, LET’S SHINE A LIGHT ON OBAMA POLITICAL OPERATIVES! by John Charlton (Jan. 26, 2010) — Recent reports have brought national attention to the fact that Obama has implemented Cass Sunstein’s strategy of cognitive dissonance in the creation of Internet teams which harass citizens with invective on Internet blogs, forums, chat rooms, and […]

Orly Taitz seeks support for political Campaign

Orly Taitz seeks support for political Campaign

AIMS FOR CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY-GENERAL OR SECRETARY-OF-STATE OFFICES by John Charlton (Jan. 25, 2010) —  Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., arguably the most famous personality of the popular movement seeking to remove Obama from office on the grounds that he is ineligible constitutionally, has announced her interest in preparing to campaign for political office. Lead counsel in […]

Moral indictment filed against Columbia University in quest for Obama’s records

PLANS PROTEST AND MOCK TRIAL AT OBAMA’S “ALMA MATER” by Sharon Rondeau (Jan. 24, 2010) — Dr. James David Manning, founder and pastor of ATLAH World Ministries in Harlem and outspoken Obama critic, contends that Barack Hussein Obama never attended Columbia University’s undergratudate institution,  Columbia College, as he claims, that Columbia “sold” Obama a degree […]

Donofrio & Pidgeon defend Motion for Reconsideration in Chrysler case

Donofrio & Pidgeon defend Motion for Reconsideration in Chrysler case

CHARGE DEFENSE WITH COMMITTING FRAUD ON THE COURT Legal Analysis by John Charlton (Jan. 24, 2009) — Yesterday Attorneys Leo Donofrio and Stephen Pidgeon filed their reply to the Defenses objections to their own Motion for Reconsideration in the case RE: in Chrysler LLC et al., on behalf of 76 former Chrysler  dealerships, whose owners […]

Alleged Little Rock Muslim/Killer Seeks Guilty Plea

ASSERTS HE IS AN AL QAEDA SOLDIER  DOING JIHAD News Analysis by Harry Hunter (Jan. 22, 2010) —  In a January 22 report from Little Rock, Arkansas, the Associated Press says the man on trial for murdering U.S. Army Pvt. William Long at a recruiting center last June has now asked the judge to let him […]

Apuzzo files opening brief in Kerchner vs. Obama & Congress Appeal

Apuzzo files opening brief in Kerchner vs. Obama & Congress Appeal

BRIEF IN THIS LANDMARK CASE IS A MASTERPIECE ON CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND RIGHTS by John Charlton (Jan. 20, 2010) — Yesterday, Attorney Mario Apuzzo filed the opening brief on behalf of the Plaintiffs in Kerchner et al. vs. Obama & Congress before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia. This case regards the evident […]

Annual March for Life

PRO-LIFE WALK EXPECTED TO DRAW INCREASED NUMBERS by Sharon Rondeau (Jan. 19, 2010) — This Friday, January 22, 2010, the 37th annual March for Life will take place in Washington, DC, sponsored by the March for Life organization, which has sponsored the event every year since 1974. Incorporated as a “non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian organization,” the […]

Polls show Scott Brown is victorious!

Polls show Scott Brown is victorious!

SURFS TOWARDS VICTORY ON WAVE OF POPULAR DISCONTENT WITH OBAMA REGIME by John Charlton (Jan. 19, 2010) — The American public has tasted Obama’s Marxist-Lite and is rejecting it with decisive force.  The special election in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is just one case in point, but a stunning case it is.  Scott Brown leads […]

Invite America to demand the Release

Invite America to demand the Release

COLLECTING SIGNATURES ON THE HAWAIIAN PETITION, THE OLD FASHIONED WAY by John Charlton (Jan. 19, 2010) — The Post & Email launched perhaps the most important Petition Drive in 2010 just two weeks ago aimed at cajoling the government of the State of Hawaii to releasing the original vital records of Obama. The Petition Campaign […]

Citizens, help us put our Petition Campaign on Drudge

THEY’VE AGREED, NOW WE NEED TO RAISE AT LEAST $7,500 by John Charlton As of 11 pm ET, Jan. 24, $240 has been donated in response to this appeal (Jan. 16, 2010) — On January 4th, The Post & Email began what is perhaps the most important petition drive in the history of the United […]

Hillbuzz.org Calls for Orange Revolution

IF MA DEMS BLOCK BROWN’S SEATING IN U.S. SENATE by John Charlton (Jan. 15, 2009) — The Hillbuzz.org, an online political news site, has published an editorial calling for an Orange Revolution.  The unsigned essay expresses the now widespread expectation that Scott Brown will win the special election in Massachusetts to fill the U.S. Senate […]

Upcoming National Tea Party Convention Sold Out

SARAH PALIN AND JOSEPH FARAH LEAD ROSTER OF SPEAKERS News Summary by Harry Hunter   (Jan. 16, 2010)  —  Yesterday Chelsea Schilling, writing for the online newspaper WorldNetDaily here, reported a ticket sell-out for the first National Tea Party Convention, set for Feb. 4-6 in Nashville, Tennessee.   Some tickets to the banquet, where keynote speaker […]

Obots, meet the beast which sired you!

CASS SUNSTEIN FIRST TO PROPOSE AN INTERNET CREW OF OBOTS by John Charlton (Jan. 14, 2009) — WorldNetDaily is reporting today that Cass Sunstein, in a 2008 paper entitled “Conspiracy Theorists,” was the first to propose the principles of misinformation and harassment which form the general operational tactics of Obama’s Internet harassment team.   The group […]

His name is “Steve Dunham”!

His name is “Steve Dunham”!

UIPA REQUEST CONFIRMS QUIP, EXPLAINS MULTIPLE ORIGINAL VITAL RECORDS OF BARACK OBAMA by John Charlton (Jan. 12, 2010) — An intrepid citizen-researcher has confirmed that the man who goes by the name “Barack Hussein Obama II,” has an original vital record kept by the Hawaii Department of Health, which bears the name “Steve Dunham.” The […]

Patriot in a coal mine

WHERE ARE OUR JOBS, FREE CAPITALISM AND OUR COUNTRY’S PROSPERITY? Economic analysis by Doug Cook (Jan 12, 2010) — I am going to take these citizen journalism gloves off and tell you a straight story of my America. Your America. I am a bit over 50 years of age, I am at the pinnacle of […]

Taitz defends her Motion to Transfer Barnett vs. Obama

USES OPPONENTS’ ARGUMENTS AGAINST THEM & ASKS POINTED QUESTIONS by Dr. Orly Taitz, © 2010. [Editor’s note:  Dr. Taitz’ pleading speaks for itself; therefore it is being reproduced here in its entirety] In the civil action:  Barnett et al. vs. Obama et al., U.S. District Court, for the Central District, Middle Division of California Filed […]

Palin Follows in Huckabee’s Footsteps

SIGNS MULTI-YEAR CONTRACT WITH FOX NEWS by John Charlton (Jan 12, 2010) — It appears that the hopes of many conservatives who looked to Sarah Palin as their political “savior” were quite abruptly dashed yesterday when FOX News announced that she had signed a multi-year contract as a political commentator, a business relationship which normally […]

Dobbs: it’s a reasonable question to ask where Obama was born

COMMENTS APPEAR IN MONDAY EDITION OF ESQUIRE MAGAZINE by John Charlton (Jan. 12, 2010) — Yesterday Lou Dobbs countered the extreme criticism he has received for merely asking to see documentary evidence as to where the man who goes by the name Barack Hussein Obama II was born. His comments appear in yesterday’s edition of […]

Red Flags Overlooked

HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH ACTIVELY COVERING FOR OBAMA’S CHANGED VITAL RECORD by Nellie Esquire (Jan. 10, 2010) — People are asking how so many terrorist red flags could be overlooked by so many.  The answer is, that they have been overlooked the same way these “birther” red flags were not only overlooked, but ridiculed. Some […]

Obama’s Visa Policies Increase Islamic Immigration to the U.S.A.

DIVERSITY AND RELIGIOUS VISAS INCREASE FROM ISLAMIC TERROR-SPONSORING NATIONS News Summary by Harry Hunter (Jan. 9, 2010) — If the hellish Islamic terrorist attack of 9-11-2001 taught us anything, it should have taught us that handing out visas to Islamic immigrants is dangerous to our health.  Pamela Geller has been studying that lesson at her website […]