Gubernatorial Candidate: Anyone favoring another culture over Americans shouldn’t run for office

NEVADA CANDIDATE GINO DISIMONE ON SOCIAL ISSUES, TAXES, THE CONSTITUTION, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AND NEVADA’S “WATERGRABGATE” by Sharon Rondeau (May 5, 2010) — The following is the second half of an interview with Gino DiSimone, independent candidate for Nevada governor.  Part I can be found here.  Gino’s campaign website is here. SHARON:  Regarding political parties, you […]

Lawsuit to be filed in Hawaii against state officials

ANDY MARTIN SUES OVER ALLEGED VIOLATION OF HAWAII’S UIPA, OR “PUBLIC RECORDS” LAW by Sharon Rondeau (May 3, 2010) — Andy Martin holds a J.D., is a former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, editor, former adjunct professor of law at City University of New York, and radio talk show host.  As the best-selling author of […]

Spokesperson for Army Doctor Challenging Obama’s Eligibility speaks with The Post & Email

HIGHLY-DECORATED FLIGHT SURGEON HAS REFUSED ALL ORDERS UNTIL OBAMA PROVES HIS ELIGIBILITY by Sharon Rondeau (Apr. 19, 2010) — Margaret Calhoun Hemenway, spokeswoman for Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, an Army medical doctor who has challenged Obama’s eligibility to serve as Commander-in-Chief,  very generously gave her time to The Post & Email last Friday to discuss […]

Moral indictment filed against Columbia University in quest for Obama’s records

PLANS PROTEST AND MOCK TRIAL AT OBAMA’S “ALMA MATER” by Sharon Rondeau (Jan. 24, 2010) — Dr. James David Manning, founder and pastor of ATLAH World Ministries in Harlem and outspoken Obama critic, contends that Barack Hussein Obama never attended Columbia University’s undergratudate institution,  Columbia College, as he claims, that Columbia “sold” Obama a degree […]

The Battle begins against the Copenhagen Treaty

PATRIOTS NATIONWIDE URGED TO LIGHT A FIRE UNDER CONGRESSMENS’ INDIFFERENCE by John Charlton (Oct. 23, 2009) — Lord Christopher Monckton ignited a firestorm this week at the Minneapolis Free Market Forum when he exposed the objectives of the Copenhagen Treaty on Climate Change, as the vehicle of international Communists for the establishment of a one […]

Orly Taitz speaks with The Post & Email – Part I

DISCUSSES LIFE, 2008 ELECTION, CASES, & JUDICIARY by Sharon Rondeau (Oct. 22, 2009) — Here follows the transcript of The Post & Email’s interview with Dr. Orly Taitz, esq., lead counsel in the case Captain Pamela Barnett et al. vs. Barack Hussein Obama et al., in Santa Ana Federal Court.  The Post & Email has […]

Oct. 5 Hearing: Mr. Charles Lincoln speaks to the Post & Email.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ON THE MOTION HEARING IN SANTA ANA FEDERAL COURT, OCT 5 by John Charlton © 2009 The Post & Email (Oct. 5, 2009) — This morning the Motion Hearing in the case, Captain Pamela Barnett et al. vs. Obama et al., concluded at the Federal Court House in Santa Ana, California. Prior to […]

Capt. Pamela Barnett speaks with The Post & Email

GIVES EXCLUSIVE PRE-TRIAL INTERVIEW WITH JOHN CHARLTON by John Charlton © 2009 The Post & Email (Oct. 5, 2009) — Today Dr. Orly Taitz, esq., will stand before the bench of federal Judge David O. Carter, to plead the right to a hearing on behalf of her clients in the case Captain Pamela Barnett et. […]

Yes, Virginia & South Carolina: You can save the Republic!

Yes, Virginia & South Carolina:  You can save the Republic!

AN INTERVIEW WITH THE TONA COMMITTEE, ON THE AMAZING STORY OF THE ORIGINAL 13TH AMENDMENT by John Charlton There is nothing more fascinating than the story of the Original 13th Amendment, how it was ratified, accepted by the Federal Government, and subsequently omitted, forgotten and denied by a national political elite which pandered for handouts […]

Obama's Numerous Links with International Marxism Exposed

AN INTERVIEW WITH TREVOR LOUDON by John Charlton (Sept. 14, 2009) — Revelations that Obama was not just chummy with Marxists and Socialists throughout his life, but even may have been recruited by the KGB, first surfaced with Tom Fife, the physicist’s testimony (see for audio file). More recently, a New Zealand researcher has obtained […]

A Christian in a Brave New World

AN INTERVIEW WITH THE EDITOR OF THE RIGHT SIDE OF LIFE By John Charlton Since the rise of the Internet, individuals have been giving the Main Stream Media a run for their money, in offering Americans a completely unfettered source of information through websites, online publications, directories, discussion forums and most recently blogs. While there […]

Omolo says Lucas Document a "Master Forgery"

LIFE LONG FRIEND OF BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, SNR., DISCOUNTS DOCUMENT whereas Internet Sources confirm some of its facts By John Charlton (Sept. 4, 2009) — Dr. Orly Taitz has once again stunned American with the filing of an apparent birth transcript for Barack Hussein Obama II, the currently recognized U.S. President, procured by Lucas Daniel Smith, of […]

Texas Rises — The Austin Rally

A FOLLOW UP INTERVIEW WITH MR. GERRY DONALDSON by John Charlton    Texans Rally for Sovereignty or Succession As a follow up to my first interview with Mr. Gerry Donaldson, of, regarding his grass roots activism in preparation for the rally in Austin, Texas, on Aug. 29th, Mr. Donaldson has graciously agreed to a […]

We stand where Hindenburg stood…

AN INTERVIEW WITH ATTORNEY STEPHEN PIDGEON By John Charlton For listeners of Plains Radio, and those who have followed the news in the patriotic, pro-Constitutionalist movement, no introduction is necessary for Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, of Washington state:  his name is easily recognized among those of Philip Berg, Leo Donofrio, and Dr. Orly Taitz.  Having seen […]

Texas Rises!

THE GERRY DONALDSON INTERVIEW By John Charlton has in just a short time ignited a huge grass-roots movement in Texas:  has gathered 1 million signatures and is approaching the governor today, in Austin, asking for a firm declaration of State Sovereignty in the face of massive Federal Intrusion in state functions. What and who […]