Is Defending the U.S. Constitution a Priority in 2010?

IS THE SPIRIT OF ’76 STILL ALIVE IN AMERICA? by John F. Sweeney (Jul. 1, 2010) — In 2001, the U.S. felt the horror of militant Islamic terrorists whose goal was to terrify and paralyze the people of the United States and the world. As time has shown, they failed in their effort. But now, […]

Rep. John Boehner’s office fails to address Obama eligibility question

ASK THE LEADER…AND GET A WIMPY ANSWER!! June 30, 2010 Dear Editor: Today I submitted the following email to the office of Rep. John Boehner, House Minority Leader: From: Tom Arnold Subject: OBAMA IS A “DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT” WHO WAS “BORN IN THE UNITED STATES!” To: Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 7:48 PM This, […]

Dictator Obama reaches Day 70 of his Gulf Destruction

IS THERE ANY OTHER EXPLANATION? by Sher Zieve, ©2010 (Jun. 28, 2010) — Although Barack Hussein Obama may not have pulled the trigger on the BP Gulf oil rig explosion, his abrogation of sand berms and virtually all other means to minimize the damage from the toxins and protect this US coastal region places him […]

The Domestic Enemy

ARE WE AT THE BRINK? by Arnie Rosner June 27, 2010 Dear Admiral Mullen: Many of us share the concern about the position in which Mr. Obama has placed you.  We recognize the tenuous and critically explosive nature of the processes in which you are engaged to determine a correct course of action.  We recognize […]

Mr. Dasey, Our very survival is at stake

OUR NATIONAL SECURITY HAS BEEN SEVERELY COMPROMISED Dear Editor: The following email was sent to Mr. Chuck Dasey, U.S. Army spokesman: June 26, 2010 From: Tom Arnold Subject: Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and Barack Obama To: Date: Saturday, June 26, 2010, 10:10 PM Mr. Dasey, I am told that you are an Information Officer […]

Admiral Mullen, it is your move, sir

“A HISTORY OF REPEATED INJURIES AND USURPATIONS” Dear Editor: This is my follow-up letter to Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: June 25, 2010 Adm. Michael Mullen Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff 9999 Joint Staff Pentagon Washington, DC  20318-9999 Dear Chairman Mullen, We are calling on you to stand by your […]

We must now enact a Declaration of Independence from Obama Tyranny

“WHEN IN THE COURSE OF HUMAN EVENTS…” by Sher Zieve, ©2010 (Jun. 25, 2010) — Until recently, most people in the United States of America did not believe that Marxist Obama’s mission was actually to destroy our country.  The majority of US citizens believed that—before all else—like other presidents of the United States, Obama would […]

Chairman Mullen: Let’s call a spade a spade

WAS MCCHRYSTAL SIMPLY EXPRESSING THE SENTIMENTS OF THE REST OF THE MILITARY?  CAN ORDER BE MAINTAINED? by Arnie Rosner Dear Editor: The following letter was sent today to Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: June 24, 2010 Adm. Michael Mullen Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff 9999 Joint Staff Pentagon Washington, DC  […]

How can a constitutionally ineligible, putative president get a four-star general to resign?

AND ANOTHER OFFICER TO GO TO COURT MARTIAL? June 23, 2010 Dear Editor: The following email was sent to Mr. Chuck Dasey, U.S. Army Spokesman: From: Tom Arnold To: Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 5:26 PM Subject: HOW DOES A CONSTITUTIONALLY UNQUALIFIED “PRESIDENT” AND “COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF” GET A 4-STAR GENERAL TO RESIGN, CONCEIVABLY ENDING THE […]

Obama-BP Oil Cataclysm Worsens: Day 65 of Death and Destruction

OBAMA DEFIES FEDERAL JUDGE WHO STRUCK DOWN HIS MORATORIUM ON OFFSHORE DRILLING by Sher Zieve, ©2010 (Jun. 23, 2010) — It is now clear that Obama & Co’s plan to completely and irrevocably destroy America’s offshore drilling was the intent from the inception of the current Gulf of Mexico disaster.  Whether the disaster was accidental […]

The Post & Email plans to file charges against hackers of our site

U.S. MILITARY AND OTHER PORTALS REPEATEDLY SHOW UP AS HACKERS IN OUR LOG by Sharon Rondeau (Jun. 23, 2010) — The Bill of Rights, introduced in 1789 by James Madison and instrumental in achieving the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, guarantees all Americans freedom of speech and of the press in the First Amendment, which […]

General McChrystal: Now is your time to stand up for your country

COMMANDER OF NATO FORCES “CALLED HOME” BY FUHRER OBAMA…WILL HE BOW TO THE IMPOSTOR OR DEFEND THE REPUBLIC? by Sharon Rondeau (Jun 22, 2010) — A report today stated that Obama has “recalled” General Stanley McChrystal, commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, after the publication of an interview in Rolling Stone magazine in […]

Another cowardly senator covers for Obama…and himself

THE LIES TOLD TO CONSTITUENTS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES JUST WON’T STOP June 21, 2010 Dear Editor: Unlike Commander Kerchner’s experience wherein he received absolutely no reply to his letters bringing attention to Obama’s questionable eligibility, I received a response from one of my senators.  Senator Jay Rockefeller sent me the following (form?) letter in response […]

Obama Days of Destruction: Day 62 for Gulf, Day 561 for USA

IS OBAMA IMPLEMENTING HIS “ULTIMATE MALEVOLENCE”? by Sher Zieve, ©2010 (Jun. 21, 2010) — By now, there can be no more questions for the intelligent as to what Obama is doing.  It is apparent to all who have functional brains and minds that the tyrant is summarily destroying the United States of America.  And, no […]

The Constitution makes no mention of “native born”

IS THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT COMPLICIT IN ALLOWING OBAMA TO OCCUPY THE WHITE HOUSE? by Tim DeJong (Jun. 21, 2010) — There is no statement by a framer which equated “native born” citizenship, the phrase Obama II has used to describe his status, with “natural born” citizenship. From John Jay and Dr. David Ramsay, Thomas Jefferson […]

Obama and Holder: YOU have NO standing to ask any questions!

DICTATOR OBAMA by JB Williams, ©2010 (Jun. 20, 2010) — No matter the political agenda of any American citizen, one reality should send shivers down every American’s spine. The Obama regime has made it known that according to their form of “justice,” NO soldier or citizen has “legal standing” to question anything about Obama, his […]

War on the Southern Border

A PRACTICAL, OPERATIONAL PLAN TO SECURE THE BORDERS by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, ©2010 (Jun. 17, 2010) — Since the Mexican Independence from Spain in 1821, there has always been the question of who owned what in the West. Since invading the New World, Spain controlled a vast territory that included all of modern-day […]

More Attacks against Arizona

WHY HAS ARIZONA BEEN VILIFIED FOR WANTING TO PROTECT ITS CITIZENS? by Stevex09, blogging at (Jun. 17, 2010) — The United States is a much different place than it was 20 years ago. It is still the best place to live in spite of a massive, ever-expanding government that’s seeking to control every facet […]

Solving Barry Soetero’s Hidden Past

ANOTHER TWIST IN THE OBAMA ELIGIBILITY SAGA FROM TIM ADAMS by Gary Steven (Jun. 14, 2010) —  As World Net Daily has recently reported, Tim Adams, a 2008 senior elections clerk for the Honolulu district, has contended that he was told that there is no long-form birth certificate for Obama, contrary to what Hawaii officials […]

Letter to Congressman Bilbray: Deal with the ineligibility issue

IS THERE ONE CONGRESSMAN WHO WILL HONOR HIS OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION? June 10, 2010 Dear Editor: The following letter was sent to my congressman on June 9, 2010 following a meeting at his office. Congressman Brian Bilbray 380 Stevens Ave, Suite 212 Solana Beach, CA 92075 June 9, 2010 Dear Congressman Bilbray; Thank […]