Where are our Security Services?

WHY DID THIS HAPPEN AT ALL, AND WHO IS GOING TO STOP IT? Feb. 8, 2010 Dear Editor: Another thought-provoking article appeared yesterday in The American Thinker, where Jack Cashill takes “Another Look at Obama’s Origins.” As the author of several previous articles regarding ”eligibility,” I received a lot of ridicule and criticism, being one […]

Operation Flood-It!

JOIN IN ON JAN. 20TH, 2010:  LET THE MSM HEAR AMERICA’S VOICE Dear Editor, On Jan. 20th, 2010, on the first-year anniversary of Obama’s inauguration, Operation “Flood It! 2” will commence. The first Operation “Flood It” was a huge success and I am expecting this one to be even bigger. We had people calling Glenn […]

Obama must be arrested!

LETTER TO THE EDITOR:  Obama is a fraud, a traitor and a criminal deviant! In response to the guest editorial, on Dec. 19th, by Neil Sankey, entitled:  And they always told us to Question Authority! December 21, 2009 Dear Editor, Thank you Mr. Sankey! You have proven yourself a patriot. We must be “ever vigilant.”  […]

Letter to the Editor: CT ruined by high taxation

THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT CRIPPLED BY NEW BUDGET by a concerned citizen The outrageous budget passed by the Connecticut legislature last month is crippling families, small businesses and corporations to the point where we are now unable to survive. The loss of jobs brought on by companies leaving the state because of high taxation has left Connecticut a […]

Letter to the Editor — Oct. 25, 2009

TAKE COURAGE, FELLOW PATRIOTS! — LET THE WORDS OF LINCOLN RESOUND ! by K. Baer We The People… should take on the courage to keep our country by looking at words of great Americans: Flight 93 :“Let’s Roll” and Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this […]

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