Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate demands proof of Obama’s Eligibility

LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATE FOR ARIZONA GOVERNOR BRUCE OLSEN SENDS LETTER TO GOV. JAN BREWER by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 31, 2010) — The following letter has been shared with The Post & Email and is presented unedited: The Honorable Jan Brewer Governor of Arizona 1700 West Washington Phoenix, Arizona 85007 Dear Governor Brewer: I adjure you, nay, […]

Pro-Muslim Obama insults Israeli Prime Minister

OBAMA BOWED TO SAUDI KING BUT REFUSES TO SHAKE HANDS WITH BENJAMIN NETANYAHU IN PUBLIC by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 30, 2010) — When Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia a year ago, the photo of his genuflecting to a foreign head of state who allows the stoning, disfiguring and murdering of women and […]

Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists and the Status Quo

A REPUBLICAN THREE-POINT PLAY by Sally Vendée (Mar. 30, 2010) —  Political experts have recommended that the Republicans recruit and join the Tea Partiers, or they will surely lose in upcoming elections if the Partiers continue to increase in number, appoint leaders, or form a third party. Additionally, some experts say the Tea Party should […]

HI State Senator responds to Hawaii Petition Campaign

HOWEVER, ANSWER DISREGARDS CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR PRESIDENTIAL ELIGIBILITY by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 30, 2010) — Many of our readers are reporting that they have received a letter from Hawaii State Senator Fred Hemmings in response to The Post & Email’s Hawaii Petition and letters mailed on March 1, 2010. The text of Hemmings’s response is […]

Demand issued to Nevada Governor for proof of Obama’s eligibility

GINO DISIMONE, INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE FOR NEVADA GOVERNOR, DEMANDS THAT GOV. JIM GIBBONS “IMMEDIATELY TAKE ACTION” TO DETERMINE OBAMA’S ELIGIBILITY TO SERVE AS PRESIDENT by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 28, 2010) — The following letter has been sent to Governor Jim Gibbons of Nevada and submitted to The Post & Email for publication unedited: Mr. Eugene “Gino” […]

SC Lt. Governor calls for a Constitutional Convention to reverse health care legislation

STATES AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT APPEAR HEADED TOWARD SHOWDOWN; IS A CON-CON THE ANSWER? by Kathleen Gotto (Mar. 29, 2010) — America has been waiting for bold state leadership to stop the naked power grab of Barack Obama’s putative administration. Indeed, there are now 40 states with legislation pushing back federally-mandated health care, as well as […]

HI AG denies having information supporting Department of Health claim

ATTORNEY GENERAL MARK BENNETT’S OFFICE SAYS THEY HAVE “NO GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS PERTAINING TO THE PREPARATION OF THE PUBLIC STATEMENTS MADE BY DR. FUKINO” by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 28, 2010) — The Post & Email is in receipt of a letter signed by Jill T. Nagamine, Deputy Attorney General of the State of Hawaii, which affirms […]

Candidate for Congress: put the Constitution first

MIKI BOOTH SAYS REPUBLICANS CAN MAINTAIN THE STATUS QUO OR “GO THE DISTANCE” TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION March 28, 2010 Dear Editor: I am among a large contingent of Americans who are fed up with the politics of both parties and changed affiliation to Independent or none.  In January I threw my hat into the […]

The Subversion of our government is occurring from within

WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED by JB Williams, ©2010 (Mar. 26, 2010) — Obama’s Unconstitutional Health Care Treachery is just the beginning of a dark and sinister age in American history. Now that Obama & Co. have found the legislative mechanisms to subvert the Law of the Land on the federal health care grab, […]

Who is Barack Obama?

ALL THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT HAVE FAILED US BY REFUSING TO ANSWER  THIS VERY SIMPLE QUESTION by Kathleen Gotto (Mar. 26, 2010) — It is astounding that more than a year into Obama’s presidency such a question is still without an answer. The specific issue that has been largely kept under wraps by the mainstream […]

Nullification redux: Resisting Progressive Tyranny

STATES’ RIGHTS VS. AN OVERBEARING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT by Jim Delaney, blogging at Recently, a friend and I were lamenting the steady dissolution of our Constitution. It seemed to us that the further our politicians have strayed from the spirit, meaning and intent of the Constitution, the more enervated, disunited and dispirited our nation and […]

Obama’s Unconstitutional Health Care Trickery

THE “MAJORITY OF THE GOVERNED” DO NOT CONSENT TO OBAMA’S MARXIST POWER GRAB by JB Williams, ©2010 (Mar. 25, 2010) — “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of […]

Fourteen attorneys general file suit against health care bill

CITING TENTH AMENDMENT RIGHTS, AGS FROM ACROSS THE COUNTRY CHALLENGE LEGISLATION PUSHED THROUGH BY OBAMA’S “HOUSE OF CARDS” by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 23, 2010) — Attorneys general who promised a lawsuit over the health care legislation passed by the House of Representatives Sunday night have delivered on their promise. Seven minutes after Obama signed the […]

ACLJ plans nationwide challenge to health care bill

LAWSUIT TO BE FILED NEXT WEEK SEEKS PLAINTIFFS by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 23, 2010) — The American Center for Law and Justice will be filing a legal challenge to the health care bill passed by the House of Representatives on Sunday and signed by Obama today. According to Jordan Sekulow, Director of International Operations at […]

Re-importation of pharmaceuticals and the use of online pharmacies are not good for America

DON’T DEMONIZE THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY! by Jim Campbell, blogging at Despite the U.S. House of Representatives taking the first step in passing a socialized health care system yesterday; pharmaceutical companies will now have a big target on their backs.  The current administration deplores profits.  In spite of the huge lobbying efforts and and $79.1 […]

States’ Attorneys General issue statements on health care bill

FROM NO RESPONSE AT ALL TO OUTSPOKEN STATES’ RIGHTS DEFENDERS by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 22, 2010) — Reaction to the passage of the health care bill by the states ranged from nothing to the promise of a lawsuit enjoined by other states against the Congress for overstepping its constitutional authority. The Maryland attorney general’s press […]