Brown’s Victory will signal Second American Revolution

Brown’s Victory will signal Second American Revolution

WHO WOULD EVER BELIEVE IT: IN MASSACHUSETTS? Political Analysis by Joan Swirsky (Jan. 18, 2010) — When Scott Brown gallops to victory tomorrow, capturing the Massachusetts senate seat made absent by Sen. Ted Kennedy’s death, it will signal a definitive referendum against all things Obama – his onerous and discriminatory “healthcare” bill (which an overwhelming […]

2010 Election Chicanery – What’s Next?

BARNEY FRANK’S PROPOSAL OF UNIVERSAL VOTER REGISTRATION APPEARS TO BE WAY TO THROW 2010 ELECTIONS By Libbie Belle (Jan. 18, 2010) — In 2008, the Democrats showed their true colors and resorted to whatever measures necessary, no matter how unscrupulous, to increase their majorities in the House and Senate and elect a Chief Executive who […]

Free, Fair & Balanced

HAVE POLITICAL ELECTIONS BECOME AUCTIONS? by Steve Thompson, editor of Freedom From the Press (Jan. 18, 2010) — Are politically-based television and talk radio programs open and inclusive to all viewpoints? Do the names Thom Hartmann, Rob Kall, Richard and Kate Mucci, Laura Flanders, William K. Black, Michael Parenti or Ravi Batra sound familiar? The […]

Citizens, help us put our Petition Campaign on Drudge

THEY’VE AGREED, NOW WE NEED TO RAISE AT LEAST $7,500 by John Charlton As of 11 pm ET, Jan. 24, $240 has been donated in response to this appeal (Jan. 16, 2010) — On January 4th, The Post & Email began what is perhaps the most important petition drive in the history of the United […] Calls for Orange Revolution

IF MA DEMS BLOCK BROWN’S SEATING IN U.S. SENATE by John Charlton (Jan. 15, 2009) — The, an online political news site, has published an editorial calling for an Orange Revolution.  The unsigned essay expresses the now widespread expectation that Scott Brown will win the special election in Massachusetts to fill the U.S. Senate […]

Obots, meet the beast which sired you!

CASS SUNSTEIN FIRST TO PROPOSE AN INTERNET CREW OF OBOTS by John Charlton (Jan. 14, 2009) — WorldNetDaily is reporting today that Cass Sunstein, in a 2008 paper entitled “Conspiracy Theorists,” was the first to propose the principles of misinformation and harassment which form the general operational tactics of Obama’s Internet harassment team.   The group […]

Barack Hussein Obama

THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE © 2010, by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator Are all Muslims taught to be candidates for becoming “Manchurian Candidates”, some knowingly, some unknowingly? (The original movie by this title has American soldiers held hostage by the Chinese Communists, being brainwashed to become killers and mentally implanted with the post-hypnotic […]

Citizens have natural right to organize a local Militia

CONFIRMED BY U.S. SUPREME COURT IN THE CASE, D.C. VS. HELLER by John Charlton (Jan. 14, 2010) —  As the nation slides into a Marxist tyranny led by a usurper who hides his birth certificate and a Democratic super-majority which has no qualms passing unconstitutional laws, usurping the rights of the several States and their […]

His name is “Steve Dunham”!

His name is “Steve Dunham”!

UIPA REQUEST CONFIRMS QUIP, EXPLAINS MULTIPLE ORIGINAL VITAL RECORDS OF BARACK OBAMA by John Charlton (Jan. 12, 2010) — An intrepid citizen-researcher has confirmed that the man who goes by the name “Barack Hussein Obama II,” has an original vital record kept by the Hawaii Department of Health, which bears the name “Steve Dunham.” The […]

Taitz defends her Motion to Transfer Barnett vs. Obama

USES OPPONENTS’ ARGUMENTS AGAINST THEM & ASKS POINTED QUESTIONS by Dr. Orly Taitz, © 2010. [Editor’s note:  Dr. Taitz’ pleading speaks for itself; therefore it is being reproduced here in its entirety] In the civil action:  Barnett et al. vs. Obama et al., U.S. District Court, for the Central District, Middle Division of California Filed […]

Orange Revolution by July, 2011

RASMUSSEN POLLS CONTINUE TO SHOW STEEP DECLINE, DESPITE RECENT REVISIONISM by John Charlton (Jan. 12, 2010) — The Post & Email predicts that an Orange Revolution will break out in the United States by July 2011 seeking the ousting of Barack Hussein Obama from power and sweeping his Democrat supporters in the federal government into […]

Palin Follows in Huckabee’s Footsteps

SIGNS MULTI-YEAR CONTRACT WITH FOX NEWS by John Charlton (Jan 12, 2010) — It appears that the hopes of many conservatives who looked to Sarah Palin as their political “savior” were quite abruptly dashed yesterday when FOX News announced that she had signed a multi-year contract as a political commentator, a business relationship which normally […]

Dobbs: it’s a reasonable question to ask where Obama was born

COMMENTS APPEAR IN MONDAY EDITION OF ESQUIRE MAGAZINE by John Charlton (Jan. 12, 2010) — Yesterday Lou Dobbs countered the extreme criticism he has received for merely asking to see documentary evidence as to where the man who goes by the name Barack Hussein Obama II was born. His comments appear in yesterday’s edition of […]

Operation Flood-It!

JOIN IN ON JAN. 20TH, 2010:  LET THE MSM HEAR AMERICA’S VOICE Dear Editor, On Jan. 20th, 2010, on the first-year anniversary of Obama’s inauguration, Operation “Flood It! 2” will commence. The first Operation “Flood It” was a huge success and I am expecting this one to be even bigger. We had people calling Glenn […]

Let’s not Forget: Bill Clinton was the first “Birther”

Let’s not Forget: Bill Clinton was the first “Birther”
ON GOOD MORNING AMERICA, AUGUST 4TH, 2008, QUESTIONED OBAMA'S ELIGIBILITY by John Charlton (Jan. 11, 2010) — Let's not forget that the first "Birther" of note was Bill Clinton. "Birther" is the derogatory appellation used by Obama supporters to ridicule those who ask why Obama won't show his birth certificate. Late last night, The Post […]

Red Flags Overlooked

HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH ACTIVELY COVERING FOR OBAMA’S CHANGED VITAL RECORD by Nellie Esquire (Jan. 10, 2010) — People are asking how so many terrorist red flags could be overlooked by so many.  The answer is, that they have been overlooked the same way these “birther” red flags were not only overlooked, but ridiculed. Some […]

The Citizens’ militia is a safeguard against tyranny

The Citizens’ militia is a safeguard against tyranny

LANDMARK RULING OF SUPREME COURT PAVES WAY FOR RESTORATION OF STATE MILITIAS, AS BULLWARK AGAINST OBAMA’S GRASP FOR ABSOLUTE POWER Excerpted from the text of Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the majority of the Court in the case District of Columbia v. Heller, 128 S.Ct. 2783, 171 L.Ed.2d 637 (U.S. June 26, 2008) 2. Prefatory Clause. […]

The Soldier, who in doing his duty, challenged the Usurper

ACT OF CONSCIENTIOUSNESS WAS HISTORIC MOMENT OF DEFIANCE FOR LIBERTY by Sharon Rondeau (Jan. 10, 2010) — In May 2009, Obama was enjoying unusually high approval ratings.  It looked as if he would experience little trouble in passing his health care and cap and trade initiatives following the massive “stimulus” bill in February, despite a […]

Obama’s “pro-terror” Security Plan

IS TO REJECT PROFILING ALL MUSLIMS, EVEN SOME TERRORISTS Policy Analysis by JB Williams (Jan. 8, 2010) — So as not to offend any of his Muslim brethren who paid for his college education and much of his presidential campaign, Obama rejects “terror-profiling” the very common traits of Middle Eastern men most likely to travel […]