“Same-sex marriage?” There is no such thing!

CALIFORNIA JUDGE DEFIES THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, WHO HAVE VOTED TWICE TO DEFINE “MARRIAGE” AS BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN by Don Hank, blogging at http://laiglesforum.com/2010/08/05/same-sex-marriage-there-is-no-such-thing/ (Aug. 5, 2010) — We now know that a judge activist in California has taken it upon himself to change the definition of marriage. This action on […]

1913 was a VERY bad year

A HUNDRED YEARS RUNNING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION by JB Williams, ©2010 (Aug. 5, 2010) — Prior to 1913, there was no federal income tax, the states had rights and representation in Washington, DC, there was no Federal Reserve Bank and the federal government lived under the enumerated powers afforded it within the US Constitution. […]

Republican Party in Georgia County endorses Libertarian for U.S. Senate seat over incumbent Johnny Isakson

THOSE WHO DO NOT UPHOLD THEIR OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION WILL BE VOTED OUT by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 4, 2010) — An interview with Mr. Carl Swensson reveals a bombshell within his county Republican Party which could be replicated across the country with huge repercussions. MRS. RONDEAU: You have quite an announcement to make today, […]

God Save the Republic

TYRANNY IS WHAT THE CITIZENS WERE SUPPOSED TO PREVENT BY CONTINUOUS VIGILANCE by 1Dragon, blogging at http://socialismisnottheanswer.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/god-save-the-republic/ (Aug. 3, 2010) — The Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves. The Obama regime and his Liberal/Marxist/Socialist partners in crime have taken over the government and are doing whatever they want. The mainstream media has […]

Lt. Col. Lakin Arraignment scheduled for Aug. 6

American Patriot Foundation, Inc. 1101 Thirtieth Street, N.W., Suite 500 Washington, D.C. 20007 www.safeguardourconstitution.com PRESS RELEASE ARMY REFERS CHARGES AGAINST LAKIN TO COURT MARTIAL ____________________________ Military Judge Appointed _____________________________________ Arraignment Set for Hearing on August 6, 2010 (Aug. 2, 2010) — Washington, D.C. — The Army has now referred charges against LTC Terrence Lakin for […]

Inconsistencies found in passport applications released by State Department for Obama’s alleged mother

STANLEY ANN DUNHAM SOETORO PROVIDED TWO DIFFERENT MARRIAGE DATES, USED SEVERAL NAMES, AND MENTIONED VIRTUALLY NOTHING OF HER ALLEGED CHILDREN by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 1, 2010) — The U.S. State Department has released 14 pages of documentation in response to a Freedom of Information Act request made by Mr. Christopher Strunk dating back to October […]

A Constitutional Crisis

AMERICA IN DISTRESS…WHO WILL ANSWER HER CALL? by drkate, ©2010 (Aug. 1, 2010) — For the first time in its history, the United States government has knowingly allowed a constitutionally-ineligible individual to break into and occupy the White House.  All the branches of government have been involved, along with the media: the legislative branch by […]

Are all of the federal judges now scofflaws also?

SHOULD JUDGE SUSAN BOLTON HAVE HEARD THE ARIZONA IMMIGRATION LAW CASE? by jtx (Aug. 1, 2010) — I’ve recently sent a couple of emails to Governor Jan Brewer of AZ with the last one reading: I’ve emailed you before that Judge Susan Bolton acted in violation of Article III of the Constitution in the dispute […]

The Post & Email continues its investigations

WE ARE GROWING, AND WE NEED YOUR HELP MORE THAN EVER! by Sharon Rondeau (Jul. 30, 2010) — The Post & Email’s reputation as a news organization with superb researchers is growing, and recently we have been asked to assist with several investigations on the Obama eligibility issue and other related matters. In order to […]

Following the money trail

WHERE IS BARRY SOETORO’S REAL ALLEGIANCE? by Gary Steven (Jul. 30, 2010) — So many dots to connect, so many dates go by and images emerge of larger context regarding the mystery man, Barry Soetero. The news cycle is twittered in nano-seconds, and breaking news hits the media outlets with quick compilation and little notice […]

New York Rep. Charles Rangel facing House trial on ethics charges

“POWERFUL” 20-TERM DEMOCRAT CONGRESSMAN CHARGED WITH 13 VIOLATIONS by Sharon Rondeau (Jul. 29, 2010) — “I never…believed there was one code of morality for a public and another for a private man.” Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to Don Valentine de Feronda, 1809 Earlier today, a plan for Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) to “cut a […]

Report: Monroe County, TN officials threaten citizens distributing information about local corruption

MONROE COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT THREATENS CHRISTIAN WORKERS DELIVERING CHRISTIAN NEWS WIRE PRESS RELEASES Contact: George Raudenbush (423) 761-9518, Daniel Morgan (423) 519-6540 tennccc@gmail.com (Jul. 29, 2010) — MONROE COUNTY, Tenn. — Christian Citizens against Corruption. Monroe County Tennessee Sheriff Bill Bivins wasn’t very happy when Christian Citizens against Corruption sent a news release two days […]

Never Give Up our Electoral College

TEN STATES COULD CONTROL THE ENTIRE NATION IF WE DO by JB Williams, ©2010 (Jul. 29, 2010) — America’s Founding Fathers did NOT form a “democracy.” They formed a “representative republic” and guaranteed every state a “republican form of government” in the US Constitution. Contrary to modern propaganda, a democracy and a representative republic are […]

Press Release from the American Patriot Foundation on Lt. Col. Terry Lakin


Where to go to enforce the law in Monroe County, TN?

CORRUPTION CAN BE STOPPED IF VOTERS ASSERT THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS by Sharon Rondeau (Jul. 29, 2010) — The Christian News Wire is reporting that Monroe County, TN Sheriff Bill Bivins has “had over 29 formal criminal charges brought against him by citizens. One charge [sic] for a falsified police report where under his direction as a […]

Has the time come to replace the federal government?

JUDGE ALLOWS OBAMA TO CONTINUE HIS ASSAULT ON SOVEREIGN STATES AND THE REPUBLIC by Sher Zieve, ©2010 (Jul. 28, 2010) — After Clinton-appointed Judge Susan Bolton ruled Wednesday that–for all intents and purposes–Arizona does not have the right to protect itself or its citizens from invading drug cartels and the illegal foreign hordes that are […]

Hawaii Ombudsman’s Office: Online research of requesters is acceptable

CAUGHT IN THE ACT:  HAWAII HEALTH DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEES SANCTION VIOLATING U.S. CODE AND THEIR OWN OPEN RECORDS LAW by Sharon Rondeau (Jul. 28, 2010) — A citizen who had requested information from the Hawaii Department of Health regarding practices and procedures under the state’s UIPA law filed a complaint with the Office of the Ombudsman […]

What is a COLB?

IS THE HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH PURPOSELY BEING DECEPTIVE TO COVER FOR OBAMA? by Ukweli Ni Uhuru (Jul. 28, 2010) — Is there a difference between a “Certificate of Live Birth” and a “Certification of Live Birth”? We all know there is! Some just don’t what to acknowledge that there is a difference. According to […]