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Update: State Department to be Sued over Obstruction of Obama’s Mother’s Records…Again

CAPT. PAMELA BARNETT (RET.) WILL FILE LAWSUIT OVER NON-RELEASE OF STANLEY ANN DUNHAM’S CONSULAR AND PASSPORT INDEX RECORDS by Sharon Rondeau (May 23, 2011) — A retired Army captain and plaintiff in the lawsuit Barnett, Keyes et al v. Obama, about which The Post & Email reported previously, is filing a lawsuit against the State […]

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Orly Taitz seeks support for political Campaign

AIMS FOR CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY-GENERAL OR SECRETARY-OF-STATE OFFICES by John Charlton (Jan. 25, 2010) —  Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., arguably the most famous personality of the popular movement seeking to remove Obama from office on the grounds that he is ineligible constitutionally, has announced her interest in preparing to campaign for political office. Lead counsel in […]

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Robert Bauer to become White House chief-counsel

APPOINTMENT CONFIRMED, ACCORDING TO AP:  OFFICIAL ANNOUCEMENT TO FOLLOW by John Charlton (Nov. 13, 2009) — Robert Bauer, who represented Barack Hussein Obama in eligibility lawsuits, which challenged his legitimate holding of the Presidency, will be appointed to replace the White House’s chief legal counsel, Greg Craig, according to an AP report written by Jennifer […]

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Apuzzo on the D.C. Code's Quo warranto provisions

IN REGARD TO ELIGIBILITY CASES Attorney Leo Deonofrio has been leading a crusading effort to clarify the understanding of, publicize and advocate the use of the D.C. Quo warranto provisions.  Recently he has commented at his blog,, about the D.C. code and the Barnett vs. Obama case, and responded to Attorney Mario Apuzzo’s previous […]

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Palin's bold move, numbers eligiblity lawyer Taitz among friends

KNOWN FOR HER QUIET POWER, THIS SILENT MOVE REVEALS FUTURE GOALS Political Analysis by John Charlton (Nov. 2, 2009) — In of itself there is nothing much to report.  Dr. Orly Taitz, esq. renowned lawyer who has challenged Obama’s constitutional ability to hold the office of President, in many jurisdictions throughout the United States, on […]

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Carter's not yet given a final Judgement

HAS FAILED TO IMPLEMENT RULES 54 AND 58 Legal analysis by John Charlton (Oct. 30, 2009) — Dispite all his rancor and loony constitutional theories, Judge David O. Carter has failed to give final judgment in the case Barnett vs. Obama, leaving the door open to further filings and proceedings. His ruling has not dismissed […]