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Special Guest Montgomery Blair Sibley: Robert Mueller Is Not Authorized To Conduct Any Investigation

MONDAY, 8:00 P.M. EDT by Mike Volin, President, WOBC Radio, ©2018 (Jul. 30, 2018) — Montgomery Blair Sibley is our special guest tonight. Montgomery Blair Sibley is a descendant of some of the most powerful families in Washington history. Various relatives served as Lincoln’s postmaster, or established Blair House, or governed Maryland or founded the Western […]

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Sibley v. Caesar

“IN THE ARENA” by Montgomery Blair Sibley, ©2016, blogging at Amo Probos (May 13, 2016) — The Judicial Caesars at the Circuit Court of Appeal have answered my Petition to order the District Court Clerk to file my pleading seeking permission to release some of the records of the D.C. Madam.  In toto, they said: […]

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Montgomery Blair Sibley Says: “I Need a Horse” and Starts GoFundMe Campaign to Pursue Appeal for Permission to Release D.C. Madam Escort Service Records

“I MUST CONTINUE THIS FIGHT” by Montgomery Blair Sibley, ©2016, blogging at Amo Probos (Mar. 3, 2016) — Montgomery Blair Sibley, former attorney for Deborah Jeane Palfrey, famously known as the D.C. Madam, has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $25,000 to pay for the filing fees, printing fees and attorney fees he expects to […]

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Sibley v. Chief Judge Roberts & Clerk of Court Caesar — Part 1

ARE FEDERAL JUDGES PROTECTING SOMEONE? by Montgomery Blair Sibley, ©2016, blogging at Amo Probos (Feb. 23, 2016) — On February 9, 2016, I renewed my request to D.C. U. S. District Court Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts to Modify the Restraining orders which presently prohibit me under pain of contempt-of-court from releasing telephone records I […]

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Sibley v. Congress II

CONGRESSIONAL LEADERS REFUSE TO FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION by Montgomery Blair Sibley, ©2015, blogging at Amo Probos (May 18, 2015) — Regarding my lawsuit against Senator McConnell and Speaker Boehner, I have now perfected service of process on both Gentlemen and thus the lawsuit can move forward. That lawsuit seeks to challenge the refusal of Congress […]

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Conclusion: The Post & Email’s Interview of Montgomery Blair Sibley on His Article V Convention Lawsuit

“THEY HAVE TO RESPOND” by Sharon Rondeau (Apr. 14, 2015) — On Friday, The Post & Email conducted an interview with Montgomery Blair Sibley, who called upon Congress to make arrangements for a convention of states under Article V of the U.S. Constitution. Article V stipulates that in order for a convention to take place, […]

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Exclusive: Montgomery Blair Sibley Has a Message for Mitt Romney, and Obama

“UNIMPEACHABLE EVIDENCE OF THE IDENTITY OF THE FORGER” by Sharon Rondeau (Jun. 7, 2013) — On Thursday, Montgomery Blair Sibley, who was a write-in candidate for President of the United States in 2012 and filed several challenges to the constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama for the presidency, obtained a ruling to an appeal in his […]

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Update: Breaking: Sibley Eligiblity Case Filed with U.S. Supreme Court

PLAINTIFF TOLD PRESENTING EVIDENCE TO GRAND JURY A CRIME by Sharon Rondeau (Dec. 26, 2012) — The Post & Email previously reported on several cases challenging the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to serve as president filed by Montgomery Blair Sibley of Washington, DC, who was a write-in candidate in the 2012 presidential election. In […]

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New York State Second Amendment Lawsuit Yields Ten-Minute Hearing after More Than Two Years

by Montgomery Blair Sibley, ©2021, blogging at AmoProbos (Mar. 10, 2021) — On March 3, 2021, I had my ten (10) minute oral argument in my Second Amendment Lawsuit before the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court, Fourth Department.  A decision is expected by the Fourth of July, some 1000 days after I […]

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Court Refuses Request to Record Oral Argument

by Montgomery Blair Sibley, blogging at Amo Probos, ©2021   (Feb. 27, 2021) — By Letter dated February 23, 2021, the Appellate Division of the Fourth Department informed me that my request to record the Zoom Oral Argument in my Second Amendment cases was denied, stating: “the court will not permit the recording of oral argument.” Curious behavior […]