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In a Nutshell

by ProfDave, ©2023 (Mar. 8, 2023) — In a nutshell, most – if not all – of our troubles are only the excrescence, the surface expression, of the age-old struggle between good and evil.  Not good guys vs bad guys, let alone Democrats vs Republicans, capitalists vs communists, or even Christians vs pagans.  That is […]

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Guns and People

by ProfDave, ©2022 (Jul. 5, 2022) — The “mass shootings” are now a daily event – outrageous “gun violence” except when it is done with a knife or a car.  Not to mention the gun battles in the streets such as we have not seen since prohibition.  Violent “non-violent” demonstrations, too.  It’s a jungle out […]

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26 – Third Reich

by ProfDave, ©2022 (Jun. 21, 2022) — Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!  This week’s unit presents us with a lot of important topics.  I could go on for hours.  World War II alone is a full year’s course.  Sorry to disappoint the military buffs.  But one of the two or three top questions of the […]