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Tennessee Comptroller Audit Notes Significant Shortcomings in Prison Management

MEDICAL CARE AND RECORDS, STAFFING SHORTAGES AMONG CHIEF CONCERNS by Sharon Rondeau (Jan. 11, 2020) — A 234-page “Performance Audit Report” released Friday by the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury found the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) to be deficient in carrying out the department’s mission “to operate safe and secure prisons and provide effective […]

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CoreCivic Abuses Prisoner

“CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT” by Robert Z. Whipple, III, ©2019 (Oct. 23, 2019) — [Editor’s Note:  The following email was sent to TDOC Commissioner Tony Parker; TDOC Communications Director Neysa Taylor; CoreCivic CEO Damon Hininger and other company officials; and more than a dozen members of the media, including this reporter. CoreCivic, formerly Corrections Corporation […]

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Tennessee: Johnny Royston Sr. Reports Medications Restored, But Retaliation Intensifies

SAYS STAFF EXERTING “REVENGE” FOR “EXPOSING CORRUPTION” by Sharon Rondeau (Jan. 7, 2019) — A letter received Monday from TDOC inmate Johnny Royston Sr., #319940, reports that Royston’s two medications withheld for “more than two months,” as he reported previously, have been restored to his daily regimen but that four staff members have made specific […]

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TDOC Spokeswoman Says Inmate’s Letters “Fictitious”

BASED ON WHAT EVIDENCE? by Sharon Rondeau (Sep. 16, 2017) — Over the last two months, editor of Nooganomics David Tulis has received a number of letters from Tennessee inmate Grenda Harmer, #88710, a prolific writer and documentarian who has relentlessly pursued the exposure of corruption within the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC). Harmer is […]

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Report: Inmate “High on Meth” Attacks Correction Officer at Tennessee Prison

SPOKESMAN SAYS “SAFETY AND SECURITY” “TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY” DESPITE MULTIPLE STAFF AND INMATE ASSAULTS by Sharon Rondeau (Sep. 12, 2017) — WSMV Channel 4 in Nashville reported on Friday another assault on a correction officer at the Trousdale Turner Correctional Center (TTCC) in Hartsville, TN. The assault is the second of which The Post & […]

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Gang Activity, Staff Misconduct and Retaliation Reportedly Continue at TTCC

“ALL OF THEM HAD BUTCHERS (KNIFES)” by Sharon Rondeau (Sep. 2, 2017) — The Post & Email has received another report from an inmate at the Trousdale Turner Correctional Complex (TTCC) in Hartsville, TN of warden and staff misconduct, a knife fight among five other inmates, inadequate hygiene supplies, and alleged coercion on the part […]

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Tennessee Denies Responsibility for Actions of Private Prison Employees

BASED ON CASE LAW by Sharon Rondeau (Jul. 2, 2017) — Earlier this year, Tennessee inmate Ronald Allen, #356042, filed a complaint with the Claims Commission of the State of Tennessee, Middle Division, alleging “negligent care, custody or control of personal property and persons” arising from his incarceration at the Trousdale Turner Correctional Center (TTCC) […]

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Insider Sources Looking Forward to WSMV Series on Private Prison Corruption

“IT’S BEEN A LONG JOURNEY” by Sharon Rondeau (Jun. 19, 2017) — As The Post & Email has reported since Friday, Nashville-based television station WSMV will be launching a four-part series at 6:00 PM CDT beginning on Monday and running through Thursday on the subject of corruption, substandard care, short-staffing, deaths and injuries within two […]

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Inmate Says Medical Care “a Joke” at Private Tennessee Facility

“HALF THE TIME THEY DON’T BRING” MEDICATIONS by Sharon Rondeau (May 22, 2017) — A letter received on Monday from an inmate at the Trousdale Turner Correctional Center (TTCC) in Hartsville, TN reinforces numerous reports received over the last year detailing very limited visitation, cold meals served at irregular times, long-term lockdown periods when inmates […]

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Why Have Policies if They Are Not Followed?

INMATE’S MEDICATIONS WITHHELD BY PRIVATE PRISON FOR MORE THAN TWO WEEKS by Sharon Rondeau (May 13, 2017) — On April 27, 2017, Tennessee inmate Grenda Harmer was placed in segregation, or solitary confinement, at the South Central Correctional Facility (SCCF) on a “pending investigation” (PI) status. One of the reasons alleged for PI status was […]

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Former Tennessee Prison Oversight Committee Reported “High Degree of Violence”

AT PRIVATELY-RUN PRISON by Sharon Rondeau (May 2, 2017) — A 2008 “Special Report” filed with the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury, Division of State Audit conceded that there existed “a history of a high level of violence” at a privately-run facility. The prison identified was the South Central Correctional Facility (SCCF) in Clifton, one […]