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Nazi Linguistics

by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021 (Sep. 25, 2021) — Daily, we are presented with the colossal defalcations of the Goofball Regime, ranging from the “all-contingencies-considered-with-no-Americans-left-behind” Afghanistan skedaddle; to the illegal alien eradication of our southern border; to the Goof’s “vaccinate or die” narrative.  And yet there are additional, smaller misdemeanors emanating from the left and its […]

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The Court Martial Option

by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021 (Aug. 23, 2021) — It starts. The former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, retired Colonel Richard Kemp, CBE, rejects the notion that the Goofball-in-Chief – formerly known as Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. – should be impeached as a result of the unmitigated and calamitous disaster he has single-handedly precipitated in […]

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USSC “Opinions Relating to Orders” and “Summer Order Lists”

 by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021 (Jul. 6, 2021) — In addition to writing majority opinions, dissenting opinions and concurring opinions, Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court sometimes prepare and issue “Opinions Relating to Orders.”  These opinions constitute the view of one or more of the Justices relating to the summary disposition of cases.  The most common […]

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Dictum Settles Nothing, Even in the Court That Utters It

by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021 (Jun. 22, 2021) — Your humble servant’s post here seems to have touched multiple Wilson, Becker and perhaps Fremick nerves with regard to the discussion therein (and in the related comments) of several cases on the presidential eligibility issue.  Your servant will attempt to address and soothe those frayed nerves. General […]

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The Tisdale Mirage

by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021 (Jun. 17, 2021) — As your humble servant’s favorite former Democrat, Ronald Reagan, quipped when debating and dismantling Water Mondale’s doomed 1980 presidential campaign: “There you go again…”  President Reagan’s timeless observation has renewed relevance as your servant composes this response to comments from “Wilson” and “Luke” regarding the matters set […]

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Laity Sends DeMaio’s “Open Letter” to U.S. Supreme Court, Receives Acknowledgement

by Sharon Rondeau (May 31, 2021) — The plaintiff in a case docketed at the U.S. Supreme Court scheduled for conference last Thursday challenging Kamala Harris’s constitutional eligibility to serve has received an acknowledgement of Laity’s having electronically sent through the court’s website a link to “Open Letter to Justice Clarence Thomas” authored by legal […]