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by Dr. Joseph Mercola, ©2023

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(Aug. 1, 2023) — In the video above, John Campbell, Ph.D., a retired nurse educator, reviews the findings of a systematic review1 posted on Preprints.org in mid-July 2023, which concluded that mRNA COVID shots are causally linked to lethal myocarditis.

Authors of this review include Drs. Peter McCullough, Aseem Malhotra, Roger Hodkinson, Nicolas Hulscher and William Makis. As explained in the abstract,2 “COVID-19 vaccines have been linked to myocarditis which in some circumstances can be fatal. This systematic review aims to investigate potential causal links between COVID-19 vaccines and death from myocarditis using post-mortem analysis.”

McCullough and his team systematically reviewed all autopsy reports involving COVID-19 jab-related myocarditis published through July 3, 2023. Fourteen papers detailing 28 autopsies fit the inclusion criteria.

“… there is a high likelihood of a causal link between COVID-19 vaccines and death from suspected myocarditis in cases where sudden, unexpected death has occurred in a vaccinated person. ~ Drs. Peter McCullough, Aseem Malhotra, Roger Hodkinson, Nicolas Hulscher and William Makis”

Causality in each case was determined by “three independent reviewers with cardiac pathology experience and expertise.” Pictures showing spike protein infiltration of the heart muscle and associated inflammation are included in Campbell’s video.

mRNA Jabs Causally Linked to Lethal Myocarditis

As reported by the authors:3

“The cardiovascular system was the only organ system affected in 26 cases. In 2 cases, myocarditis was characterized as a consequence from multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS).

The mean and median number of days from last COVID-19 vaccination until death was 6.2 and 3 days, respectively. Most of the deaths occurred within a week from the last injection. We established that all 28 deaths were causally linked to COVID-19 vaccination by independent adjudication.

The temporal relationship, internal and external consistency seen among cases in this review with known COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis, its pathobiological mechanisms and related excess death, complemented with autopsy confirmation, independent adjudication, and application of the Bradford Hill criteria to the overall epidemiology of vaccine myocarditis, suggests there is a high likelihood of a causal link between COVID-19 vaccines and death from suspected myocarditis in cases where sudden, unexpected death has occurred in a vaccinated person.”

Considering these disturbing findings, McCullough and his team call for “urgent investigation … for the purpose of risk stratification and mitigation in order to reduce the population occurrence of fatal COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis.”

Moderna Trial Data Reveal Safety Problems

The infuriating reality is that this risk — as well as many others — were evident in the original trials, despite their short duration, but the vaccine makers used all sorts of tricks to hide these effects.

As previously reported, one whistleblower claims Pfizer committed fraud in its COVID jab studies, and company data released through court order show Pfizer’s shot was associated with some 158,000 recorded health problems that were never admitted publicly.

Now, data obtained through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by the public interest group Defending the Republic (DTR)4 throw similar doubts on Moderna’s Spikevax trials.

DTR, which has obtained nearly 15,000 pages of Moderna’s COVID-19 clinical trial data so far, warns that they reveal serious safety concerns. As reported by The Epoch Times, July 21, 2023:5

“The records … include important information related to the safety profile of Spikevax, which was first authorized for emergency use in the United States in December 2020 and in January 2022 received full approval for adults.

‘The public can be assured that Spikevax meets the FDA’s high standards for safety, effectiveness and manufacturing quality required of any vaccine approved for use in the United States,’ Acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock said in a statement earlier this year.

But the new data call this view into question. The advocacy group says that the tens of thousands of pages of clinical trial data released by the FDA supports the conclusion that there is ‘serious doubt’ about both the safety of Spikevax and the FDA’s standards for approval.”

For the record, as with Pfizer’s trial data, the FDA had to be forced by court order to release Moderna’s data. The agency initially rejected DTR’s FOIA request claiming there was “no compelling need” for the public to review that information. As it turns out, Moderna’s clinical trial data reveal shocking safety issues that neither the company nor the FDA have admitted publicly.

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Side Effects Shrugged Off Without Investigation

For example, in one of Moderna’s studies, 16 participants in the COVID jab group died suddenly, yet only two were autopsied. Despite this lack of investigation, Moderna concluded that none of the deaths were associated with the jab. “It seems they purposely decided not to investigate suspicious deaths in case the Moderna vaccine might be the cause,” DTR said in a press release.6

The studies also recorded a number of serious adverse events in the jabbed groups, including Bell’s palsy, shingles, heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms, transient ischemic attacks, lymphoma and miscarriages. However, even when life-threatening injuries occurred within days of injection, Moderna arbitrarily concluded that none were associated with their jab.

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