by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 8, 2022) — As of 7:02 a.m. EDT, Utah-based pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole is addressing “Health Conference Ireland 2022” from Dublin, Ireland, advocating for “early treatment,” physical and “metabolic” health, and adequate Vitamin D intake, particularly in the winter months.

The event is sponsored by Health Freedom Ireland and broadcast by Children’s Health Defense (CHD), whose founder, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is also reported to be in attendance.

“It’s not a vaccine,” he said at 7:05, referring to the COVID-19 injections, which he said are not “safe and effective,” as the CDC claims.

Along with Drs. Peter McCullough, Robert W. Malone, Richard Urso, and others, Cole has spoken at dozens of symposiums to express his view that U.S. and global “mandates” for masks, injections and social-distancing are ineffectual against COVID-19.

At 7:10, Cole took aim at the “spike” protein which he said are present in the “shots” which damage the heart. “Pull ’em all off the market now,” he said. “What does the spike do?…It persists and circulates for at least 60 days…it likely persists longer…Harms organs, suppresses interferon…reactivates viruses…destroys your mitochondria, causes heart damage…causes damage to every individual cell that’s making the spike protein…that’s the tip of the iceberg.”

He said “policymakers” “want you to put a toxin in your body with no ‘off’ switch. “This is like putting blinders on a horse…you get too many doses of one spike protein…your body won’t remember what it needs to attack…your body…can’t recognize new coronaviruses in the future…”

Cole said “all of us” have “lost everything” in speaking against the government narrative that the injections are safe but that if he has saved one life, he “knows he did the right thing.”

“You wonder why all of these people are just dying suddenly,” he said at 7:15, citing medical papers from doctors in South Africa which say the shots cause blood clotting. “These are weird clots,” he said. “This is one of the most toxic proteins we’ve studied in the world…,” he said, decrying the mandating of “a gene” being inserted into children in order for them to attend school.

“Spike harm…goes to the brain and it causes damage,” he said….”so should we put it in each other and in our children? Not safe, not effective; harmful, damaging, deadly,” he said.

As he spoke, he used visual slides to illustrate his points.

“Don’t put any more of this toxin in your body,” he said at 7:20.

The negative effects of the “vaccines,” Cole said, are leading to a sharp increase in different types of cancers. “the lipid nanoparticle…is risk, risk risk, forever,” he said, quoting Urso.

“People are dying every day…boosters don’t work,” he said, after citing the case of a physician bicycling on Sunday who “died suddenly.”

At 7:23, Cole called upon government health officials to participate in a face-to-face discussion to review the science and data rather than “the policy.”

Malone, who spoke at CPAC Texas 2022 over the weekend and was seated on the stage, spoke after Cole finished his remarks. Malone was seated next to Urso on the stage.

At 7:38, Dr. Kat Lindley spoke. She said she grew up in a communist country and was “lucky” to have connected with “some of these giants,” referring to the medical colleagues at the conference, early in the pandemic. “They did not take our power away; we gave it away,” she said of bureaucrats’ edicts imposing lockdowns, masks and vaccines.

As a mother of five and “family physician,” she said, she testified against the vaccination of children for COVID-19 at one of the meetings held prior to the CDC’s “approval” of the products in late June.

She said that “natural immunity” is “superior” in children and that the vaccines are “all risk and no benefits.” “So our job here today…is we need to be voice for all children of the world. We need to stand up together…”

Dr. Kimberly Milhoan of Hawaii spoke next on the use of COVID-19 “vaccines” on pregnant women. As has McCullough, Milhoan said untested products with unknown effects on pregnancy were historically not recommended, as in the case of thalidomide, which caused limb abnormalities in the fetuses of pregnant women during the last century prior to the connection being drawn between the drug, intended to prevent miscarriage, and the children’s deformities.

Milhoan’s husband, Dr. Kirk Milhoan, is also a pastor, and as a result, she said, she sees issues “through a biblical lens.”

At 8:34 a.m. EDT, the conference adjourned for lunch and will resume at 3:00 p.m. GMT.

The broadcast continues here.

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