by Bob Russell, ©2022

(Aug. 2, 2022) — I just saw an item that reported the Chinese government has paid $2.6 million for 300 acres of cropland near a sensitive military base near Grand Forks, North Dakota.  That is $8,667 per acre.  Who pays almost $9,000 per acre for land to grow crops?  That much money is still outrageous for putting cell towers on if there is no other agenda other than providing cell service for citizens.  That land could have been purchased for much less if their only intent was to put up cell phone towers.  Other land has been bought by the CCCP or companies it controls near other sensitive sites, including a missile base near Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Cell phone transmitting equipment from CCCP controlled companies has been installed in many sites important to American defense.  American companies, using equipment available through sweetheart deals with Chinese companies, seek to increase their profits by using Chinese equipment rather than that made in America, if any is available under the democrat regime’s tendency to send all of our R&D and manufacturing to enemy governments, another tactic the globalists that have seized the government use to destroy America.  One investigation reported in the linked article lists the regime of fuhrer obama as a source of the TREASON against We the People!

I find it very interesting that the land is so near a vital military installation, which leaves me wondering who is pocketing the money for this, likely politicians and bureaucrats of the deep state.  Who “approved” this sale and why did they allow any enemy government, especially our most dangerous and evil enemy, to buy this land?  I seriously doubt this was done by accident; it was done to help in the destruction of America and quicken China’s grasp of control of our nation and the world.  I wouldn’t doubt that hitlery clinton had a hand in this after she pocketed $500 million for selling our uranium reserves to Russia while she was secretary of state under fuhrer obama.  I don’t believe there is nor has ever been anyone in the government who is more corrupt and evil than the wicked witch of the Clinton Crime Cartel, The Madam of Malevolence herself!!!!!

I have my suspicions as to why the CCP wants this location, some of which are listed in the article I linked to.  The CCP and those who are selling us to them definitely DO NOT have the interests of We the People among their plans and don’t care about how easily We the People can call each other.  I cannot begin to believe the convenience of American citizens contacting each other is on the agenda of those making these transactions on either side of the transaction.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. Selling off our farm land to the Chinese is not a good thing for America. How
    stupid can we be? Let us all contact the media and are elected officials on this matter.