by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 14, 2022) — On Tuesday morning, we posted an editorial submission from Cherie Zaslawsky titled, “Make America Florida: The Case for DeSantis.”

Zaslawsky’s publishing “home” is NewswithViews, but her uniquely-written and engaging columns are widely disseminated, and she is kind enough to include The Post & Email on her distribution list.

In today’s piece, Zaslowsky made the case that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis should seek the 2024nRepublican nomination for president rather than 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump.

A recent straw poll favored DeSantis over Trump by three points, while Rasmussen reported in April that Trump was still the favorite over DeSantis. An article published Monday contends that Trump sees DeSantis as an opponent, citing Rolling Stone and anonymous sources. Trump has previously said he did not see DeSantis as challenging him for the 2024 nomination should he seek it, a claim also made a year ago by Trump’s White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows.

DeSantis, 43, is running for re-election in November and has been non-committal about any presidential aspirations he might have. Trump, who turned 76 Tuesday, is widely speculated to be planning a third run for the White House.

In a post on his TruthSocial site, Trump contended he is “the only one who can fix our endangered Country.”

However, some believe Trump’s handling of the coronavirus in 2020 disqualifies him.

Trump believes the 2020 election was “stolen” and that there is ample proof of sufficient fraud to demonstrate he was the rightful winner. In further comments Tuesday morning, he eviscerated the “Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol” for ignoring evidence and floated the idea that its “cancellation” of a scheduled public hearing Wednesday stemmed from “a total lack of interest leading to very poor television ratings.”

According to NBC News, Wednesday’s hearing is “postponed” without a reset date as of publication time.

Whether the provisions of the 12th Amendment would preclude Trump and DeSantis from running on the same ticket given that both reside in Florida is as yet an unanswered question.

The Post & Email takes no position on political candidates but is interested in what readers are thinking. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. IMHO, in order to hasten Biden’s and Harris’ removal from office, expedite criminal proceedings against both, and give Nancy Pelosi her due comeuppance, on January 3, 2023, the Republican majority House should appoint Donald J. Trump Speaker of the House.

    Speaker Trump’s first action should be calling for a vote to impeach Biden and Harris simultaneously/together under “Articles of Impeachment” which address: a) Not abiding their respective Oath of Office to uphold, defend and protect the U.S. Constitution; b) Biden’s treason (giving “Aid and Comfort to the enemy” when he abandoned $Billion$ of military weapons in Afghanistan knowing the Taliban would take control of them); c) Biden’s repeated violation of the “Take Care” clause, and; d) Harris’ absolute, complete and total disregard for long-standing statutory immigration laws as Biden’s “Border Czar”.

    With both Biden and Harris removed from office, Speaker of the House Donald J. Trump ascends to the Office of the Presidency and America’s worst nightmare in modern history ends.

  2. President Trump’s actions and policies as president of the USA (POTUS) have been the most beneficial to the people that matter – We The People – than any other POTUS in my 77 years of memory.

    President Trump should run again in 2024; better yet, he should take immediate action to finish up the current dumpster fire and illegal presidency of Biden/Harris by having the 2024 presidential election overturned, without delay.

    After 15 months of the disastrous third-world actions of Biden/Harris socialist-communist regime, President Trump should, by now, have his staff-selection skills sharpened and honed by being more careful who he selects as advisors and cabinet members by him reflecting on those that did him wrong during his tenure as the POTUS, including immediate family members, in-laws, ‘friends’, and prior administration bureaucrats.

    You’re Fired.” should resound through the halls of President Trump’s election headquarters. If President Trump re-hires those losers and anti-Americans that did him wrong during his presidency, then President Trump should not run at all. “

    If completing the current presidency or if elected in 2024, President Trump has one last opportunity to right the wrongs caused by usurpers Obama/Biden/Harris.

  3. Hi
    Trump , he has ruined this county, he has no guts. Trump can’t face up to the fact he is a loser. I wouldn’t vote for Trump if he was the last man on earth. All trump did was to lie to the American people, he planned the attack on the Capital on January 6th, because he is a loser & crybaby. Trump can’t face up to the facts he is not wanted. His name should be stricken as the 45th President of this United States, and taken off the books. I don’t trust Trump, or his loser family or anyone in the Trump organization. Trump also should be made to pay all back taxes on the property he owns, etc, plus what he owes in Federal and state Taxes. Make America Great Again, by keeping Trump out of Office, either State or Federal, or Government. I generally vote Democrat, but I did like Reagan and Both Bushes as President. Trumps next office he should hold, should be in a Federal Prison, for TAX Fraud. Trump could not handle the pandemic, if the Baby does not have his way, he goes into a Temper Tantrum, as I said I don’t trust this piece this SCUM, or his Family. Vote to keep Trump out of Office, we don’t need any more LIES, or Deception, Period.

    1. Pat,
      I just posted the editorial, “Where do the Stupids Come From? (RR).
      I suggest you read it, although what’s the point, right?

    2. Since you obviously despise Trump, I think it’s fair to assume that you voted for Biden in 2020 so I’d like you to answer this question: Do you believe America is, and most Americans are, better off now than when Biden took over and if so, specifically how and why?

  4. I URGE President Trump to run in 2024. Trump is the BEST President that the United States has had in a very long time. If he does run the Society for the Preservation of our American Republic, of which I am founder and President, WILL endorse him again. I hope that there may be a way for a Trump/DeSantis ticket. One of them could always move away from Florida before the 2024 election. A Trump/DeSantis ticket would be a WINNER!!

  5. If Donald Trump is, as it was reported he himself said, “the only one who can fix our endangered country,” then let’s get on with it and elect him again in 2024. I’m all for repairing the damage that has been done to our society and government. I wish he had been able to “drain the swamp” the FIRST TIME around. Frankly, I don’t know if anybody can do it now. We have a bunch of depraved, money-hungry, spineless, so-called “representatives” (both Democrat and Republican) running our once great America. Correction. Let’s call it “RUINING” our once great America! Our Founding Fathers’ unique, once-in-world-history, constitutional democratic republic is being destroyed from within (corrupt CIA, FBI, US Supreme Court, woke and nonsensical purveyors of LGBTQ+, atheism, greed, wanna-be communism, etc). “Lighten up” just a little, Donald Trump, and maybe you will be the right one for the job. I hope that we (humanity) will still be here to see if it happens in 2024.

        1. And what are those positions? Please point to where The Post & Email in its capacity as a newspaper has advocated for any candidate from any political party. Readers’ opinions as expressed in the comments are personal and do not necessarily reflect those of the editor or the publication.

        2. Given your reply to Sharon Rondeau below, of course you can’t point to where The Post & Email has, in fact, taken positions on candidates.

          That makes you a liar in my personal opinion, i.e., not necessarily the opinion of The Post & Email.

  6. Here is my response to this article:

    Quote from article:
    “The best thing kingmaker Trump can do now for America is to hand the torch over to Ron DeSantis”
    My response:
    I’m sure Nancy Pelosi and both complicit in The Obama Fraud political parties appreciate your article saying Donald Trump, the man they rightfully fear because of the treason both parties committed when they gave America’s government and her military to Obama, should not run again. You are on the same page with both political parties.
    Hillary was not supposed to lose as the after Obama cover president…..and especially not to Obama’s nemesis, Donald Trump.
    I like DeSantis, but if anyone other than Trump is the next president, the Uniparty returns to full strength, likely forever……….If the Uniparty is happy, MAGA is never going to happen…………

    And a repeat here for Sharon’s article:
    Anyone but Trump means joining the Uniparty, and is a dream come true for both the Democrats and Republicans who fear Trump because he is a threat, especially with a second term, to reveal the Obama Fraud, easily the biggest criminal act against American citizens and her Constitution in history. If you want Uniparty control forever and a happy Nancy Pelosi and company, vote against Donald Trump…It you want what we had accomplished with President Trump and more, in spite of fierce opposition and panic from both parties……vote MAGA…again….IMO there will no more chances to win without President Trump……….