by Sharon Rondeau, h/t Michael Jackson

(Jun. 7, 2022) — On Monday, reader Michael Jackson of Illinois’s 18th congressional district contacted his congressman, Darin LaHood (R), on several issues expressed as questions and providing links for additional information.

Jackson’s concerns included individuals being held in a Washington, DC prison, some for months prior to the issuance of formal charges, following the January 6, 2021 protests and incursion into the U.S. Capitol as Congress convened to certify the electoral college results of the November 3, 2020 election.

Many Americans believe Joe Biden was not the rightful winner and that the election was “stolen” from Donald Trump, a claim he has maintained since the day after the election, when his substantial lead in six swing states was erased, purportedly as mail-in ballots which may have arrived late were counted and added to Biden’s lagging totals.

Others in the DC prison have claimed severe mistreatment, according to Atty. Joseph McBride and 14 Republican congressmen, the latter in a letter to DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) last December.

Jackson also expressed concern to LaHood over the installation of 5G wireless technology and the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which he called “a proxy war.”

His communication to LaHood reads:

LaHood’s response letter reads:

LaHood’s response, sent the same day, is as follows:

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  1. Many of the so called “insurrection” prisoners are being denied their fundamental constitutional rights and are even requesting to be “sent to GITMO because those prisoners are treated better”.

  2. Again we see herein, since all our 535 lawmakers are America’s leading lawbreakers, we are where we are today = “LAW BROKEN”, oftentimes via planned LAWFARE= LAWFEAR and other sinister uses of CALCULATED CALLOUSNESS.

    Seems like there are three types of humans that deal with said “LAW BROKEN”:

    1 A smart man knows what he doesn’t know; seeks FACT.
    2 An ignorant man doesn’t know that he doesn’t know; seeks FICTION.
    3 A willfully ignorant man knows what he doesn’t want to know; seeks FACTION.

    DEMOCRIMINALS, RINO/REPUBLICONS and conmen congressmen generally fall into the Type 3 category above because they are career POLLUTICIANS!

  3. Typical nothing response from a member of Congress who has their employment and retirement in the bag. The system is broken and will not be fixed by the next election or the one after that. His response could be that of any member of Congress.
    They don’t want to rock the boat, their utopia is assured and they have been told what they can and what they will wish they had not said. The charade continues……
    Nice selection of links from LaHood’s constituent, Michael Jackson. Too bad no one at his office will read them……………….
    I have sent many similar letters, and received my share of “nothing” replies………..
    If there is a way to save America’s Constitutional Republic, it’s not with more of the same……………..

  4. That’s it????
    A canned response with no solution that is kicked down the street.

    Representative LaHood and Representative Rodney Davis (R-IL13) must have adjoining suites at the DC Hilton.

  5. “Monitor” is a codeword for the well-known phrase, “the check is in the mail”.
    Don’t hold your breath.
    Disband the Jan. 6 ‘Dog and Pony Show’ and throw the Capitol Police, Liz Cheney, and a slew of others in the DC gulag.
    The truth of the situation is that the Adirondack Paratroopers are REALLY monitoring the situation, trust me.