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(May 20, 2022) — “Windmills of Your Mind” (3:50)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. According to our insider, a bill that was about to be put to the floor was trashed because it had too many ‘multiple-syllable’ words and a ‘dictionary’ had to be used to understand the seemingly simple resolution to, once and for all, cure the stupids in Congress; I kid you not. And with us today to help us understand this is Miss May, our undercover agent inside the Beltway. Welcome to ‘Pulse,’ the most-watched information show in its time slot. So, Miss May, what have you got for us?”

“The depth of stupidity holds no bounds for our nation’s Dems, is what I’ve got. Here, let me read this: ‘A gallon of gas was $1.73 under Trump and under Biden that same gallon is now over $4; which has a more devastating effect on the economy?’ Apparently, that was too difficult for the Dems, who kept asking how in tarnation it could be the same gallon, believe it or not. And they also had a problem with the word ‘devastating’ because a lot of them were yelling, ‘So the (deleted) what?’ It would have been funny if it weren’t so serious, just like Biden giving a speech.”

“I hear you.”

“But it gets worse.”

“No way. How?”

“Remember that $40 billion that went to Ukraine? Well, guess what? Half of that is being divided among those who voted for it, is what. Staff members – secretaries – are driving AMG Mercedes that they paid for, in cash.”

“No way.”

“Not to be rude, but would you please stop saying ‘No way’ because, inside the Beltway, there is always a way, that’s what. Why, even George Washington complained about the thieves stealing from the government.”

“I guess it’s all part of the landscape.”

“And part of the problem. The Dems have no problem spending other people’s money, which is why when they campaign they always hold the carrot – Welfare – in front of the crowd. You take a Dem’s –any Dem’s – campaign speech from 50 years ago and replay it and it’s all the same: ‘Vote for me and you get free stuff,’ and never saying where the money comes from.”


“But they don’t know that. Too complicated, ‘only rich folk pays them taxes.’

“I almost said ‘No way’.”

“I’m glad you didn’t. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to work.”

“Thank you for the info, Miss May. Let’s take a quick commercial break, shall we?”

O Mio Babbino Caro” (3:05)

“And we’re back with one of our nation’s ‘handlers’ who wishes to remain anonymous in order to stay alive, isn’t that right?”

“You better believe it. These people are what you would call the ‘true fanatics’; they raise the arm and say, ‘Sieg Heil!’ Kind-of scary, like Liz Chaney’s open ‘Trump Syndrome’ mental disorder. By the way, your first guest was right on target: all the Dems think about is milking it for whatever it’s worth; no thought about the country or the Constitution, just reelection. It’s rather pathetic if you ask me.”

“Which we are.”

Oh, I know what I wanted to say. You’re on ‘The List.’ Just thought you’d like to know.”

“And what list is that?”

“Kind-of like Nixon’s enemy list but with more backing; just ask Roger Stone during his pre-dawn raid by fully-armed nitwits who let Muslims into our country and don’t give a hoot.”

“You mean 9-11.”

“That’s right, and every killing since then; I mean, it’s not rocket science.”

“No, I guess it isn’t, except to the nitwits.”

“Who are the ones who won’t question an illegal order: ‘Line the civilians next to the ditch and shoot them’ kind of thing.”

“How do they live with themselves?”

“The same way the Dems do, Pelosi and Schumer: deep down, all they crave is power, and if it trashes the country, so be it; if it takes turning their backs on every grave marker in Arlington National Cemetery, so be it and so what? At least that’s their mindset. Throw Israel under the bus and, while they’re at it, the United States, too.”

“That bad?”

“And it’s getting worse every (deleted) day, believe you me.”

Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind,” 1939, played by Vivien Leigh (public domain)

“Oh, we are, of this I assure you, and with that we’ll be wishing each of you a goodnight, but before I do, I’d like to say that we’re not the greatest country in the world. e used to do what’s right and not take the easy road just because we can. Our kids aren’t the smartest kids in the world, but they could and should be. Teachers are more concerned with keeping their jobs than teaching the three R’s. We have kids graduating from high school who read on a third-grade level and, because of their learning disability, will never read a book. Think about a young boy’s life without knowing ‘Deerslayer’ and ‘Captain Ahab’; a girl never knowing ‘Scarlett O’Hara’ and ‘Nancy Drew.’ Because of our catastrophic education failures, we have a feeble incompetent incumbent in the White House, and if we don’t do a lot of correcting at once, we’ll have lost our Republic, right before our eyes.

“There are no longer repercussions for wrongdoing because we have discarded the Ten Commandments. A murderer may spend a few years behind bars rather than losing his life. Repeat offenders such as rapists and child molesters are treated as if a few months locked up will cure them when we all know that there is no cure: a molester will molest; a rapist will rape, and a serial killer will kill.

“We have ignored the fact that a segment of our society uses violence as a problem-solving technique while others rely on the law, but recently the law has become politicized so that justice is equal to how much money a person is willing to pay. The moral questions fly out the door with such a scenario, which is where we are today. Had any of us done what Hillary did, we’d be in jail.

“We have coddled the sociopaths and the psychopaths so the difference between Democratic politicians who refuse strict penalties become accessories to the perpetrators of the crimes committed, and for proof look no farther than the mayors of the sanctuary cities. The governors of Michigan and New York are prime examples of minds that are bereft of any deductive reasoning abilities, reaching conclusions that have no resemblance to reality. For example: in Chicago the honest citizens cannot protect themselves from the low-life that have guns in a gun-free city. Goodnight.

 “Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

True Love Ways” (2:40)

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