March 9, 2022

Dear Editor,

The so many, many millions of people of faith, atheism and agnosticism who do not agree with same-sex marriage, and now not with the gender-bender, woke-folk are by no means “haters” of people who are “different; but the same” (some of whom are/have been the greatest of peoples from all walks of life throughout history).

What is not appreciated is the destroying of the norms of Western Civilization! Look at what’s happening now to the poor Ukrainians, and what, at the same time, is going on in America (and other Western countries) with all this ‘he/she’ (he is she, and she is he) nonsense! And now in Australia, we have blokes who are just that: burly blokes – wanting to play Aussie Rules Footy against three of our five granddaughters!

The world has gone nuts!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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  1. The haters are the ones calling the rest of us haters!!!!! They hate everyone who refuses to bow to their brand of satanism!!!!! Opposing homosexuality and the “transgender” hoax is showing love for misguided children of God, not wanting to see them lost to the Lake of Fire for eternity!!!!! Liberals hate everyone who will not cower before them and PROJECT their hatred as coming from their opposition!!!!!!!!!!