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by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 28, 2022) — The website for the Missouri courts shows a lawsuit filed on behalf of four plaintiffs in early January against individuals “Brannon Howse,” “Mary Fanning,” and “Alan Jones” in a civil matter to be adjudicated in St. Louis in May.

The plaintiffs are The Gateway Pundit, formally known as “TGP Communications LLC” and owned and operated by Jim Hoft; his brother, Joe Hoft; intelligence specialist Yaacov Apelbaum and his company, XRVision.

Joe Hoft is a contributor to TGP.

Fanning and Jones co-write at The American Report, where they purport to specialize in “national security” and “intelligence” though possessing no formal background in either.

On January 3, 2021, Fanning and Jones claimed to have evidence proving that the 2020 presidential election was targeted by a “cyberwarfare” attack primarily from China which altered the results from a Trump victory to one for Democrat Joe Biden. Their purported information was sourced to former government subcontractor Dennis Montgomery, about whom Fanning and Jones had written since March 17, 2017 in an ever-evolving narrative commencing with alleged government surveillance and malfeasance.

Initially, Fanning and Jones claimed, the U.S. government conducted surveillance of potential foreign threats utilizing “The Hammer,” a government super-computer allegedly constructed by Montgomery in 2003. Later, they wrote, former Obama intelligence officials John Brennan and James Clapper “commandeered” The Hammer “against Americans” by using it to collect their personal information for purposes of “blackmail and leverage.”

The Hammer “spied” on Donald Trump, members of his family and employees; federal judges, including members of the U.S. Supreme Court; media personalities such as Alex Jones; prominent businessmen; and others, Fanning and Jones alleged.

In a shift in narrative, on October 31, 2020 they claimed, without presenting any evidence, that software dubbed “Scorecard,” also allegedly designed by Montgomery, was paired by bad government actors with “The Hammer” to alter Americans’ votes from Trump to Biden in eight key states.

On January 3, 2021, another variation of the “Hammer” tale emerged, claiming that foreign countries, primarily China, conducted a “cyberwarefare” attack on the election which resulted in millions of altered votes from Trump to Biden. Within days, Worldview Weekend TV host Brannon Howse hosted the duo on his show to air their stunning claims, sourced to Montgomery. Subsequently, Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (Ret), former NSA program specialist J. Kirk Wiebe, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell joined Fanning and Jones to promote the claims as an explanation for the reason Trump did not win a second consecutive term.

Howse, Fanning and Jones became recipients of Lindell’s advertising dollars as well as producers of his “Absolute” video series launched February 5, 2021 which ultimately claimed that the “proof” Fanning provided would convince the U.S. Supreme Court to “pull down” the results of the election.

Having promised to file a lawsuit with the high court by August, then November, Lindell has apparently not yet found a state attorney general who has agreed to be a plaintiff in order to move forward.

Apelbaum has his own personal website, where he wrote about Fanning and Jones’s claims on election fraud in a February 10, 2021 post titled, “The Con Man.” In his post, Apelbaum wrote:

The American Report articles came with a large number of supporting data sets and animated charts (the same material was also used in Mike Lindell’s movie “Absolute Proof”) that purports to show the details of these cyber attacks. The data includes source and target IP and MAC addresses, the method of infiltration, and the vote count changes to several voting systems. All in all, it seems like a real smoking gun and the stuff that cyber unicorn dreams are made of.

I wasn’t aware of this claim until a friend asked me to look it over. It didn’t take long to reach the conclusion that the Montgomery data referenced in the two articles and in Lindell’s movie is a crude fabrication and is a forgery.

In 2010, Playboy Magazine published an expose on Montgomery titled, “The Man Who Conned the Pentagon” based on Montgomery’s time as a subcontractor to the Department of Defense. “For several months starting in the fall of 2003, Montgomery’s analysis led directly to national code orange security alerts and cancelled flights,” said NPR’s Guy Raz to author Aram Roston on a December 19, 2009 broadcast in a preview of the article. “The only problem: he was making it all up. And you and me, the taxpayers, well, we paid for it.”

In a February 14, 2021 article, Fanning and Jones raised the question as to why TGP, Apelbaum and a TGP associate, former CIA officer Larry C. Johnson, would doubt Montgomery’s credentials as expressed in an article at TGP to which Fanning and Jones did not provide a link. “It is not clear why former CIA officer Larry Johnson, Yaacov Apelbaum of Singapore’s XRVision, and The Gateway Pundit are up to when they deny an obvious truth, that Montgomery is the real deal,” Fanning and Jones wrote. “Or, perhaps, considering the CIA’s involvement, it is perfectly clear.”

Whether or not that particular American Report article served as the catalyst for the lawsuit filed last month is unknown since the documents are not publicly available.

Fanning and Jones have issued false statements about former Obama birth-certificate investigator Mike Zullo in their book, “The Hammer is the Key to the Coup,” published in 2020. They have additionally referred to Zullo and this writer as “pathetic liars.”

Last week, former New Mexico State University associate law professor David Clements reported on his Telegram channel that Fanning and her husband, Gregg Kirchhoefer, of the international law firm Kirkland & Ellis threatened him with a lawsuit for reposting statements made by another attorney, Lin Wood, raising questions about Fanning’s background. Clements responded to the alleged threat with, “I know defamation law. I’m a subject matter expert. I’ve personally handled defamation cases, including the frivolous ones. Taught it at university. To threaten someone that is a defamation expert, that can represent himself, loves trial, and has probably done more trials than anyone at Kirkland Ellis is not wise.”

Clements’s initial post was sourced to high-profile trial attorney Lin Wood, who had written on his Telegram channel:

Mary Fanning is running out of FOOLS TO FOOL. Her game is up. You decide.

Citing former CIA officer Kevin Shipp, Wood continued:

… in his professional opinion, “Mary Fanning” (not her true name) Mary Fanning Kirchhoefer married to Gregg Kirchhoefer Kirkland & Ellis may have committed a serious security breach in the CIA, possibly involving classified computer networks. Rather than prosecuting her for breach of CIA security, the FBI may have turned “Fanning” as an informant.” [sic]

While the state of Missouri does not allow the general public to see briefs, motions and other documents associated with filed cases, as it stated in an email reply to this writer, it permits certain information such as the assigned jurist, case type place of adjudication and timeline of events are available.

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  1. Fanning’s brother:

    More on Fanning’s family here:

    “[Robert] was born in 1949, one of six brothers — Danny, Kevin, Brian, Quinn and Tim, and a sister, Mary. Their father, Robert T. Fanning Sr, was a stockbroker who owned Fanning Shoes in Oak Park, and mother Ann was a homemaker.”

    My question: What is the agenda of these generals around her? McInerney? Vallely? Flynn? Three years ago, I would’ve considered them all trustworthy. Now, I must admit, I have serious suspicions.

    Also, is it that difficult to find a photograph of Fanning? She can’t be THAT elusive, right? Why doesn’t a reporter knock on her door one day, snap a photo, and let the world know what this fraud looks like? Can’t believe she gets away with these games for this many years without anyone seriously challenging her in public.

    As far as Alan Jones, what’s his deal? Is he just along for the ride? Is he also incapable of distinguishing fact from fiction? Listening to some of their interviews, it is evident that Mary runs the show, while Alan is there to agree and provide some additional details. Useful idiot?

    Why doesn’t anyone in this whole gang ever turn around and question the veracity of the claims? Not one of the generals questions this never-evolving story that always promises ‘proof’ but doesn’t deliver it? You would think someone of a caliber of General Flynn would denounce something he knows to be fraudulent, right? What’s the game he’s playing in all this?

    Furthermore, shouldn’t Lindell have his own suspicions by now? Maybe he should join the lawsuit. Their deception is the sole reason why he’s being sued by Dominion.

    Thank you, Sharon, for staying on top of this story. People who disregard truth and use rumor and innuendo for personal gain have no place in our national politics… there are enough doing that already.

    1. The screenshot shows who the plaintiffs are: TGP Communications LLC (aka The Gateway Pundit, which is owned by Jim Hoft); Joseph Hoft; Yaacov Apelbaum; and XRVision.

      The screenshot also shows the case number, so anyone can easily access the Missouri court’s site and verify this information.

  2. [part 2]
    In the “fog of war” I am including “once CIA always CIA” “… former CIA officer …” Larry Johnson, who, from what I have read by Fanning on TheAmericanReport.org and have heard on audio on “The Caravan To Midnight” podcast hosted by John B. Wells (rumble.com/c/JohnBWellsLive), was not read into the classified info which Dennis Montgomery has been forced by oath to not reveal, and so how does Johnson “know” definitively that Hammer and Scorecard are bogus? Does he have “sources”?

    From what I’ve read on The Gateway Pundit, he is good with conjecture and innuendo and disinformation like all trained spooks as other former “spooks” have revealed about their former “authorized” activity, otherwise how could they conduct a “color revolution” in other nations as they have done for decades since the time of the first “spook” CIA Director Alan Dulles.

  3. [part 3]
    As former CIA officer and honorable whistleblower Kevin Shipp has said in his excellent “SHADOW GOVERNMENT” videos which I heard on his channel (youtube.com/c/KevinShippCIA/featured), “sources” really means CIA sources. Also, as a former “spook”, uh, I mean, a former CIA officer, Shipp has humorously but sincerely said that he is on a 24 Step Program, and the first 12 steps are learning to not lie and to start telling the truth. I believe him. However, the same question applies to former “spook” Shipp, how does he “know” difinitively that “Hammer” and “Scorecard” are bogus? Does he have “sources” also? Does “once CIA always CIA” apply even to Kevin Shipp when it comes to what he honestly believes is bogus info and so should not be used to support legitimate president Donald Trump?

    See, the “fog of war” is real when “spooks” are involved in defaming people like Mary Fanning by association with her husband and his occupation (so far, everything I have read is only conjecture and innuendo), and defaming Alan Jones and Brannon House (and implicitly Mike Lindell) by public “implications” of “spooks” and friends about something secret and nefarious even though Fanning and the others have stated their points of view in public.

  4. [part 4]
    In the “fog of war” I am including former Attorney General Bill Barr and applying “once CIA always CIA” to him and asking why the “informed” AG would say that the real President Donald Trump “lost” the 2020 general election instead of stating the obvious about ballot counting being stopped and restarted, and the millions of mail in ballots, and dead people voting in the thousands, and vote flipping by machines, and pallets of bricks being found on streets (who funded the brick distribution?), and the chaos of rioting in the months preceding the Nov. 3rd election which he did NOT investigate, etc., etc., etc.

    I have been reading Lin Wood’s and David Clements’ Telegram posts for months and consider both of them “brothers in Christ” as both have written on their posts, but I have noticed a similar theme, “conjecture and innuendo by association”. So far there is no “data” of nefarious complicity of, for instance, Mary Fanning being an FBI “informant” (innuendo) and really being a cancer in the effort by Mike Lindell to expose lying and cheating and deception and disinformation about the in your face theft which denied the real President Donald Trump the Oval Office in the November 3, 2020 general election.

    See, the “fog of war” is real, and conjecture and innuendo are a distraction.

  5. [part 5]
    I agree with, Lin Wood, David Clements, Mike Lindell, Donald Trump, Brannon Howse, Alan Jones, and Mary Fanning: FIX 2020 FIRST and vote Amish, NO machines, ONLY paper, as Douglas Frank says often on his Telegram page titled “Follow the Data with Dr Frank”, an excellent source of 2020 election “data’” and absolutely zero “conjecture and innuendo”. I also agree with Jim Hoft, Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit in the hard news, but absolutely NOT Larry Johnson. Once CIA always CIA… “spooks” and “lies” go together like hand in glove. Not being an amateur or professional “intelligence” person and semi-retired in my 70s, in my “WE the People” opinion informed by much reading and listening, Bill Barr is CIA exhibit #1 and Larry Johnson is CIA exhibit #2. I also agree and trust Kevin Shipp and his effort to be true to the first 12 steps of his 24 Step program for the rest of his life. He has suffered enough in this life (my understanding is that he is also looking forward to the resurrection from death) and deserves our appreciation for his honesty. However, I certainly would like to know if his “sources” are CIA?

    Asking for many friends, his and mine.


  6. Are Mary Fanning’s Chickens Coming Home to Roost?
    [part 1]

    Hi Sharon,

    I’m assuming that my previous post was not approved because it was too long, so I divided it into small segments. On Mario Apuzzo’s blogspot.com for years I used to post long comments in multiple parts, but if this is not approved I understand. Here it is again… with a different perspective.

    In addition to the “fog of war” as many people are saying about the real meaning of the “great reset” of Klaus Schwab and his “public private cooperation” and his new world order vision (in the future the people of the entire world will own nothing (the essence of communism) and will be happy) which he has promoted on his World Economic Forum for years, it looks like the “fog of war” is billowing around the “truth” about Brannon Howse, Mary Fanning, and Alan Jones and who is Mary Fanning and why she has written and said on various podcasts what she has said about The Gateway Pundit, Jim and Joe Hoft, Yaacov Apelbaum, and former CIA officer Larry Johnson.

    In paragraph 16 Mary is quoted asking a sensible question about what she calls the “real deal” about Dennis Montgomery:

    ” ‘It is not clear why former CIA officer Larry Johnson, Yaacov Apelbaum of Singapore’s XRVision, and The Gateway Pundit are up to when they deny an obvious truth, that Montgomery is the real deal,” Fanning and Jones wrote. “Or, perhaps, considering the CIA’s involvement, it is perfectly clear.’ “