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February 3, 2022

Dear Editor,

Whoopi Goldberg is a co-host of “The View” (Image released to the public domain, CC0 1.0 Universal [CC0 1.0])

Andrew Bolt’s “Another Whoopsi on whites” and “Goldberg cushioning the blow,” HS, 3/1, expose the hypocrisy and double standards of Alice in Wonderland-like-thinking “woke folk” and “Princes & Princesses of Political Correctness” the likes of Whoopi Goldberg’s likening the Holocaust’s industrial-scale extermination of some six million Jewish people as non-racist: merely white-on-white crimes against humanity!

Goldberg’s ‘fool’s gold’ film Oscar-like thinking reminds me: I’m in two minds as to whether we bring Australia’s white-supremist “Terrorist Tarrant” home to Australia to serve his never-to-be-released gaol sentence, because he may become an “in-house” pin-up boy for other gaoled Aussie nutters instead of rotting away close to his victims’ grieving relatives!

However, without doubt or hesitation: New Zealand’s highest civilian award for valour should be awarded to the incredibly brave – unarmed! – young Muslim man sacrificing his own life when rushing at the – so very heavily armed! – unspeakably heinous Australian white-supremist terrorist Brenton Tarrant, gunning down 100 people (murdering 51 of them, including tiny tots, women and the elderly) in New Zealand mosques! “Terrorist Tarrant” has now been sentenced to life in gaol, never to be released.

In stark contrast to the young NZ Muslim hero, former Australian Senator Fraser Anning should always be widely condemned for not only the insensitivity, but the timing of and circumstances (a white-supremist meeting) of his delivery of his comments regarding the NZ massacre.

Finally, the young fool filming his own idiotic attack upon Anning fully deserved (as does Goldberg) a good smack in the ear (however, not near strangulation), not only for the young fool’s actions, but also for the stupidity of “victimising” Anning…thus, increasing Anning’s hero-worship in the eyes of potentially violence-prone white-supremist, extremist elements!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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