From: Chris Cirino
Date: January 26, 2022 at 12:11:01 PM EST
Subject: White Supremacists

Good morning Deano,

Hey buddy, I hope today finds you well.  I wanted to touch on a few troubling issues that I observed while pursuing the TV this morning.

I happened to come across the radical right extremist Maria Bartiromo’s morning show. Oh my Deano, I think they must be altering their film clips to project Joey Bidenflation and his fantastic starstudded administration in a disastrous light.

They are showing our government flying and busing ILLEGAL ALIENS all over this once great country.  And get this, all during the dead of night to try and shield their nefarious, vile acts from the public’s eyes.  This can’t be right…..can it Deano, you esteemed truth seeker? They have clips running non-stop all morning show this actually happening. This has to be staged propaganda…….right Deano?

They are also showing clips of thieves across the country robbing stores.  Yep, just filling up their bags and running out.  When are we going to address this issue of white supremacists terrorizing this stores.  We need a BLM or ANTIFA march, stat.  Hold on a minute Deano, just hold the phone.  As I watch this video more closely, it doesn’t look like white supremacists at all, Deano.  It looks more like more poor, underprivileged, misunderstood minorities.  It reminds me of the famous quote by Barry Soetoro/Barack Hussein, “if I had a son, he would look like…..”. How appropriate, eh Deano.  Why is Maria continuously showing these obviously racist clips of poor misguided youth…..damn racist!

Do you see these kind of things going on in your community Deano?  Over there in Highly non-diverse Larchmont California.  I am genuinely surprised that you would choose a community so lacking in diversity, to call home.  Some on the right might call you an absolute hypocrite, a typical limousine liberal.  So Deano, what was your reason to move into such a vastly WHITE neighborhood?  Aren’t you afraid of those white supremacists Deano old sport?  Ah, what a brave man you are, so true to what you print over there at Pravda, sorry I mean the apolitical NY Times.

How do those spewing this propaganda sleep at night?   I’m sure you sleep just fine, just like your gallant leader the houseplant-in-chief, Joey Talibiden.  Yep it sounds like your personality traits are step in step with Joey’s.  What does Dylan, your wife and Ari, your son think of your unbiased truthful reporting?  Deep down I’m sure they are very proud….right?

On a positive note, I saw Joey doing what he does best: yep, eating a waffle cone with his secret service detail.  Now, with all that is going on in this once great country and aboard, if this doesn’t instill confidence, I don’t know what does.

Hey, where is Kalamity lately?  It seems she only shows up to scream of racism and misogyny.  Like when she did against little Joey during the debates……remember Deano? Ah, maybe she is just buying more cookware or grabbing a pastry somewhere. Oh how I miss her girlish, coquettish, lilting laughter.  Although some compare it to Tourette’s, or just an anxiety ridden response to any question of substance.  The right keeps referring to her as a moron, a politically motivated stunt gone bad, choosing her only on her gender and skin pigmentation.  What do you think Deano?

Hey keep up the great work.  Hey how about something about the insurrection?  I only saw about 6 or 7 references to it yesterday in your “paper.”  Surprisingly, nothing about the border debacle…..that is so unlike you Deano.  You guys put a smile on my face every morning.  Yep, you’re too, too funny……….that is intentional, right Deano?

Chris Cirino

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  1. A “white supremacist” is anyone who doesn’t bow to the satanic left, regardless of skin color or ethnicity!!!!! When Larry Elder, a very dark skinned conservative, opposed gavin newsome the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists pilloried him as “the black face of white supremacy”!!!!! One can’t get any more despicable than calling a black man a “white supremacist” can they????? ALL of the attacks on Asians by black are also labeled “white supremacy” by these same lying propagandists and devildemocommiecrat political hacks!!!!! The state of America today shows me that the “end of the age” foretold in the Bible is very near!!!!!!!!!!