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by Roving Reporter, ©2022

(Jan. 22, 2022) — “I Was the One” (2:31)

ArtsyBee, Pixabay, License

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation, the place to hear it here first. Today Chief New Leaf is addressing the Hopalong Party,’ the answer to the Dems and the GOP alike. And here comes the Chief, wearing his warbonnet headdress, something we haven’t seen before, maybe once before. Our good friend, Henry of Cassadaga fame, founded the Hopalong Party. The applause is dying out so let’s listen in.

“Thank you for such a warm welcome, and thank you, Henry, for inviting me to be the keynote speaker of this wonderful agenda that you and your team put together and, lest I forget, I must thank Madam Shylock for predicting clear skies for this outdoor gathering so as to accommodate this huge crowd of Trumpsters, Patriots and Constitutionalists.

“There’s an old Indian saying, ‘If it ain’t broke then don’t be fixin’ it.’ Well, ’Let’s go Brandon’; when Trump was being unceremoniously kicked out of office, the country was running on all eight cylinders, we were energy-dominant, restaurants and schools were open, and the future looked promising.

“And then the bottom fell out, and look at our country now compared to then: no comparison; from hope to despair; safety to fear; from we have enough ammo on hand to we don’t have nearly enough ammo on hand.

“It has been readily apparent that the whole goal of the Biden administration is to totally destroy the ‘The Beacon of Freedom’ for the world, to render the USA a puppet state of the CCP, a Third World cesspool where women have no rights whatsoever.

“Of all the presidents we’ve had, only one has keep his promise to the American Indian, and now look at our young people, back to square minus one, back to booze and opioids, back to the same lousy education standards of inner-city schools.

“The United States is at the precipice: one way is disaster, the other hard work and moving forward; one way is to game the system and collect Welfare, the other is hard work and investing in the future; one way is turning our backs on the Constitution while the other way is to be armed and moving forward, always embracing the Constitution as the law of the land. Nothing is free; there’s always hidden costs.

“You don’t shut down the world during flu season, but that’s what happened. The fact of the matter is they took over and it is up to us to take it back. The chances of success are small because you can’t trust anyone. One would think that the military would be for the Constitution, but if that’s the case, then how come Biden is in the White House?”

“What we have is a 1% death rate for people over 40 with multiple issues, no reason to panic, but governments used COVID as an excuse to trample our Constitutional human rights. One of the major contributors of a political blog, The P&EProfessor Zorkophsky, says ‘Trash the masks,’ which means avoid ‘The Jab’ and all the other associated madness that governments have forced upon their citizens, such as arresting a woman for not wearing a face mask, like what just happened in Australia.

“We American Indians treat our squaws with respect, and what happened in Los Angeles the other day, a UCLA graduate knifed to death, explains why you can’t have two or more dissimilar value systems existing together (the Constitution, Sharia or south of the border Macho) because what invariably happens is mayhem and death. To expect the followers of Lewis Farrakhan and Muhammad to assimilate in the American Dream is foolhardy.

“Now here’s the point of my speech: all Biden had to do was leave it alone. He didn’t have to touch one darn thing, from the economy to the wall and everything in between, including the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Trump wouldn’t have left $85 billion-worth off goodies for the Taliban, for instance. But Biden had to throw multiple wrenches in a machine that was running as it was intended, as it was written in the Constitution. But Biden and the Dems couldn’t do that, now, could they? They couldn’t do the right thing; they couldn’t function in a capacity that was what was best for America; instead they have been doing the exact opposite, from ‘Building Back Better’ (a scorched-earth policy*); ‘Voting Rights’ (trashing the Constitution); and ‘Securing the rights of the United States citizens’ (incarcerating those who never had their day in court).

“The Biden-Harris fraud is nothing more than gangsters invading City Hall, to the cheers and accolades of the military and the Fake News.  And to emphasize just how corrupt the Biden administration is, look no farther than the dishonest, dishonorable and distrustful Attorney General, Merrick Garland, and his GESTAPO** (FBI) agents.

“I tell you, one and all, we Indians buy our beef, hams and turkeys from the grocery store, just as you do. We embrace the Second Amendment to protect ourselves from the likes of this administration and for no other reason. Thank you for being such an attentive and polite audience. Goodnight.”

“Well, there you have it. We’ll catch up with the Chief after he signs autographs and congratulate him on such a fine speech, so I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time, and today we’re having USDA Prime Steakburgers: my treat.”

[*Scorched-earth policy: trashing the Constitution; circumventing human rights and not restoring those rights when the manufactured, fake and pretend crisis is over.]

[**GESTAPO: those who are willing to follow illegal orders. It is a crime to follow an illegal order, and one cannot use the excuse of, “I was only following orders.”]

[Little People are incognito.]

[In other countries you can buy Ivermectin for as little as $4 a pill, but you can’t even get it at the Mayo Clinic for any amount of money: they would rather see a patient die before they’ll treat them with Ivermectin. Do not get ‘The Jab’; do not introduce spike proteins into your body; do not subject your body to a medical experiment.]

Slow Blues” (3:34)

Roving Reporter

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  1. This is a very good article, to the point, truthful, and complete!!!!! We the People, especially we Christians, have been treated as mere subjects of an authoritarian monarch without any rights at all. Those like myself who have stood up for our God given rights guaranteed by the Constitution have been derided as “domestic terrorists” for merely demanding to be allowed to live our lives as the citizens of a free nation while the ruling class tyrants ignore their “rules for thee but not for me” policy!!!!!

  2. May be what prez brandon did was all by design. The “virus bio weapon “ has been in the works for years. Georgia Guidestones have stood for years. The evil elites always plan way in advance. We’ve been scammed for sure. But is Trump being used to set us up? Create the problem, fix the problems, then be viewed as a Savior?

    1. Very good article Roving Reporter………….

      The original Soros/Obama/Hillary plan was interrupted by Obama’s biggest nemesis, Donald Trump defeating the planned and promised in 2008, and much needed after Obama cover president, Hillary Clinton. That sent fear through both political parties because they had done nothing to prevent John Roberts from swearing-in the Soros funded, Brennan and the CIA created, ineligible, identity fraud Barack Hussein Obama as America’s putative president and commander-in-chief in 2009. They effectively gave America’s government and her military to her enemies.
      Both parties violated their sworn oath to protect the Constitution and had to protect the fraud Obama to protect themselves, forever. That is what they did for 8 years and are now trying to do with the former member of Obama’s administration, Joe Biden and his, selected by Obama because of her ineligibility, vice president, Kamala Harris.

      Step by step from the day Obama was sworn-in by John Roberts until today there has been IMO no mystery to the how and why of America being taken over from the inside for, as promised by Obama, “fundamental change”. The problem is the people “investigating” criminal activity within the Obama regime are almost always complicit in the Obama fraud, as a minimum because they are guilty of doing/saying nothing to expose the race and ineligibility protected Obama themselves and they willingly or sometimes unwillingly allowed themselves to become part of The Obama Fraud, the biggest criminal act against America citizens and her Constitutional Republic in History…..by far.

      Hillary was not supposed to lose in 2016, especially not to Obama’s biggest nemesis, Donald Trump. Obama is now pulling the former Obama team member Joe Biden’s strings, as directed by Soros and others to finish the job on America that Hillary failed to do.
      Once President Trump was removed in the stolen 2020 election the pace of destroying America from the inside increased from what it would have been with the planned 8 years of Hillary, and the final destination of eliminating America’s Constitution Republic became much more obvious to anyone paying attention.

      What happens next…I don’t know, but there is always hope and it ain’t over till it’s over………………….