by Professor Zorkophsky, ©2021 

(Oct. 29, 2021) — Scene One: The curtains open to a couple of sailors in dungarees leaning on the lifeline next to the radio shack on the 02 level — overlooking the pier (audience) — of a US Navy destroyer. It is a warm evening and there’s nothing to do except shoot the breeze.

“See that taxi over there? Bet you five it stops at the gangplank.”

“What makes you think it’ll stop here?”

“Because the Captain just came on deck dressed in his Good Humor uniform.”

“And will you look at the salad* on his chest; my, my, must be going where there’s a camera. Here comes the roach coach.”

“I’ll fly if you buy; what you want?”

“What you getting?”

“Large vanilla cone.”

“Make it two.”

Sound of roach coach blowing his horn as one of the sailors leaves stage right

Scene Two: The sailors are sitting outside the radio shack on a couple of folding chairs, feet resting on the lifeline, eating their cones.

“You stayin’ in?”

“Why, do I look like a lifer to you? I was thinking about it but no way now, not after the Joint Chiefs sacrificed those 13 at the Kabul airport. I got less than a year to go so I’m just countin’ the days. What about you?”

“Same here but shorter; I even got me a short-timer’s calendar going. Look here, see? I started with 200 to go and I’m already down to 187. I’m tellin’ you, I’m short.”

“I can see that. What you plan on doin’?”

“Was thinkin’ of some college, you know, use the GI Bill, but I don’t think I could take those left-wing professors. I think if one started to blab about the wonders of Socialism I’d have to pop them right in the kisser.”

“And then you get arrested for assault and battery. They send you to jail.”

“They’d jail me but not the traitor; is that it?”

“That’s how it works these days; everything is backwards, the opposite of what it’s supposed to be: wrong is right and right is wrong.”

“How did it ever get so out-of-whack in the first place?”

“It all started when the first judge took money under the table for not deporting some illegal day laborers for some farmer, that’s when. And then from the farm they moved into construction and the hotels and restaurants and now it’s everywhere. How about that Muslim cop from Somalia who murdered that woman in Minneapolis in cold blood, just shot her, and she wasn’t even doing anything?”

“I heard about that and they let him go free.”

“Should’ve fried him, or hung him.”

“Of course they should’ve, that’s exactly what I’m sayin’; everything is backwards. You break the law, you get a cash payout.”

“But we’d go to jail.”

“In a heartbeat.”

“They got to fabricate the guilty to keep the wheels of justice turning.”

“You mean if no one broke the law they would still put people behind bars?”

“You better believe it, which goes to show you how bad it is. It has nothing to do with right or wrong, just bodies to house and feed and get uniforms for the guards. Heck, they even have a union for the guards out in California: you know, dues and insurance policies.”

“Now there’s a nuthouse if I ever saw one. You wouldn’t catch me dead in that place.”

“Me, too. They don’t arrest their own, just out-of-state fools who wander in.”

“Like that song Hotel California’ (6:31).”

“Use the wrong pronoun and you get five years in the slammer. Calling a waitress ‘Miss’ will get you locked up.”

“That’s bad.”

“Call an illegal-law-breaker-Mex a ‘beaner’ and get you at least five; call a queer a queer, another five.”

“So if you were at a truck stop and were eating a sandwich and called the waitress a ‘Miss’ and the busboy a, well, how ‘bout, ‘You, there, what are you, a queer beaner? Could I please have some silverware here?’ you’d probably get life in prison with no chance of parole until the year 2121.”

“Stay away from California.”

“Or any ‘blue state.’”

“Pretty bad when you can’t feel safe in your own country.”

“That’s because it’s not our country anymore; we lost it years ago, way back in 2008, the year we elected a Muslim as president. Do you think when we got out of Afghanistan it was a colossal blunder or a well-planned execution of giving the Muslims the firepower to go after Israel with?”

“There are lots of nuts out there, people who have drunk the Kool-Aid, people who believed in the Russian Collusion Hoax. And it gets worse, a lot worse. The thing is, most people don’t read, or read the wrong books. Rather than read books that make you think, they read books that dictate conclusions rather than let the reader make up his or her own mind.”

“In California they would say something like ‘the human element makes up its mind.’”

“Let me ask you something.”

“Go for it.”

“I was just thinking: we could be the only ones on this planet that have a lick of sense.”

“At least on our ship; maybe the whole base; wouldn’t surprise me in the least.”

“Me, too. Time to hit the hay.”


[*salad: colorful campaign ribbons.]

[“Comprehensive immigration reform” should mean immediate deportation with the caveat that if they ever return illegally they will be incarcerated for life.]

[Reminder: Whatever the Dems put forth yesterday and today can be rendered null and void tomorrow; the only thing written in stone is the Constitution.]

[Serious reminder: The FBI are the goons, the new GESTAPO, following illegal orders to go after law-abiding citizens, and the cops aren’t far behind.

We can’t rely on law enforcement to continue to be reactive, but rather, we have to reach the point of being proactive against the lawlessness happening all around us. Step 1 is to be fully armed at all times and not rely on the government for anything these days, including the ability to run an honest election.

We have yet to see one government employee who broke our election laws be convicted and thrown in jail for their crimes, and until that day comes, there will be absolutely no chance that America will ever be the Beacon of Freedom to the world ever again.

There is a distinct and valid reason why the police did (will) not hire Veterans: they do not want anyone who is familiar with the Nuremberg Trials and possible repercussions from following illegal orders or, in short, realizing that each of us has the free will to not follow ANY ORDER if it were deemed to be crimes against humanity, such as destroying an honest and legal ballot, or throwing the baby in the air and catching it with the bayonet (actually, as sick as it sounds, wherever the German troops were during WWII, as the mothers with their babies were lined up next to the open pit about to be machine-gunned to death, the mothers would beg the guards to bayonet their babies to inure a swift death rather than let the baby die of exposure lying in the bottom of the pit surrounded by the bodies of dead mothers; true story. The point being, of course, not to let the culture deteriorate to the point of exterminating its own citizens as a means to an end, which would likely happen if the Muslims take over and introduce Sharia Law, and this time the Jews won’t be in the majority).]

Professor “Trash the masks” Zorkophsky

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  1. Thanks Professor,
    From the article:
    “Pretty bad when you can’t feel safe in your own country.”
    “That’s because it’s not our country anymore; we lost it years ago, way back in 2008, the year we elected a Muslim as president. Do you think when we got out of Afghanistan it was a colossal blunder or a well-planned execution of giving the Muslims the firepower to go after Israel with?”

    Not only to go after Israel, but also to go after America. Thousands of Afghan Muslims were brought into America, unvetted and never checked for Covid 19. They are a follow-up to Obama, the Muslim fake president and more and more Muslims are being imported. One of the reasons is get more America hating Muslims like Andre Carson, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib in Congress. The religion of all of these people is 100% incompatible with the U.S. Constitution. Members of Congress are not required to have an FBI background check and they are free to bring their hatred of America and her Constitution into her government…..America’s freedom is being used to destroy her freedom, (see: “Obama”), and much of America is cheering them on. Hard to remain hopeful when massive voter fraud goes rewarded and unpunished, and almost 100% of the media is cheering on those committing the fraud………….