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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021

(Oct. 21, 2021) — Well, whatta ya know…? Arguably, it was only a matter of time before either (or both) Senator Joe Manchin (D. W. VA) and Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D. AZ) began questioning their continued allegiance to the political party now dedicated to the destruction of the Republic.

Senator Manchin may be on that path, and if he bolts, could Sinema be far behind?  Hey, when the Democrat Party goes stark raving left – as began when the Goofball was “elected” – only a lunatic would voluntarily remain associated with that malignant cabal.

With Manchin being shadowed at his houseboat by leftist kayakers and Sinema being harassed and video-recorded in an Arizona State University restroom, each for standing up against the Goofball’s insane $3,500,000,000,000.00 “Build Back Better” disaster, a blind Martian could see their frustrations.

Specifically, rumors have begun surfacing that Sen. Manchin may be getting ready to leave the Democrats and become an Independent. If those reports turn out to be accurate, the hypothetical posited here begins to look less delusional and more plausible. And the fact that Manchin used a fairly colloquial noun to deny the rumor seems only to lend more weight to the potential. Time will tell.

Faithful P&E readers, is no secret that your humble servant considers the immediate impeachment of the “Let’s Go Brandon” current occupant of the Oval Office an imperative. His continued presence in the office is an existential threat to the Republic. Oh, and did I mention: the Goof has access to the nation’s nuclear missile launch codes?

As noted here, the Goofball’s madness metastasizes, largely unchecked and unabated. With each passing day, week and month, the Democrat majority in the U.S. House propels and facilitates the continued driving of the Republic downward, all in concert with the insane policies of the Goofball-in-Chief, sometimes now colloquially known as just “Brandon.”

As but the most recent outrage, Goof Brandon’s de facto eradication of the nation’s southern border will result in some 1,700,000 illegal aliens to have flooded into the country during the single federal fiscal year ended September 30, 2021. Oh, yeah…, and that doesn’t even include those who escaped apprehension and “got away,” disappearing into the fabric of a fractured nation. When the regime-apologist Washington (“Democracy Dies in Darkness”) Post confirms that this figure is the “highest ever recorded” and that “[b]order enforcement has become a major political liability” for Goofball Brandon, unless you are as blind as a Wuhan bat, you know that the alien invasion is a problem.

The illegal alien invasion, of course, is only a small part of the pogrom against the Republic being designed and conducted by the Goofball and his apparatchik Democrats in Congress. The despotic pandemic mask and vaccination mandates; the threats against parents for daring to care about what their kids are taught; the “building back better” of the Taliban in Afghanistan; the joy of gasoline at $5.00/gal. and $100 per tank fill-up thanks to the Goof’s destruction of America’s energy independence; and the dramatic mushrooming of inflation rates not seen in decades…, all are the hallmarks of a president in name only.

A true president will not seek to divide, undermine and destroy the nation which has endured for nearly 250 years. Yet this is precisely what the Goof, manipulated by his marionette-masters from behind the curtain and scripting his every remark in collusion with “reporters” and “invitation-only” individuals, is doing.

The solution, of course, is impeachment, as discussed here. It is no longer a fantasy or a pipe-dream. The impeachment of the Goof has become an existential imperative. The next in the line of succession — Kackling Kamala — while equally incompetent, does not appear to have the same degree of mendacity, malevolence and hatred for the nation as does the shell at 1600. Moreover, Harris does not have a son who cozies up to the Chinese.

And while her succession to the presidency would likely be unconstitutional on the grounds that she is ineligible to the office, as discussed here, allowing the Goof to continue his tyrannical rampages any longer than the time it would take to impeach and remove him each day becomes more unacceptable.

Furthermore, with the breaking rumor that Senator Joe Manchin may be considering leaving his party and becoming an Independent – granted, becoming a Republican might be a “bridge too far” for Manchin – that would bring the Senate closer to the magic 67 votes needed to convict and remove the Goof. And if Senator Sinema did the same, that would bring the total even closer.

The bottom line here is that those who value the preservation and protection of the Republic from the destructive impulses of the Goof, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have a clear choice: they can remain a part of the problem or they can become a part of the solution.

Not a lot of time to waste here.

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  1. I finally recognize nothing will be done, and maybe I should even stop mentioning it…..but……the fact Obama remains untouchable, and even off limits to discuss with respect to his ineligibility and identity fraud is destroying America and finishing the job Obama, followed by Hillary, were supposed to do. If anyone should have been impeached it was Obama…….but, both political parties did/said nothing in 2009 to try to stop John Roberts from swearing-in the Soros funded, Brennan and the CIA created con-artist Barack Hussein Obama. Both parties became complicit in effectively giving America’s government and her military to her enemies. That was a HUGE violation of their sworn oath to protect the Constitution and it resulted in everyone complicit in The Obama fraud having to protect Obama forever to protect themselves. Obama was/is both race and ineligibility protected. None of this in my opinion was, or is now, hard to see and understand. When Hillary, the planned in 2008 after Obama cover president lost to Obama’s biggest nemesis, Donald Trump, both parties panicked and kept President Trump under siege during his entire term, and then removed him from office using massive voter fraud. They feared President Trump would fully expose the truth about Barry and for sure they were not going to allow him a second term……………….

    Pretending Obama was a legitimate president, and allowing the requirement for natural born citizen as written in the Constitution to be ignored forever is not only destroying America now, but it will continue in the future. The ineligible Kamala Harris is, not surprisingly, Obama’s pick for Biden’s V.P.. Hillary, the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover president was not supposed to lose……….Everything Obama had done while in office, such as like weaponizing the alphabet agencies, was to be covered by Hillary the planned “finisher” of America’s Constitutional Republic. Trump interrupted their plans, but unfortunately after a stolen election they are back on track and ahead of schedule with Biden and his puppet-masters, Soros, Obama and others doing everything possible to further weaken America………….

    If the many complicit in the Obama fraud and its forever cover-up win America loses,……forever……………..

    1. Well said, Bob68. If people of impeccable morality, wide influence, and righteous power would only listen to you. As for me, I wish I knew what could be done to EXPOSE and HOLD ACCOUNTABLE Barack Hussein Obama. All I can say is, THERE IS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS FOR THE HIGH CRIME OF TREASON COMMITTED BY OBAMA, AND BY MANY OTHERS, WHO ACTUALLY ARE RACISTS IN DENIAL AND DOMESTIC TERRORISTS LIKE HIM. All the while, Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and other phony 4th Estate journalists and pretend patriots STOOD BY AND SAID VERY LITTLE OR NOTHING. Now, Americans are paying the price (to put it mildly) for their inaction and, in some cases, their complicity. I must not fail to mention a few other individuals who are among the worst of the worst offenders. They are John Brennan (CIA), James Comey (FBI), and Chief “Justice” John G Roberts Jr (U.S. Supreme Court)! I’m glad that I’ve been on the “right side” of history. For those of you named above and other miscreants like you, I pity you for the traitorous legacy which you will be leaving behind.

      1. “As for me, I wish I knew what could be done to EXPOSE and HOLD ACCOUNTABLE Barack Hussein Obama.”

        How about releasing all the “evidence” Arpaio, Zullo, Gillar and Gallup’s claimed they had? Those two expert reports for example.

        Probably would not change things but at least you could say they tried.

        Never mind, the “evidence” is better left hidden. It can’t be refuted that way. It will be like the Loch Ness monster or unicorns.

        1. ‘Pulse’ has always reported that exposing Obama was the key, be like a house of cards tumbling down, the whole Deep State crashing, if Obama was exposed as “Mr. Cheap Suit de facto” and sent to GITMO to spend the rest of his worthless life, but, alas, I guess I was just dreaming that the Constitution will continue to reign as the supreme law of the land instead of Sharia Law, or some warped variation, American style, but I doubt it.

          Any law other than Sharia is not acceptable to Muslims wherever they are as they have aptly demonstrated for the last 1,400 years and, truthfully, the USA is no different from any other country Islam has overrun, maybe more so, after all, we even fly them over, give them housing, medical, citizenship, and money, besides sending them to areas where they can be elected into public office.

          Talk about Gerrymandering, and our own Department of Homeland Security is doing us in, how about that? And even endorsed by the Department of State and all the rest in the government.

          And people wonder why our country is imploding, no thanks to the Biden-Harris clown show but then, in reality, it is the season.


  2. “Moreover, Harris does not have a son who cozies up to the Chinese.”

    On a side note, Donald Trump announced the start up of a new media company – Trump Media and Technology Group. He using money from Digital World Acquisition. DWA is led by Patrick Orlando who among other things in January, 2020 became the CEO of Yunhong International. An acquisition company headquartered in Wuhan, China (yes that Wuhan, China).




    So just before the pandemic spread throughout the US, the guy give Trump hundreds of millions of dollars, became the CEO of Chinese company headquartered in the heart of Covid central. A company that is incorporated in the Cayman Islands.


    Will coincidences never cease?

  3. Joseph;

    It would be if Biden were the president, but he’s not, so the threat of impeachment would only strengthen his illegitimate claim on a job for which he is not qualified for nor voted in to, which automatically eliminates Pelosi from any ration discussion in this universe or any possible parallel universes.


    Professor “Trash the masks” Zorkophsky

  4. This administration is very sad, from the transportation secretary on maternity leave and so on. Our nation is becoming a laughing stock to other countries.