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by Bob Russell, ©2021 

(Sep. 22, 2021) — The devildemocommiecrat party and their leftist minions like to spout about “science” when trying to force untested and unproven vaccines on citizens but ignore science when it doesn’t fit their agenda of tyrannical control over We the People.  When pushing vaccines and denigrating people who want to make decisions for themselves the satanic left spouts selective “science” while ignoring the science that shows covid-19 has little or no effect on young healthy people.  They are now pushing vaccines even for newborn babies despite science showing that to be very unnecessary.

Science also backs up the Holy Bible that there are two genders, male and female, not the 59 “gender identities,” the last number I have seen proffered by the left which it demands we recognize.  If the “science” says that vaccines are the answer to covid, why are 200,000+ illegal-alien invaders being allowed to violate our borders each month without so much as a word about the need for them to be vaccinated and why are vaccinated people still contracting the virus?

Very few of the illegals are tested, but of those who are tested, from numbers I have seen or heard reported by dependable news sources, about 20% of the illegals are covid-positive but they are put on a bus or airplane and spread out through the nation without any notification to the elected officials of the areas the illegals are being sent to nor concern about forcing them to be vaccinated.  It is very clear that “the science” is being used very subjectively to support a tyrannical political agenda.  Most of the illegals are being sent to red states so the votes of conservatives for republicans can be negated by illegals who are widely expected to vote for devildemocommiecrats.

Another example of science being a political tennis ball battered about by the satanists is the use of abortion, the murder of a child of God in the womb.  True science shows that life begins at conception and that a human being is in the womb, but the left denigrates that child as a “fetus” or a “blob of tissue” that can be destroyed by any whim without the child or those of us who believe in God having any input into the matter.  “My body, my choice” is the battle cry adopted by those who demand the unrestricted murder of babies, now even including allowing a baby that survives an abortion to be left to die after birth.  I cannot begin to understand how anyone can be so evil that they condone, and even demand, that a baby born be left unattended to die.  These are the same people who are very concerned about how animals are treated!

Also, the “my body, my choice” crowd doesn’t allow that option to those of us who refuse the poison they call a vaccine to be injected into our body.  The hypocrisy of the left is monumental, towering even above Mt. Everest in scope, in my opinion.  To say that murdering a baby is a “right” but at the same time saying that refusing to take an untested and unproven vaccine is not a right under the Constitution is a horrendous display of hypocrisy and tyranny.  The satanic left loves to sound off about rights that don’t exist under the Constitution and deny rights that do exist under the Constitution.  But one has to remember that the leftists consider the Constitution to be “outdated” and “irrelevant” because it limits their authority and they hate anything that denies them omnipotent power over We the People.

The satanists will get their wishes granted when the church is raptured out and they have no opposition from Christians.  They will then be able to run roughshod over the people who are left behind, but those left will be the ones who approve of the policies of the devildemocommiecrat party now, or are at least willing to accept satanic rule because it will fit their desire to have no moral restrictions on them.  Once I am gone I won’t care what they do because I will no longer be here to put up with their nonsense.

The use of “science” as a selective tool to implement tyrannical rule is evil.  This tactic not only relegates science to a tool for tyranny but negates the truth that science can and should provide if used properly.  “Climate change” is another perversion of science used to further tyranny.  While liberals tout pollution in America as being a danger to all mankind they completely ignore the worst polluters in the world because “saving the environment” is not the goal of the satanic left in America.  Enslaving We the People under a global dictatorship is the ultimate goal of those phony alarmists.

While claiming that eliminating the use of fossil fuels is the answer they neglect to tell people where all the electricity they intend to use comes from, most of which is produced using fossil fuels.  Solar panels provide some but having enough panels to replace coal and oil would require hundreds of thousands of acres now used for food production to be covered in solar panels, not to mention, and they don’t mention, the amount of minerals that must be mined to produce the solar panels.  Those who espouse windmills for power refuse to have those windmills placed near their homes because they are “unsightly and noisy” so their “utopian” ideas must not inconvenience them in any way.  Hypocrisy abounds here also.

While the wealthy elitists want us serfs to live in the stone age they are constantly flying around on jets that spew more “pollution” in a few hours than my home and car create in a year, but then they are “entitled” because of their “enlightened” status as wealthy elitist hypocrites.

China, India, and Mexico are the world’s most prolific polluters, yet they are exempt from leftist criticism.  After joe dementia cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline for “environmental” reasons he approved two similar pipelines to send Russian oil to Europe and began begging despotic regimes of OPEC to pump more oil to sell to America.  President Trump had taken America from being at the mercy of people who hate us to being a net exporter of oil, but joe dementia, being an anti-American TRAITOR, has put us back under the thumb of moslem tyrants in the Middle East.  The left and the gop establishment cheated dementia into office because they hated and feared President Trump, hated him because he put the well-being of Americans before global despots and feared him because he was exposing their corruption and TREASON.  Science has no bearing on the satanic leftist agenda; it is simply a tool they are perverting to seize more power and control over We the People.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. God will put satan under his feet. We are God’s agents. Our job is fight God’s war. How about the start being the Rife Generator?

  2. Excellent editorial Bob Russell……
    I especially appreciate this statement:
    “The left and the gop establishment cheated dementia into office because they hated and feared President Trump hated him because he put the well-being of Americans before global despots and feared him because he was exposing their corruption and TREASON.”

    Since Barack Hussein Obama was sworn-in by John Roberts in 2009 both parties have been guilty of corruption…….and TREASON. Both parties allowed, without objection, the Soro’s funded, Brennan and CIA created, ineligible, identity fraud con-artist Barack Obama to be sworn-in as America’s putative president and commander-in-chief. What that means is both parties effectively gave America’s government and her military her enemies. Hard to imagine a bigger crime against American citizens and her Constitution. Both parties knew from Trump’s words and actions as a private citizen that Trump was aware Obama was ineligible and an identity fraud. Neither political party would go after Obama because they feared being called racist….and more significantly; after Obama was sworn-in they protected him because the truth would reveal they had given America’s military and her government to her enemies when Obama was allowed to become the putative president and commander-in-chief……corruption and TREASON!

    When Trump defeated Hillary in 2016 both parties kept president Trump under siege during his term in office in, and removed him in an obviously stolen election in 2020 to insure he could not reveal and act on The Obama Fraud in his second term.

    Hillary was not supposed to lose in 2016, she was meant to be the much needed after Obama cover president. Trumps victory in 2016, even though he was defeated by massive voter fraud from serving a second term, revealed both parties deserve the “Uniparty” name because they both feared President Trump for the same reason, he poses a threat to reveal and act on the truth about Barry…………
    As long as Obama remains untouchable……America loses……….