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(Aug. 18, 2021) — We’ve all been there, on a 3-hour conference call with everyone on mute and the presenter desperately trying to make the call interesting, and it’s not always that easy, is it?

Fortunately, there is a way to make your video call stand out. Let’s see how!

Get lively with your group video calls!

Add Proper Captioning

Put captions on all video calls: A great way to raise engagement on a video call is to put captions on all video calls, especially when talking about a certain topic or issue that requires interpretation.

For this, it’s important to employ leading closed captioning services to get the captions and translations right for your listeners and keep everyone in the call on board.

Make The Content Interesting

To make your video chats livelier and more interesting, you have to break the walls of silence and the lack of communication.

You need to get people’s attention and keep them engaged. So, keep your audience on the screen with appealing content that will keep their attention there all the time!

Use Different Virtual Backgrounds

If your video calls are always the same, it can get rather boring, so break the routine and change the background:

Use different virtual backgrounds for your video calls. A different background will create a variety in your calls and keep people interested.

Play Games

Play a game within the meeting! Games are always good for engagement, and if you think about it, there are many different kinds of games that you can play in meetings and conferences.

Playing games with your colleagues is a great way to boost morale and improve teamwork, and there are lots of options online for escape-room type games and strategy games alike.

Take Photos During the Meetings

Start taking photos when there are team meetings or video calls.

This will add a new dynamic to the group call and enable the attendees to take a break from talking and think about something else for a while. Take photos with a group, and you’ll be surprised by the different expressions that your team members will use depending on their mood.

No More Reading Text

Another great way of improving team meetings and video conferences is to ban reading text!

You might think that it’s difficult, but there are a lot of tricks that you can use to avoid it.

PowerPoints are useful for presenting ideas but being stuck in a meeting where the presenter just reads from the slides inspires no one and makes everyone lose interest fast.

Fight monotony by creating a fun atmosphere. It’s never too late to start!

Provide Music with Your Presentation

Who said presentations had to be quiet? Instead, use background music to create a nice atmosphere and make your presentations even more interesting.

Background music is a great way to distract from just the presenter’s voice and keep your audience on the screen, especially if the presenter has a monotonous speaking voice.

If you are hosting a meeting and giving your attendees a comfort break, throw on some inspirational background music until you’re all ready to come back again and see how many smiles it gets!

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