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(Aug. 13, 2021) — More and more is being written about the subject of the COVID-19 vaccines’ safety and the fact that they are still “experimental.” From my humble perch, what is rather curious is that most, if not all, of the warnings put forth on the subject are coming from medical practitioners as opposed to bloviating politicians, unelected bureaucrats and well-meaning lemmings, none of whom have medical backgrounds.

Why would practicing medical professionals be so outspoken, thereby risking their respective careers, if they did not have legitimate/verifiable concerns? The simple answer is, they would not. The first real clue that all is not well came from none other than the inventor of mRNA, Dr. Robert Malone, when he warned that the COVID vaccines are in fact EXPERIMENTAL and that we should PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

So, as a free and reasonably intelligent nation, are we proceeding with caution? Heck, no; it’s “all-ahead-full,” kind-of like an old-fashioned cattle drive. If you elect to not take the vaccine, you’re immediately labeled a neanderthal, stupid, a conspiracy theorist, perhaps with a few expletives thrown in.

In a nutshell, the concern lies with the protein base mRNA. Apparently the tiny microscopic bits of protein never leave the human organism; they will stay with you until you die. They can also build up in the bloodstream and form micro-clots (over time, 2-3 years), that will/may eventually cause serious illness, and/or death.

So, what are the odds of being adversely impacted if you elect to take the vaccine? It’s virtually impossible to quantify at this time; however, many in positions to know have opined publicly (like Dr. Malone) that the CDC has deliberately under-reported massive numbers of complaints filed with VAERS. Malone and others in the medical field believe that the under-reported death toll may be measured in the hundreds of thousands as opposed to tens-of-thousands. If/when the medical skeptics are proven to be correct and the stats show very dangerous side effects, many resulting in death, these vaccines will dry up virtually overnight.

I personally have not taken the vaccine for two reasons: 1) Pfizer & Moderna have been on the market for approximately nine months, with hundreds of millions of shots having been administered worldwide, with no FDA approval of either vaccine in sight. Why? and 2) I’ve been on blood-thinners for 16 years because my blood clots; why would anyone with my condition risk either of these vaccines? The simple answer is you wouldn’t, nor would you trust any politician; you’d trust your doctor, the known facts, and your common sense.

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